Records Management

In 1997, a Records and Information Management Programme was introduced to restructure the integrity of Records Management within the Public Service of Belize by providing a systematic approach to the proper management of records. Thus, allowing the provision of a higher level of service to all users of Records.

As a result the Belize Archives Department as it was known at the time established the Records Management Unit’s whose core activities can be classified into two categories, mainly: Outside Records Management and In-House Records Management.

Outside Records Management entails monitoring of existing Records Systems within the Public Service, review and appraisal of current, semi-current and non-current records. Current Records are reviewed for classification to implement newly standardized records management system. The Semi-Current records are organized in a systematic manner immediate reference and non-Current records are reviewed to determine whether they are transferable to BARS for permanent preservation or are recommended for destruction. Additionally, the Unit makes recommendations for best practices in Records Management to Public Officers whenever such issues arise.

In-House Records Management’s focuses on; Managing the different archival collection from different Ministries and Departments, providing access to historical files to the Parent Ministries and Departments and review & appraise collections received from Ministries and Departments for their historical value.