This Unit focuses on the acquisition, preservation and provides the availability of Belizean audiovisual recordings. All the required listing and cataloguing are performed by this Unit.

The collection is divided into two categories videos and sounds. In the video category there are VHS and U-matic tapes, 16 mm Films and Slides. In the Sound category there are Audio Cassettes, Compact Disks, Digital Audio Tapes, Vinyl Disks both SP and LP, 4 Track Cartridges and ¼” Reels.

There are information on Local News Broadcast, Sports, Music, Health, education, politics and House Meetings among others.

A significant percentage of the collection was inherited from the former National Radio Station, The Belize Broadcasting Corporation of Belize . It was closed down in 1998 after serving Belizeans for over sixty years. Another significant portion of the collection was donated by the Government Information Service shortly after their Mobile Cinema Unit was closed down in 1987. There are also private collections from agencies such as Cubola Productions, SPEAR and local artists.