Information Technology

The primary roles of the Information Technology (IT) Unit include Information Design & Implementation of Search Applications, Management and Security of the Information Systems and Management of Network Infrastructure.

Search Applications helps in the preservation of the physical record and improves response time to user’s requests by being able to view records immediately.  Implementing user-friendly search tools, is also an effort to improve the efficiency of search response time and the availability of information, ensuring the the desired information is located faster.  For example the postcard collection, which can be viewed through the automated search indexes.

The Management and Security of the information system includes the maintenance of the department’s intra-network web based search application and databases, as well as the maintenance of the website on the internet. This unit is also responsible for securing the vital data which includes information sharing & access, and implementation of disaster preparedness measures. Since, the department primarily depends on the information system to assist in facilitating research services to the public.

Finally, another major responsibility of the I.T. Unit with the assistance of the Central Information Technology Office (CITO), is the management of the department’s network infrastructure.  This includes the maintenance of the servers, workstations, and related equipment; both software and hardware.

Additionally the unit also provides technical assistance to the Department on a daily basis.