Director’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the Belize Archives and Records Servicethe nation’s premier custodian of the documentary heritage of Belize.  The Belize Archives and Records Service Act 2004 outlines two principal activities that are at the heart of our mission. We are called inter alia to “acquire, organize, preserve and provides access to records and archives for public consultation” and “promote the historical, cultural and literary value of records and archives.”   Since 2004, the institution has made tremendous strides in building on the accomplishments since its founding in 1965. After over half a century, it has truly become a national treasure.  

Its extensive paper and increasingly digital records encompass: official correspondences from the colonial period, contemporary government records, rich collection of Belizean newspapers, the largest collection of photographs of Belize, private papers of some outstanding Belizeans, land title, grants and conveyance records, audiovisual records, an extensive collection of maps on Belize, baptismal and marriage records of the Catholic, Anglican and Methodist Churches to name just a few. For the inquiring public or serious student of Belizean history, there is a wealth of archival and published documents waiting to deepen your understanding of modern Belize.  

The Department is also responsible for promoting effective records management within the Belize Public Service through a host of activities such as providing training in records management to public officers, indexingrepairing, and preserving government records.  Our work is animated by the recognition of the importance of effective records management in ensuring good governance, transparency and timely access to information. 

My hope is that this website encourages you to visit and explore the Belize Archives and Records Service soon! 

Dr. Herman ByrdPh.D