New Belize Today

Month Year Page No Title Description
March 1971 1 The New Belize is, Message from Home Affairs Minister Hon. C.L.B. Rogers
March 1971 2 Ministries in Action Roads and Road Development Plans
March 1971 4 News From Belmopan In Belmopan, meetings were held to discuss the completion and final clearing up operation of the first stage of the Belmopan project and the methods of controlling the building and construction of items now to form the next stage of the growth of Belmopan.
March 1971 5 Focus on the Districts Toledo: Rice Production; Stann Creek: Banana Industry; Orange Walk: Farmers to diversify to onion and potato harvesting with assistance from CARE, Independence Park inaugurated in San Jose O.W.; Cayo: Sacred Heart School gets new building, Electricity now available between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carmen; Belize: Belize Brewing Company to begin brewing beer “Beliken” at the end of April, Pepsi Cola company to open soon;
March 1971 8 Belize Joins CARIFTA – Caribbean Free Trade Association
March 1971 11 Activities on Independence Hill Land Tax (Amendment) Ordinance 1970; the Meat Shop Controversy; an Ordinance to Amend the Education Ordinance 1962
March 1971 13 The Economy Production: It Surged Ahead
March 1971 15 Newsmakers Marylee Woodeye, first person to be born in Belmopan, Dennis Bradley launches into fiberglass boat building, Silas Cayetano now Registrar of Cooperatives.
June 1971 1 We are not Satisfied Information on the New Belize publication
June 1971 2 Ministries in Action Belize Telecommunication Authority (BTA) to take over Phones; Tourism: Challenge and Response,
June 1971 3 Tourism: Challenge and Response Formation of Tourist Guide Association in Ambergris Caye, San Pedro
June 1971 4 News from Belmopan Top Notch Hospital opens in Belmopan; Ecumenical Church built in Belmopan: A Place of Worship with a Modern Approach; 1,900 books donated to Belmopan from Lansing, Michigan;
June 1971 6 Focus on the Districts Belize: Construction on second story for Belize Technical College; Hattieville Farmers Cooperative export habanera peppers to Florida with assistance from CARE, Canadians to do feasibility study for Belize City sewerage and water supply system; Stann Creek: Banana industry to get assistance from Canada; Toledo: Monkey River set up committee to run new 10 KW generator for electricity, Rev. Bishop Hodapp in San Jose, Toledo to bless new R.C. Church; Cayo: R.C. School from Norland transferred to Esperanza Village and its three building complex opened; Orange Walk: Newly built Santiago Castillo Stadium host fair
June 1971 10 The Green Revolution Acceleration in the pace of modern agriculture Development known as “The Green Revolution”
June 1971 14 Activities on Independence Hill Income Tax Liabilities; Evidence Ordinance; Death of Senator Elsa Vasquez; CARIFTA Ordinance; Home Affairs Minister Moves to Protect Guards
June 1971 17 The Economy
June 1971 19 Newsmakers Victor C. Moore, Canadian Commissioner to Belize presents CBC TV film “Belize”; New Justice of the Peace: Miguel Urbina, Escander Bedran, Victor Lewis, Alfred McBride, Feliciano Panti; Marjorie Houghton, Red Cross Field Officer, from London to be adviser in Belize; Francis reneau makes hit with original composition “Mass In Blues”; Charles Woods appointed Program Co-director of the CARE Mission in Belize; Belizean singer Nelso Dimond performed piano marathon in aid of newly established Curtis Junior Secondary School;
September 1971 1 Making us Tick Information on the New Belize publication
September 1971 2 Ministries in Action Masters of our own Destiny: Success of Co-operatives and Credit Union’s movement in Belize
September 1971 4 Focus on the Districts Corozal: Tourism and newly constructed homes; Orange Walk: Hans Bhojwanis of Lee Royal Creations garment factory; Toledo: new Swasey Bridge built; Punta Gorda Airstrip declared and International Airport; Crique Sarco gets new school; Belize: Meteorological Observatory to be built at the Belize International Airport; New Atlantic Bank opened on Albert Street; Cayo;
September 1971 9 News from Belmopan On the Brink of Phase 2 - Belmopan
September 1971 10 Let Belize Live! Let her be United, Sovereign and Independent
September 1971 13 Activities on Independence Hill The Arithmetic of Dollars and Cents: No Additional Taxation on Belize in the Entry to CARIFTA
September 1971 15 The Economy Sugar Industry of Belize
September 1971 17 Softball Belize Regains Hermon Spoerri Trophy
September 1971 18 Radio Belize Notes
September 1971 19 Newsmakers Joseph Belisle appointed Principal of Wesley College; Ralston Coye to head St. Michaels’s College
December 1971 1 National Geographic Feature Belize
December 1971 2 Ministries in Action Moving to Catch the Jets; Renovation and expansion of Apron/Runway at the Belize International Airport
December 1971 4 Focus on the Districts Corozal: Adventist Vocational College founded September 1969; Shoe makers of San Joaquin- Zapateria Magana, Ocoton Magana; Orange Walk: Orange Walk Poultry Growers Cooperative, Oligario Carrillo, to obtain processing plant; Orange Walk/ Corozal Beekeepers Co-operative and Norwalk Honey Producers to export honey to United Kingdom; Ignacio Cuello and sons to open distillery to produce “Caribbean Rum”; Cayo: Sacred Heart High school to start constructing new classrooms; Belize: People’s United Party win city council elections; St. John’s College celebrate its Diamond Jubilee; Stann Creek: Celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day; 4-H Club of Sittee River most active club in Stann Creek; Toledo: Rice production; Belize Electricity Board to construct power plant in Punta Gorda; Construction begins for New Drill Hall in Punta Gorda (PG) for training of local Police and Volunteer Guards;
December 1971 9 News from Belmopan Dedication of Dunn Hall – Ecumenical Centre; And up goes a Civic Hall
December 1971 10 Sharing the Belizean Cake How the local revenue is divided amongst Ministries and Departments in the Government of Belize
December 1971 13 Activities on Independence Hill Recovering Our Heritage – the Ancient Monuments and Antiquities Ordinance, 22 of 1971;
December 1971 14 The Economy Industry Development; Investment Tee-Tie-Toe
December 1971 17 Altun Ha: The Work of the Royal Ontario Museum in Belize Dr. David Pendergast
December 1971 20 Newsmakers Governor Sir John Paul leaves and Sir Richard Neil Posnett to take his place; Municipal Elections to be held in Orange Walk town council; Mobile medical Unite vehicle now making rounds in rural areas of the country;
March 1972 1 Subterranean Belize A New World: Caves in Belize
March 1972 2 Ministries in Action Belize Technical College; A New Lift, A New Purpose
March 1972 3 Newsmakers His Excellency, Most Reverend Archbishop Luigi Barbarito visits Belize; Sir Hugh Wooding, Chancellor of the University of the West Indies visits Belize;
March 1972 4 Focus on the Districts Orange Walk: Construction of highway to begin between Orange Walk and Buena Vista; Corozal: Broom Industry-Vilio Marin; Belize: Maya Broiler Ltd.-Poultry Industry; Stann Creek: Frozen Juice Boom; Reconstruction of Administration Building; Toledo: Belize Audubon Society to conduct study of local birds; Rice production and small agriculture school headed by Charles S. Wright; Cayo: Department of Archaeology at Xunantunich ;
March 1972 8 Housing: And the Third Little Pig Built a Strong House A New Hattieville in the Making
March 1972 12 The CADNAM Exercises Reports given to the international press as to Guatemala massing Troops along Belize border; British Troops training exercise mistaken to be reinforcements to naval task force in Belize in order to deter Guatemalans from any possible invasion
March 1972 15 The Economy The Livestock Industry
June 1972 1 Jubilation and Champagne Belize Retains Soft Ball Championship
June 1972 2 Ministries in Action Veterinary and Animal Service (Min. of Health); Children Institution (Social Development Department); Modern Mechanized Systems for the Belize City Hospital Laundry Section
June 1972 4 Children Institution: A New Philosophy for Rehabilitation Youth Hostels Listowel Boys Training School and the Princess Royal Youth Hostel amalgamated in 1960
June 1972 6 Scrub Boards and Tubs: Give Way to Modern, Mechanized Systems Belize City Hospital Laundry section modernized with mechanized system
June 1972 7 News from Belmopan The New Supermarket – Belmopan; (One of the first in the New City)
June 1972 9 Focus on the Districts Corozal: Manville Rancharan-Art with ordinary tin cans; Orange Walk: Narciso Urbina to build stadium with own money; Stann Creek: Dr. Arnfield Antonius, Biologist, Smithsonian Institute conducting Coral Reef Ecological System Study; Toledo: Maya customs mixing with Christian teachings in southern Belize; Belize: William “Willie” Gillett and rice production; Cayo: “Fire of 1972”
June 1972 14 Our Security The Means of Self-Protection are many and varied – National Volunteer Guards
June 1972 19 No Compromise on Belizean Independence Premier determined to gain Belize’s independence despite the Anglo-Guatemalan Dispute
June 1972 23 Activities on Independence Hill House Mourns Loss of Clerk Stanley Hulse; Repulsed in Her own Sitting Room – Guatemala; On Violence: Paraders Stone Guatemalan Consulate
June 1972 25 Art – A look at our Belizean Ballet
June 1972 27 Newsmakers Victor “Vic” Barothy well known in Sports Fishing is dead; Chamber of Commerce of Belize assist fire victims of San Ignacio; Enthronement of Bishop E. A. Sylvestre
September 1972 1 Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts (CARIFESTA)
September 1972 3 Ministries in Action The New Happy Atmosphere at Seaview
September 1972 5 News from Belmopan The Cinema; The Bakery; The Public Works Department (P.W.D) Mechanical Workshop;
September 1972 7 Focus on the Districts Belize: Jobs at Williamson Dickie Manufacturing Company; Orange Walk: Golden Stream Recreation Centre opened-John Alexander Burns; Corozal: “El Sabalo Camp”-Jorge Verde; Cayo: Frank Norris and his Norland Farm; Stann Creek: Riversdale and the deep water port for banana export; Toledo: Heavy rain and rice production;
September 1972 14 National Day ’72 – All the Way
September 1972 16 Planning for a Better Water and Sewage System in Belize City
September 1972 20 Belize Hidden Treasures and Stamp Exhibition in Canada
September 1972 22 Activities on Independence Hill Electricity Expansion; Help to Farmers, Light Industry; House Agrees to Establishment of Caribbean Examination Council (CXC); Now We Audit Ourselves; Devaluation – Now we decide; No More Poaching
September 1972 24 C.A.R.E. Cares – A Service to Man Kind with no String Attached
September 1972 27 Newsmakers Hon. W.H. Courtenay to be awarded honorary Doctor of Laws Degree by the University of the West Indies; Eric Bowen receives Commander of the Royal order of St. Olaf by Norwegian Ambassador; Josephine Courtenay appointed first Belizean Patroness of Women’s Hospital Auxiliary; John Stochl appointed President and Joseph Belisle area representative to Caribbean Association of Headmasters and Headmistresses; Neil Huff appointed director of CARE Belize; Belize participates in XX Olympiad held in Munich, Germany-headed by Ned Pitts;
December 1972 1 Caribbean Solidarity at Summit Parley
December 1972 2 Ministries in Action Gearing up for Quality Livestock through A. I. (Artificial Insemination)
December 1972 4 News from Belmopan Construction of Library, Civic Centre and Shopping Centre
December 1972 5 Focus on the Districts Cayo: Restoration work at Xunantunich; Corozal: Water supply system for Orange Walk and Corozal villages with assistance from CARE Belize; Orange Walk: Norwalk Honey Producers Federation “Things are Good”; Belize: Ludlow Walker to open Mopan Travel Lodge; Toledo: Tropical Produce Company to export mangoes to the USA; Stann Creek: Banana and the Banana Growers Industry;
December 1972 9 Some Reflections on the Budget
December 1972 12 Festival of Arts ‘72
December 1972 14 Activities on Independence Hill Freedom of Speech; Fire Victims Helped (San Ignacio Fire); Half Million for Housing; Ink and Party Colours; The Asians are Coming,
December 1972 16 A.U.I.E Who? (Associated Universities for International Education)
December 1972 19 Newsmakers Belize host CARIFTA conference on Agricultural Marketing Protocol; Sir Clifford de Lisle Innis, Chief Justice, retires; John Harrington appointed Canadian High Commissioner to Belize; promotions in Volunteer Guard; Chamber of Commerce hold Trade Fair; Russel Norris and Renco Batteries, battery industry;
March 1973 1 Restoring the Name “Belize”
March 1973 3 Ministries in Action Roads: Paving the Way to full Economic Development
March 1973 6 Health: Prevention rather than Cure
March 1973 8 Forestry: Resurgence with Economic Impact
March 1973 12 The Economy On Price Control – The Law of Supply and Demand
March 1973 13 Training: The Key to Control our own Affairs
March 1973 15 The Belizean Stamp World
March 1973 17 Insecticides: A Look at their Adverse Effects
March 1973 19 Newsmakers Premier Price does cabinet re-shuffle; comprehensive survey into the organization of the Government Public Service to begin shortly; Charles Woods, chairman Public Service Commission; William Hoy new Cabinet Secretary;
March 1973 0 The New Belize Supplement: Premier George Price Challenges U. W. I Graduates – Kingston Jamaica (Speech)
June 1973 1 Journey into the Deep South Premier of Belize – Hon. George Price takes one week extensive tour of the Toledo District
June 1973 2 Ministries in Action A New Teacher’s College for Belize City
June 1973 4 News from Belmopan A National Botanical Park (Now Guanacaste Park)
June 1973 7 The Weather: Not only Hurricanes but… Belize Weather Bureau and its new Building
June 1973 11 Focus on the Districts Cayo: National Geographic Botanists to visit Maya Mountains and collect plants, Herbarium Specimens; Corozal: Royal Caribbean Hotel-Patrick Longsworth; Belize: Belize Audubon Society proposes establishment of a Natural Area Reserve at Crooked Tree, Northern Lagoon; Toledo: Discovery of cave at Blue Creek with cache of Maya vessels; Orange Walk: New Hospital to be constructed on top of Santa Rita Hill; Stann Creek: Contract signed between Fyffes Group and Banana Growers Association for banana production;
June 1973 19 Newsmakers Duncan Watson, Anthony Kershaw, visit Belize;
June 1973 20 The Christian Social Council: A Dedicated Investment in Human Development; Belizean, Miss Sadie Vernon heads the Council
June 1973 23 Activities on Independence Hill Belize for Caribbean Community (Caricom); More Houses for the Low Incomes; And More Loans from the C.D.B; Bananas and Health
September 1973 1 Premier Continues Working Tour – Urges more Productivity Premier Continues Working Tour of, visiting the Corozal and Stann Creek District
September 1973 2 Ministries in Action – A Promise Kept Telephone Services will be Expanded
September 1973 5 Ministries in Action 2 Forestry Builds a Dam (Douglas D’Silva Dam)
September 1973 7 Ministries in Action 3 The Fishing Industry – Now over $3 Million Dollars
September 1973 11 Corn Harvesting Festival Includes images
September 1973 15 Progress 72 – 73 Premier Reports to the Nation (State of the Nation Address)
September 1973 20 The Boat Building Industry of Belize
September 1973 22 Newsmakers Sisty Fairweather returns from London and New York with her Belize dance Theatre successful tour; Walford Young and Samuel Haynes give consent for “Land of the God” Lyrics to use as Belize National Anthem; Canadian Aid Program in Belize to look for new projects in Belize; Wahib Habet sawmill at San Luis, Mountain Pine Ridge destroyed by fire-120 people out of work; Edison Coleman awarded a citation of outstanding merit and achievement by the Belmopan Creative Arts Workshop; Agnes Gallego- Miss Belize Independence; First Vicar Apostolic priest to be Consecrated Bishop of Belize, 1956, Rev David F. Hickey, S.J, is dead;
September 1973 24 Forum on the Arts The Belize Arts Movement and where it is Going?
December 1973 1 Premier Ends Working Tour
December 1973 2 Ministries in Action And Now – Nurse Anesthetists (Anesthetists)
December 1973 3 Ministries in Action The Veterinary Investigation Laboratories
December 1973 4 News From Belmopan The Sky is Limitless for fast growing Bamboo Industry; A Stepping Stone That’s Paying Dividends – Encouraging Establishment of Light Industries all over Belize
December 1973 6 The Development Finance Cooperation (DFC) Rejuvenated
December 1973 9 Closing the Trade Gap; The 1974 Budget $38.4M
December 1973 12 Focus on the Districts Orange Walk: Richmond Hill Livestock Station-Guinea Grass, livestock research and development station; Cayo: The tobacco industry in Belize and Belizean Cigarettes; Belize: Macaroni Products by Jones Bros. Toledo: Water and Sewage Authority to set up house to house water system in Punta Gorda;
December 1973 16 The British Museum ‘Corozal District’
December 1973 18 Electrical Power to the People
December 1973 21 Newsmakers CLB Rogers conferred Medal of Honour of the Lebanon from Consul General Sarkis Abou Nehra;
December 1973 22 Activities on Independence Hill Price Control on Goods; Education Gets a Good Bite – From Budget;
March 1974 1 Activities on Independence Hill Belize to join CARICOM – outgrowth of CARIFTA
March 1974 4 News from Belmopan The Farmers Co-operative; A Modern Distillery (In Belmopan)
March 1974 6 Ministries in Action Yesterday’s Dream Becomes Tomorrow’s Reality; New Plant to produce Turpentine
March 1974 8 Ministries in Action 2 From San Joaquin: House to House Water Supply
March 1974 9 LAND – The Most Important National Asset
March 1974 13 Cross-Country Cycle Racing History and Facts
March 1974 16 Focus on the Districts Belize: Water and Sewerage for Belize with assistance from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); Orange Walk: Loskot’s Furniture Factory and furniture carving; Stann Creek: Silk Grass to get Stadium-Stann Creek Rural Area Stadium; Cayo: Oscar Perez to start Metal Furniture Factory and Belize Confectionery Company; Toledo: Forest Home Village and developments; Corozal: Cattle farm to be created in areas formerly used for cane growing;
March 1974 23 Newsmakers Scotia Bank set up office in Belize City; Evan Young and Walter Brown promoted to Permanent Secretary; Governor Richard Posnett opens National Training Centre for Scouts at Campy Oakley in Burrell Boom area;
June 1974 1 Ministries in Action Solving the Acute Nurse Shortage
June 1974 3 Focus on the Districts Cayo: Focus on the Mennonites; Stann Creek: Fire at Dangriga; Toledo: Barranco receives electricity power; Lubaantun Re-visited; Belize: New Deal Limited to establish hotel near Haulover Bridge; Corozal/Orange Walk: Joint agreement signed between CARE and Development Finance Cooperation (DFC) for production of corn;
June 1974 11 New Definitive Stamp Issue: Butterflies of Belize
June 1974 14 News from Belmopan Sewing up $M, Trade Gap
June 1974 15 Newsmakers Film Industry comes to Belize: “Young and Old, We Build Belize;”; Anglican School built in Queen’s Square; Caribbean Development Bank team meet with Premier Price;
July 1974 1 New Belize Goes Monthly
July 1974 2 News Beats Minister of Trade and Industry A.A. Hunter guest speaker at Caribena Fishermen’s Cooperative’s Annual General Meeting; DFC urges Sarteneja Fishermen’s Cooperative to expand to shipbuilding;
July 1974 3 The First years of the Surging Seventies Agriculture and Land Development
July 1974 6 Surging Seventies Tourism
July 1974 7 Surging Seventies Regional Cooperation
July 1974 8 Surging Seventies Infrastructure, Grants and Loans
July 1974 9 Surging Seventies Education
July 1974 12 Newsmakers Senator Hon. Dudley Thompson, Jamaican, visits Belize to offer cooperation in Technical Assistance; Belize Fashion Institute, Norma Cooper, graduate 34;
August 1974 1 News Beats Flynn Furniture Factory, Belmopan, destroyed by Fire;
August 1974 2 Belize’s Independence “Not for Negotiation” Article on how Government of Belize has tried to internationalize its unswerving stand against Guatemala
August 1974 5 The First Five Years of the Surging Seventies Housing
August 1974 6 Surging Seventies Communication, Transport – Power (Roads, Bridges, Airport, Bus, Phones)
August 1974 11 Surging Seventies Law and Order (Policing); Buy Belizean Produce
August 1974 15 Newsmakers Jose Cervantes ordained a R.C. priest in the Holey redeem Cathedral; Florencio Marin attended conference of Central American Trade Unions where resolution was adopted stating Belize’s right to self-determination;
September 1974 1 Newsbeats U.N. table tennis team plays demonstration game against Belizeans; Citrus growers to insure orchards against hurricanes and disasters; Frankie Reneau returns to London to set his career as concert pianist; Edwin Flowers promoted to Chief Magistrate; Euri Beekeepers Cooperative formed in Cayo District; Prosser Fertilizer Company employees to get wage increases and fringe benefits over two year period; Jaime User president of newly establish Stann Creek Lions Club; San Lazaro, Orange Walk school opens; Examinations results released for Cambridge GCE “O” level;
September 1974 2 Focus on the Districts Orange Walk: Archaeologist discover agricultural system used by ancient Maya Civilization at San Antonio, near Albion Island; Corozal: Calcutta Vocational College of the Seventh Day Adventist Church to expand to offer more vocational training programs, mainly agriculture with assistance from the Inter-American Fund (IAF); Belize: Inter-American Fund to grant monies to Friendship Youth Association to purchase construction equipment; Belize Hotel Association formed; Toledo: Rice Mill, drying and storage facilities to be constructed by loan to Marketing Board by Caribbean Development Bank;
September 1974 6 Sugar Production Goes Up! UP!
September 1974 10 Newsmakers Memorandum of Understanding signed between Premier Price of Belize and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Canadian High Commissioner to Belize John Harrington for $10 million project for modern water and sewerage system for Belize City; Harrington presented $10,000 VHF Communications equipment to Fire Chief; Magnus Halcrow, General Manger, Development Finance Cooperation retires; Elisa Longsworth, Miss Belmopan, wins Miss Independence Contest; Caribbean Development Bank grants $11.5 Million loans to Belize for four types of loans; Francis Grinage Sharp, Manager of Citrus Company of Belize from 1928 to 1970 is dead; Belize hosts meeting of the Caribbean Organization of Tax Administrators;
January 1975 1 The Government Speech Ceremonial Opening of the Third National Assembly of Belize by His Excellency the Governor
January 1975 2 Newsbeats Deputy Premier calls on U. N. to end Stalemate on solution to Anglo-Guatemalan Claim; Cable and Wireless introduces world-wide telephone connection; Home Minister receives more Clinics on Wheels; Government of Belize and Barclay’s Bank enter joint agreement to produce soya beans; Garment Factory opened in Belmopan; Jamaica supports Belize’s right to Independence; Belize selected as Tate & Lyle’s training ground for mechanical engineers; Ecumenical High School opens in Stann Creek Town; National Bus Owners Organization to construct Central Bus terminal in Belize City;
January 1975 4 Archaeology Archaeologist to investigate Lamanai
January 1975 5 Newsmakers Clive Grant Project Manager for Belize City water and sewerage system; Belize hosts Anglican Synod in October of 1974; Premier George Price gives luncheon to Caribbean Conference of Churches; World President of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Dr. Robert H. Pierson visits Belize; New Year’s Honorees: John Thompson, E.P. Yorke, Kenrick Leslie, Bob Reneau and Sybil Reyes awarded the MBE and Daniel Middleton awarded the British Empire Medal; Paul Rodriguez, New Belize City Mayor; Rafael Fonseca attends 28th Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank in Bridgetown Barbados; Winston miller, Fisheries Biologist, represents Belize in 27th Annual Conference of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute in November of 1974; Philip Goldson accepted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court and called to the local bar after receiving law degree; Alberto Arce, Governor of Rotary District 424, visits Belize; Joseph McLoughlin, third vice-president of Lions Club visits Belize; Gladys Stuart “The Iguana and the Dogs” won tree awards at University of the West Indies Tallawah Drama Festival held in 1974;
January 1975 8 Premier Price back in the Saddle; P.U.P Retain People’s Mandate General Elections Information
January 1975 12 The Budget War against Inflation Escalates, ’75 Budget a Record
January 1975 16 On Belizean Patriotism What is Belizean Patriotism, taught by C.L.B. Rogers and Said Musa
February 1975 1 Archaeology 800 A.D. Find in Cayo
February 1975 2 Newsmakers The Professionals Combo, with Jesus Acosta, make hit with Belizean ‘bram’- You Are There; Belize Insurance Association Formed; Lord Rhaburn Combo returns to Belize after Central American Tour; Sidney Hockey, prominent British Librarian visits Belize;
February 1975 4 Easing the Squeeze First Price Control, Now Consumer Protection
February 1975 6 Newsbeats More C.D.B Loans Approved; Minister of Agriculture calls for formation of an Agricultural Society; Stalemate ends-talks on Belize resume; Banana destined for UK markets; Sir Michael Hogan appointed President of the Belize Court of Appeals; V.H. Courtenay attends CARICOM Meeting; Trade Union Seminar for Caribbean Trade Unionist was held in Stann Creek Town; Village of Douglas, Orange Walk, gets new water system; $19 million for Belize Sugar Industries to expand factories at Tower Hill and Libertad; New Wing for Belize City Hospital;
February 1975 8 The Development Finance Cooperation (D.F.C.): A Stimulant to Development
February 1975 12 Goshen University Studying Belize as a Developing Nation,
March 1975 1 A Damp Quarter for Agriculture Production in Belize; Last quarter ending March 31st
March 1975 2 ‘Hell’s Fire’, Burns the Albert The Albert Street Fire; Small history of fires in Belize
March 1975 5 Archaeology How much Olmec influence was there in Belize?
March 1975 7 Newsmakers Majorie Waight, winner of essay contest “Belize, Tourism, and What my Country Offers” will represent Belize at Caribbean Hotel Association; Vice President of Public Officer’s Union, Reynaldo Malik, attended Caribbean Congress of Labour to discuss matter of Inflation and unemployment in the Caribbean; Ewart William Francis appointed Queen’s Council for Belize; Jaycee International Vice-President, Alexander Tzang visits Belize; Hon. Assad Shoman attended ministerial meeting in Jamaica to discuss the Law of the Sea; Samuel Tillet, promoted to Labour Commissioner; Irene Walter, pro-registrar of the Caribbean Examination Council in Belize to promote regional exam (CXC) for Caribbean;
March 1975 9 Boosting the Economy; A New El Dorado Banana Industry and the United Kingdom (U.K.)
March 1975 11 Newsbeats Douglas Village gets Water System; Oldest Ever Artifact in Belize Unearthed at Cerros Maya Site-Olmec Jade Pendant; Health Minister opens Health Conference; Funds for Western Highway Project Approved; HRH Prince Philip Visits Belize;
April 1975 1 Once Again Talks, Once Again a call for Unity The end of stalemate between the U.K. and Guatemala over Belize
April 1975 2 Newsmakers Rt. Reverend Rigal Elisee, Bishop of Gambia and the Rio Pongas in North West Africa visit Belize; World President of Jaycees International Jean Claude Feraud visits Belize; Colonel Duncan Gree takes over command of the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards of the British Forces stationed in Belize; Rosa Garcia of Orange Walk crowned Miss Agriculture for the Agricultural Trade Show;
April 1975 5 Ceramics; Small Industry
April 1975 7 Soon! Nails at Lower Prices (Nails for Construction)
April 1975 8 Education A “Now Purpose” in Education; the Role of the Teacher in the New Belize
April 1975 12 Newsbeats Missing Link Discovered in ancestry of a group of rock building marine plants; Ministry of Agriculture declares state of alert for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly; Ministry of “Power” and Communications now Ministry of “Energy: and Communications; Belize City Women’s Hospital Auxiliary opens Flowers and Arts Show at Bliss, Premier George Price attends conference of Commonwealth Prime Ministers; Holy Redeemer Credit Union is a Mini-Bank?; Premier address 53rd Annual General Meeting of the Public Officers Union;
April 1975 14 Agriculture ‘Twas a week for Farmers; Governments Agricultural Policy
April 1975 16 Agriculture Accelerating the Tempo of Change
May 1975 2 Towards a Belizean Meritocracy Rewarding Service to the People
May 1975 4 Newsbeats Premier Calls on Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) to end Restrictions that exclude Self-Governing/non-independent countries from access to regional institutions and their benefits; Belize Gets money for New Port in Belize City-Near Yarborough Area; Rotary Club of Orange Walk sponsors Agricultural Show; Queen’s Address focused on Women; Teachers Union formed in Toledo; Youth Seminar Held in Belize; Olympic Week Opened and Ministry of Sports to encourage more participation;
May 1975 7 Curing an Allergy Looking beyond and Allergic System for New Values: Hon. Attorney General, Assad Shoman, calls for a New Economic Order… “The Present System is Intolerable”
May 1975 13 Newsmakers Angelo Santini, General Telephone Electronics International Inco. honored by Minister for work in modern automatic telephone system in Belize; Dr. Donald Snyer, expert fish food handler, in Belize to assist with stepping-up efficiency in the local fishing industry; Acting Premier, CLB Rogers, Allan Arthurs, Board of Directors President-Endeavour Credit Union of Stann Creek Town; Hon. David McKoy to look into matters related to national insurance and social security for Belize while at 60th Session of International Labour Organization; Stanley Leslie receives Ray Hackney scholarship through Public Officers’ Union, Belize; Soila Latchman crowned Miss Sports 1975-1976; Dr. J. Cal elected president of newly formed Belize Agricultural Society;
May 1975 14 Restoring the Face of a Virgin The Excavation of the Xunantunich Maya Ruin in Succotz village
May 1975 16 Stamps: Insight into a Remarkable Civilization (Mayas)
Special Edition 1975 1 From the Commonwealth: Support for Belize’s Security and Independence
Special Edition 1975 2 The “New World Economic Order” and Belize
Special Edition 1975 4 Journey out of Isolation Correlating the Belize – Cyprus – Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Situation
Special Edition 1975 5 Internationalizing the Belize Question Gaining support for Belize’s Independence
March 1976 1 The Economy: Slight Increase
March 1976 3 A University Centre for Belize (Now University of the West Indies, School of Continuing Studies, Belize)
March 1976 5 Death of a Patriot Tribute to the Late Gwendolyn Margurite Lizarraga
March 1976 7 The Search for Oil
March 1976 9 Highlights of the ’76 Budget: $61.6m to spend
March 1976 13 Government Tightens-up on Loose Insurance Law: Fat Premiums must be invested in Belize
March 1976 14 At the United Nations (UN) The Diplomatic Initiative that paid off, U.N. Gives Belize Strong Support
March 1976 18 Newsbeats International Telecommunications Union and Government of Belize to establish Maritime Telecommunications System; Hon. VH Courtenay resigns as Minister of Government-oil companies Ajax Petroleum Company and Ariel Pet. Comp. license to drill; Guatemala postpones Anglo-Guatemalan talks due to earthquake; Barclays Bank Development Fund and Government of Belize in Soya Bean Project; United Kingdom grants $8 million for Northern Highway Projects; Belize City Water and Sewage System preparatory phase complete; Mobile Hospital Donated by Michigan Partners;
March 1976 20 Newsmakers Hon. Alexander Albert Hunter-knighted by the Queen, Ewart William Francis appointed Order of the British Empire (MBE), William John Hoy, Raymond Usher, and William Percival appointed Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE);
March 1976 20 Archaeology The Maya – Early Inhabitants of the Citrus Valley
June 1976 1 Happy Birthday CARICOM (Third Anniversary) (Caribbean Community)
June 1976 2 Belizean Work of Art Presented to Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) by George Gabb
June 1976 3 The Economy: Some Sweet and Sour
June 1976 4 Belize Dollar Floats Internationally but tied to $U.S.
June 1976 5 Newsmakers Belize Association of Accountants formed, Thomas Tattersfield as President; Signa Yorke and Orlando Matus to serve of Public Service Commission; Cuna Mutual Insurance Company , Thomas Rampersad visits Belize; Moslem Minister, Kareem Azziz, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of the Nation of Islam visits Belize; Telford Vernon appointed Comptroller of Customs, Clarence Grant appointed Commissioner of Income Tax, Esmond Willoughby, Police Chief; Accreditation Committee of the Regional Nursing Body in the Caribbean visits Belize to evaluate Belize City Hospital School of Nursing; President of the Pan American Sports Association, Mario Vasquez visits Belize; Fr. John Paul Cull, S.J. Jesuit missionary in Belize, 1949-1970 dies in automobile accident;
June 1976 6 New Customs Tariff Zero on Entry Tax, No more Import Preferences
June 1976 9 Archaeology The Unveiling of Nim Li Punit
June 1976 10 Agriculture $$$ Millions for “Breadbasket” Investment – Big Investment in Grain
June 1976 13 Newsbeats Feed Mill opens in Citrus Belt; Oil Quarrel Squashed: Ajax and Ariel Petroleum Companies withdraw court action against Belize Government; National 4-H Centre Opens at Agriculture Show Grounds in Belmopan; United Kingdom will Finance Tobacco Research; Agriculture officials attend CARICOM Meeting; Cane Farmers Association of Corozal gets DFC loan; New Children’s Ward Opens at Belize City Hospital;
June 1976 16 Defence Infantry Force to Protect National Borders
June 1976 18 Education Harnessing Educational Resource; Community School for Corozal
June 1976 19 Housing Low Income Housing Project OK’ ed Focus on Better Mortgage; Housing Projects in Belmopan, Ladyville areas through DFC
June 1976 0 Supplement (Speech) A Policy Statement on Defence – Hon. C. L. B. Rogers
September 1976 2 The Economy Answered Prayers
September 1976 4 Archaeology Lamanai
September 1976 6 4-H Wanted: Trained 4-H Leaders
September 1976 8 Expanding the Health Service Modern Hospital Nears Completion; Orange Walk Town Hospital
September 1976 9 Travel Bumping: Overbooking of passengers in Airplanes; Bien Venido a Mejico: Problems Belizeans face while traveling through Mexico from USA
September 1976 10 The Water/Sewerage System for Belize City, What Goes..?
September 1976 12 Newsmakers Queen’s Birthday Honours; Keith Hamilton and Martin Garcia attend a 20 week at Metropolitan Police at training School in Hendon, England; H.G. Johnson promoted to Superintendent of Police, G. Grant, B.A. Bevans and R. Ochoa made Assistant Superintendents, Gillet R. Gardiner, O. Pollard, G. Marshall made Inspectors, G. Nicholas, S. Zuniga, W. Hope and D. Molina, C. Good made Assistant Inspectors; Dr. Leroy Taegar, president of the Belize Medical and Dental Association, Dr. John Price, Vice President; Ruth Wakelin, president, Lydia Waight, secretary and Leonie Wright, treasurer of Belize Hospital Auxiliary; Maureen Utsman gives one-woman, one-night show at Bliss entitled “Moods-A Sharing Of”; Governor Peter Donovan McEntee succeeds Neil Posnett (gives small information on McEntee); Deputy Premier, C.L.B. Rogers meets with Director of Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Belize, Dr. Guillermo Guevarra;
September 1976 14 Agriculture Food Plan Ready, Awaits Go: Establishing a Food Corporation with CARICOM; CARDI to study Milpa System – Higher Yields for the “Milperso”; Fruits for all Seasons
September 1976 17 Pension The 1976 Pension Bill; Public Officers “Quid Pro Quo” Who Gets What
September 1976 18 Newsbeats Floods affect Roads and Farmlands Countrywide; Fishermen Net $1.2 million in profit; Peace Corp for Agriculture Programme; Belize Government and CARE Belize sign agreement for Rural Education project; Mennonite Farmers receive more funds from Barclays Bank Development Fund joint project with Government of Belize for Soya Beans Project; Belize contributes $8 thousand to Central American Earthquake Relief Fund; Mexican Government supports Belize’s Independence; “No wish to be Guats”-CLB Roger says on Anglo-Guatemalan Issue; Sand Pedro, Ambergris Caye, branch of National Fire Service inaugurated by Deputy Premier CLB Rogers;
September 1976 21 Sports An Essay on Local Sports
September/ Special Edition 1976 1 The State of the Nation Address – George Price
September/ Special Edition 1976 7 Inauguration of Miss Belize Independence, 1976 – 1977 (Dora Phillips)
December 1976 2 The Economy The Calm after the Storm
December 1976 3 Culture Cultural Sensitivity: Like a Fish in its Elements
December 1976 4 Finance Radar on the Dollar: The Monetary Authority Established, H.E.C. Cain, Managing Director;
December 1976 7 Agriculture Without Tinted Lenses The Grass in Green
December 1976 10 Newsbeats Venezuela Foreign Minister on Visit; Belize joins Caribbean Food Organization (FAO); Surveyors Association Formed; Barclay’s Bank opens in Belmopan, 18th November 1976; $8 Million Northern Highway Project underway; European Development Fund Grants Belize $8 million; Tourist Board Secretary calls on Private Sector to take initiative to promote Indian Church area of Belize, Lamanai; Oil Exploration Ship carrying out survey in southern offshore area of Belize, Esso Ventures Incorporated;
December 1976 14 Police Offbeat The Police Boys Club
December 1976 15 Education Education – A New Perspective; Plans for Rural Junior Secondary, More Emphasis of Technical Education
December 1976 16 Belize gets more Third World Support Belize’s Independence;
December 1976 17 Deputy Premier, C. L. B. Rogers at United Nations 31st Plenary
December 1976 19 A Time to Sew The Garment/Sewing Industry in Belize
December 1976 21 “Noah’s Ark” Brings Livestock Ministry of Agriculture and Heifer Project: Guarantee to farmers of availability for breeding stock
December 1976 22 Development Finance Cooperation (DFC) Investment Frontier
December 1976 22 Newsbeats Williamson Sewing/Garment Factory in Belize; “Noah’s Ark” brings livestock: Livestock to be given to farmers under the 4-H Programme;
December 1976 23 Newsmakers M.L. Wright new general Manager of Cable and Wireless; Manuel Sosa named Most Outstanding Student for 1976 at the Norman Manley School of Law in Jamaica; British Garrison in Belize new commandant, Col. J. F. Head, succeeds Col. Duncan Green; Joseph Belisle elected Chairman of the Association of Principals of Secondary Schools; Sir. Wilson Macmillian vested with Medallion and Insignia of a Knight Commander of the British Empire; Vice President, Canadian Executive Service Overseas (CESO), visits Belize; Sidney Satchwell now Principal of St. Michael’s College, Mrs. Marlen Leslie succeeds Linda Moguel as Principal of St. Hilda’s; Australian High Commissioner to the Caribbean, John Hoyle, visits Belize; First Belizean Roman Catholic Priest to be Ordained for the Dioceses of Belize, Fr. Phillip Marine of Dangriga, dies;
January 1977 1 More Vehicles More Traffic Deaths Plans are to Streamline Traffic Flow
January 1977 2 The Budget: Bigger Spending in Agriculture, Education and Health
January 1977 5 Essay Education – No More Goosey Gander Philosophy: “Education must provide us with a better understanding of our culture, history… so as to allow us to contribute to our political and economic independence in the national and Caribbean context”
January 1977 6 Newsbeats Belize gets Fat Beef Quota from the United States; Premier opens Park and Community Centre in August Pine Ridge; Citrus Co. Resumes Operation after financial Crisis; Radio Ads up 30%; Opening of New Mechanical Workshop in Central Farm;
January 1977 8 The Belize Mission at the United Nation Last Year (’76) Exclusive interview with Hon. Assad Shoman – Attorney General and Minister of State
January 1977 11 The Trade License Law: What is it
January 1977 12 Newsmakers Number of young Belizeans receive professional and technical qualification from universities abroad; Five British M.P.’s visit Belize
February 1977 1 Our National Archives
February 1977 2 Rehabilitation The Belize Rehabilitation Centre, Stann Creek
February 1977 4 A New Technical Corp. The Belize Technical College
February 1977 8 Police Power: Is for Fair Play says Deputy Premier
February 1977 9 Sports The Idea is to Win (But Lose with Dignity)
February 1977 10 Newsmakers Alice Gibson appointed to post of Chief Librarian; Rev. Fr. John Stochl appointed superior of the Jesuit Mission in Belize; John Hulse and Frederick Bowen review Order of the British Empire (OBE), John Hubbs, Leopold Waight, Bernard Avilez, Sr. Leona Marie Panton receive Membership of the British Empire (MBE) Award, Reginald Godoy received British Empire Medal (BEM) and Evadney Husle received Beaver Medal;
February 1977 11 Newsbeats Health Minister gives go-ahead for Private Practice; Education Minister call on Teachers to meet challenge posed by Guatemala; Premier sends modern Fishing Ship, Miss Fermena, to Sea; Belize Delegate leaves for talks in London; Development Finance Corporation Forms Investment Company; Charles Heusner Sr. pays tribute to Government;
March 1977 1 Essay: The Number Game Gambling, Lottery, in Belize
March 1977 2 The Process of Communication Information on Communication
March 1977 4 Newsbeats European Economic Community Mooching on Sugar Agreement; k-9 Section for the Police Force; Belize Prepares for Army, Government Seeks Local Loans; Costa Rica seeks trade with Bze; “Rastogi Formula” sets new citrus price; Water treatment plant installed for Belize City; Tobacco cultivation expands; High-powered lamps donated to Rogers Stadium, Bze City;
March 1977 8 Health Health Minister Makes an Appeal for Public Health Nurses
March 1977 9 Health Programme for Maternal and Child Health
March 1977 11 Pictorial Nursing as a Career
March 1977 13 Public Service Training
March 1977 14 Social Security Schemes Government to set up a Social Security Scheme for Belize
March 1977 16 Newsmakers Hon. Louis Sylvestre presented with key to city of Corpus Christi, Texas; John Waight appointed Surgeon Specialist at Bze City Hospital; Micheal Dunn appointed Social Security Officer; John Alden completes two hundred mile walk for charity; from Punta Gorda to Bze City; Robert “Bucky” Jones, president of Belize Chamber of Commerce;
April 1977 1 Northern Highway will Shorten Journey – Gov’t Approves Re – Alignment
April 1977 2 Report on Seminar for Top Management Personnel in the Public Service
April 1977 3 National Fire Service Fire! It Can Happen to You!
April 1977 6 Newsbeats Premier Opens Education Centre – Belize City, Anglican Diocese; Sarteneja Airstrip Opens; Cinema Opens in Corozal; Home Affairs Minister comments on move to keep white Zimbabweans out of Belize; National Agriculture Show changes to National Agriculture and Trade Show; Development Plan for Belize Published; “Deluxe Cinema”, Narciso Urbina, opens in Corozal; “Mission of Police is a Serious One” says Hon. McKoy in Police passing out parade;
April 1977 9 Putting Together a Jig – Saw Puzzle A Philosophy of Regional “Togetherism”; Belize and the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee (CDCC)
April 1977 11 Newsmakers Dorita Phillips – Miss Independence to participate in Miss Universe; Team of British Development Experts in Belize to give advice on aid projects, among that of re-construction and re-alignment of Northern Highway;
May 1977 1 Meat and Livestock Commission Established
May 1977 2 Nutrition in the Caribbean The Role and Objective of the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (C.F.N.I.)
May 1977 4 What Nutrition? A Square Meal in a Round Plate?
May 1977 5 Credit Unionism: The Practicality of Brotherhood
May 1977 6 Newsbeats Deputy Premier, C. L. B. Rogers’s statement to Economic Commission of Latin America
May 1977 7 Photo News Panama’ Head of State, General Omar Torrijos, Visits Belize – Moves towards Closer Co-operation
May 1977 11 Newsbeats Cont.. University Centre Opens – Belize City (UWI - BZ); Guatemalan President changes position on Belize; Ground breaking for new Houses in Belmopan; Deputy Premier visits Guard at Camp; Contract for first phase of Water and Sewerage System signed-Belize City; Vegetable floods local market-Government bands importation; Ground breaking for new housing project in Belmopan; Premier Price opens Agriculture Show in Orange Walk; Belize host two top level Health Conferences: Technical and Scientific Committee-TESCO and Commonwealth Caribbean and Medical Research Council-CCMRC;
May 1977 13 The Process of Communication Part 2
May 1977 14 Fishing No Tom-Foolery in Fishing Business
May 1977 15 Newsmakers Gilbert Ellis elected president of Belize Amateur Boxing Association; Vadimir Zerjavich appointed to Planning Unit; Rudolph Topsey awarded first place in Telecommunication Technicians course from City and Guilds Institute of London; Robert Jones, President of Belize Chamber of Commerce; Pedro Lizarraga named District Governor for Belize District of Lions-District 59; Chairman of newly formed Belize Livestock Producers Association, F.F. Orio and Vice Chairman Rudolph Gillet meet with Minister of Agriculture;
June 1977 1 Sports Softball: Bahamas win Herman Spoerri Trophy
June 1977 3 Newsbeats Development Mission arrives in Belize-Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); Corozal Cane Farmers allowed to use Tower Hill Sugar Factory-Orange Walk Cane Farmers Association say Corozal has no right to use Tower Hill; Restoration of law and order, Government says Tower Hill not exclusive to Orange Walk Cane Farmers; Government propose to elevate status of Village council to village boards-for better management; Agriculture School to open at Central Farm; Organization of American States (OAS) meet in Grenada-Belize Represented for Anglo-Guatemalan Talk;
June 1977 5 Panama: A Crack in the Latin Block Guatemala Reacting to only country in Central America’s, Panama, Support for Belize’s Independence
June 1977 6 The Farmer is the Boss The National Agriculture and Trade Show, Agriculture and the Economy of Belize; Farmer of the Year: Porfirlo Carillo, Junior Farmer: Manuel Alpuche;
June 1977 8 A Report on Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) – Guatemala City
June 1977 10 Mental Health Information on Mentally Challenged People in Belize and the Seaview Hospital
June 1977 12 Newsmakers The Death of Dr. Selwyn Young, Composer of the National Anthem Music; George Price visits Panama, Venezuela and Canada; James Edmund Mackenzie Nisbet recognized by Netherlands for Being Honorary Consul for the Netherlands in Belize for 16 years; 22 new Justice of the Peace; Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal; Sister Elsa Oliva appointed head of Belize Association for the Handicapped; Belizeans presented with Knight Bachelor, Order of the British Empire, British Empire Medal; Ceylonese lawyer Saphyenbra Crossettet Hambiah appointed Director of Public Prosecution in Belize, succeeding Mr. Issa Peera;
June 1977 14 Which Way to Good Dental Health? Information on Dental Health Hygiene
July 1977 1 The Police and the Community
July 1977 2 Organization of American States (O.A.S.) (O.A.S.) Meets in Grenada; Theme: Human Rights – Belize’s Right to Independence
July 1977 5 Newsbeats Rudolph William appointed General Manager of Ladyville Meat Packing Plant; Guyana’s Ambassador Visits; Barbados Impounds Ammunition being sent to Guatemala; British Reinforcements arrive – Washington Talks end; Santiago Marin elected chairman of the Northern Fishermen’s Co-operative; Rashligh Jackson, Ambassador to the United Nations for the Co-operative Republic of Guyana visits Belize; Barbados impounds ammunition being sent to Guatemala-Guat. say its for protection against Britain; British reinforcements arrive in Belize because of Guatemalan treat to invade Belize;
July 1977 7 Agricultural Development
July 1977 8 Venereal Disease
July 1977 9 The Elected Representative represents all the People Elected Representatives and their responsibility for his constituency
July 1977 10 Newsbeats Mediterranean Fruit Fly on the Move; Off to Washington D.C. Belize Delegation-Anglo Guatemalan Talks; Premier Addresses Northern Fishermen’s Co-operative Annual General Meeting;
July 1977 11 Newsmakers Dora Phillips Miss Independence 1976/1977; Lorena Castillo selected Belize Lions Queen 1977-78;
July 1977 12 Heads of Commonwealth Government Establish Committee to assist Belize fight for Independence
July 1977 13 Alleviating the Housing Shortage Development Finance Cooperation housing Project in Belmopan
July 1977 14 Let the Buyer Beware!! Caveat Emptor; Price on Imported Goods
August 1977 1 Government Promises Electoral Reform for 1978
August 1977 3 Report on the Washington Talks between the United Kingdom and Guatemala over Belize
August 1977 7 Newsbeats Punta Gorda Water System on “Go”; First Result, Country wide Village, Clean Up Campaign-August Pine Ridge Village winner; Tug “Austin Felix” Launched (Boat); Government acquires land for farmers; Citrus industries threatened by Parasites;
August 1977 9 Infrastructure Development Roads and Bridges, Ports and Harbors, Electricity, Telecommunication, Water and Sewerage, Postal Service
August 1977 12 Livestock Feeds Research Project gets underway in Central Farm
August 1977 14 Newsmakers Belizeans awarded insignia of Members of the British Empire and British Empire Medal; Pictures of the Pioneer Food Processing centre; Louis Humphreys sworn-in as president of the Belize City Lions club, Celia Young, president of Lioness club;
September 1977 2 The Mediterranean Fruit Fly: Regional Co-operation can be our Protection
September 1977 4 Newsmakers Garfield Sobers, Adviser to CARICOM countries in Youth and Sports Development visit Belize; Gordon Burns takes over Belmopan Branch of Royal Bank of Canada; Athelstan Sanchez, member of St. Joseph Scout Group, represents Belize in Philippines in “Manilla World Youth Handclasp”;
September 1977 5 Industrial Development in Belize
September 1977 8 Newsbeats Agreement signed between Belize Banana Board, Riverdale Services Ltd. And Fyffes Ltd.; Sewage Treatment Plant starts A-Building; Police force install new Equipment for road safety – Visual Average Speed Computer; Primary School Exams results show increase; 1977 Sugar Crop Biggest Ever; Minister Marin opens San Joaquin Fair;
September 1977 0 National Day Pictorial 1977
September 1977 9 Newsbeats Premier addresses San Narciso Agriculture Show; Health Minister receives automatic Sterilizers from Bze City Hospital; Environmental Study of Belize River Underway; Premier and Attorney General return from Mexican Visit; $40 thousand Government Building inaugurated in Orange Walk Town to house Ministry of Agriculture;
September 1977 11 Premier’s State of the Nation Address September 1977
September 1977 14 Canadian Volunteers answer a call for Assistance from the Christian Social Council Extension built to the Children’s Home in Belmopan
September 1977 15 Story of a Man’s Humanity to Man The Mundall Hospital (Now La Luma Luz Hospital) in Santa Elena Cayo
October 1977 1 House passes new Land Legislation
October 1977 2 BAL A Dream Realized Belize Airways Limited; Aviation in Belize, History of the International Airport,
October 1977 6 Newsmakers Premier Price - in Barbados to hold talks with CDB President on financing of deepwater port Bze City & in New York to meet Commonwealth Ministerial Committee; Delano Alpuche elected Chairman of Orange Walk Branch of General Worker’s Development Union; William Demas, President of Caribbean Development Bank visited Belize; Attorney Gen. Assad Shoman, in New York at Plenary Session General Assembly United Nations; School of Agriculture opened in Central farm; Opening of Mechanical Workshop in San Roman, Corozal, Rice Mill in Big Falls;
October 1977 7 Belize Police gets Equipment to Monitor Road Usage Virtual Average Speed Computer/Recorder
October 1977 8 Newsbeats Opening of New building to house Mary Hill R.C. Primary School in San Andres Village, Cz; Purchase of ductile pipe for proposed intake/water treatment plant from double Run to Bze City; Belizean Cyclist win in Mexico; Opthalmic Drugs for Bze City Hospital; Community Centre opened in Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo;
October 1977 0 Pictorial of Belize Airways Limited Pictorial of Belize Airways Limited
October 1977 9 Newsbeats Part of Hummingbird Highway construction; New road to be build on Southern Highway; Orange Walk town Supply; Teachers Examinations result for 1977; More Sea walls increase Costal Protection;
October 1977 10 The Belizean Subject of the Development Plan 1977 - 1979
October 1977 14 Organizing Belizean Athletes
October 1977 16 Belize – Panama Another Link to Strengthen the Chain Belize – Panama:
November 1977 1 Message from the Hon. Premier for U.N. Day, October
November 1977 2 A Story of “Bush Medicine” Belizean Herbs and Barks
November 1977 6 Newsbeats First Pan American, Public and Bank Holiday; Police K-9 Unit (established) a Reality; Tropic Storm Freida Caused Concern; Tug Captains and Engineers, Storage Limited, sign agreement for 42.5% wage increase; Credit Unionism - a Boom; Panama and Mexico reiterate their support for Belize; Deep Water Port Coming; Banana Industry gets much need loan;
November 1977 8 PAHO Pan American Health Organization Celebrates its 75th Anniversary
November 1977 0 Pictorial Signing Agreement of Port Construction
November 1977 0 Pictorial Visit of Governor of Chetumal, Lic. Jesus Martinez Ross, one-day visit
November 1977 0 Pictorial Opening of New Holy Redeemer Primary School in Belize City
November 1977 12 Newsmakers Mr. Norris Meighan elected president of the Amateur Athletic Association; General Workers Development Union changes name to General Workers Union; Mr. Miro Castillo installed as first president of the Kiwanis Club; Holy Redeemer Primary School opened in Belize City; Miro Castillo, first president of the Kiwanis Club of Belize City, Albert Staine, Vice-President;
November 1977 14 An Interview wit the President of the Caribbean Development Bank William Demas, president of CDB visited Belize to view projects funded by the CDB
December 1977 1 A Story for Christmas
December 1977 2 You need Not Drive yourself to Death Small information on traffic accidents in Belize for the past year and information on safety
December 1977 4 Newsmakers Steve Clark, Mayor of Dade County Florida, USA visited Belmopan; Ina Craig, Laura Dunn, Albert Grant, Israel Lowe, Charles Hyde, Lloyd Munnings receive Member of the British Empire Decoration and Medal Award; Belize Taxi Drivers Co-operative Society chairman, Daniel Meighan; 23 member troupe of folk dancers from Honduras visits Belize;
December 1977 6 Premier Price’s Address to the United Nations Fourth Committee
December 1977 0 Pictorial Garifuna Settlement Day
December 1977 10 Premier Returns to Hero’s Welcome as thousands flock Airport after United Nations (UN) Address
December 1977 12 Newsbeats Orange Walk Hospital Opened; Seine Bight Village gets new Pier; Opening of Buena Vista, Cz, Community Centre; Boundary of Orange Walk Town Extended; Agriculture Credit Scheme Subject of Joint Seminar; Garifuna settlement Day Public and Bank Holiday for first time; Non – Aligned Broadcasting Conference Supports Belize; Sugar Crop at Tower Hill Factory 1977/78; Belize Library Association joins Commonwealth Library Association and the International Federation of Library Associations; Boundary of Orange Walk Town extended; Government Printery gets new equipment; Punta Gorda gets water system;
December 1977 15 Mankind’s Greatest Invention It Started with Gutenberg: Government Printer
January 1978 1 Enter ’78
January 1978 2 Budget Budget Strategy ’78; Fatting the Kitty, Boosting Production
January 1978 6 Archaeology Help! Stop! Buried Treasure: Road construction discovers Maya mounds in the San Roman area of Orange Walk
January 1978 7 Social Security Blanket Protection: Introducing the Social Security Schemes, Benefits and More
January 1978 8 Defence The Belize Defence Fore: The New Dimension - A New Reality
January 1978 12 Newsbeats Premier adheres to United Nations Resolution: “No Cession of Land” (Anglo-Guatemalan Dispute/Claim); New Sugar Agreement Takes Effect; Guards disbanded – Defence Fore Formed (BDF- Belize Defence Force); The Kingston Declaration on the Belize Problem (Anglo - Guatemala Claim); Commercial Fishermen must now License; A Call to Arms, Policemen Join Military Service; San Estevan Named “Most Beautiful Village”; CDB-Caribbean Development Bank backs heavy investment in Beef production;
January 1978 15 Newsmakers Body Building Competition; Belize, Mexico cooperating in agriculture Programme; Belize City Council Elections: Mayors, Paul Rodrigues, Deputy, Curl Thompson; Belizeans receive insignia of Member of the British Empire and Order of the British Empire;
February 1978 1 Spreading the “Gospel” Telling the World Premier Price on a country wide tour with the governments position regarding Guatemala’s Claim
February 1978 2 Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee (CDCC) Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee conference to be held in Belize
February 1978 3 Grain Gain by ’80 Construction of a Grain Storage Complex underway in Belmopan
February 1978 4 Echoes from the Edge of Space Belize to get and Earth Station through Cable and Wireless
February 1978 7 Newsbeats Trinidad and Tobago governments reiterate support for Belizean Independence; Premier goes on countrywide tour; Malaria Squad plans offensive; Opening of Mechanical Workshop in Mafredi and inauguration of the Toledo Rural Development Project;
February 1978 8 Pictorial The Belize School of Agriculture
February 1978 10 Political Commentary Information highlighting recent publishing's about the development in the Anglo-Guatemalan Claim; Fire Works in London: Premier balks at British Plan to sell-out Bze; U. K. Government grapples for explanation in Commons; U. S. State Department Embarrassed; Owen a consummate Politician and Diplomat well versed in the art of Double Talk; Commons scolds Callaghan Labour Backs Price;
February 1978 12 50 Years of Cross Country Cycle Racing Information on History of Cycling, Statistics, and Records
February 1978 16 Newsmakers Premier Price, Assad Shoman, V.H. Courtenay meet with Ted Rowlands of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Christina Ysaguirre-Miss Belize Independence;
March 1978 1 The Vote for 18’s Representation of the People Act to reducing the voting age in the national elections to 18 years
March 1978 2 Newsbeats DFC reports profitable year; Belizeans to own great share in Sugar Industry; Construction for New Lands and Survey Building Next to Belmopan Market); Agreement signed for construction of Grain Storage Complex – Big Falls; 90% Teachers pass exam-Primary Diploma Examination;
March 1978 4 Editorial Frontline Backing: Governments response to David Owen’s possibility of settlement involving land cession
March 1978 5 “Guats” Claim Knocked by Six Representatives of six Caribbean independent nations met with Government in Belmopan for a two day closed-door session with the Premier to study recent developments in Belize’s struggle to preserve her territorial integrity;
March 1978 9 Newsmakers Bernaldino Pech elected chairman of Yo Creek Village; Carlos Castillo elected president of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize; Stephen Latchman, Chairman, Phillip Burns, Secretary-treasurer, Steven Mahler, Assistant secretary of Belize Branch of Belize General’s Workers’ Union; Alvan Fuller elected Chairman of Board of Directors of Development Finance Corporation (DFC);
March 1978 10 Exclusive Interview Interviews with some of the Delegates from the Caribbean: Percival J. Patterson, Reshleigh Jackson, Frank Abdullah, Donald Blackman, Paul Adderly
March 1978 12 Profile Profiles on the English Speaking Caribbean Independent Nations
March 1978 14 Culture Visiting delegates entertained by a group of local artists at the San Ignacio Hotel
April 1978 1 A Time to Prevent Fires
April 1978 2 Electoral Reform Representation of the People Act passed reducing the voting age in the national elections to 18 years, setting up of elections machinery and ensuring against voter fraud
April 1978 5 Newsbeats Government move to Break Regional Languar Barrier-Top conference held; Belize Airways Limited Increase Flight; New Clock donated to Old Capital; War Against Malaria – Belize – Mexico; Caribbean Churches give Blessing to struggle back to Belize’s demand to be Free;
April 1978 7 Erosion Control Coastal Protection stopping Erosion – Seawall Construction at the Newtown Barracks… stopping Erosion
April 1978 8 Development in Broadcasting Radio Comes of Age: from Am to FM; Albert Cattouse Building in Belize City becomes Home of the Voice of Belize
April 1978 12 Newsmakers Garden Competition held in Belmopan; Laying of pipes for water treatment plant in Burrel Boom; Santos Diaz elected president of the Camber of Commerce; Kings Park Health Centre Re – opens; Task Force on visit to Belize;
April 1978 14 Education Revamping the Education Policy: The Aim is to educate Belizeans so that they can contribute meaningfully to the Development Process
May 1978 1 On Human Rights and Trade Rights
May 1978 2 Rural Lands under Pressure by Milpa System Government to encourage better farming in Toledo; Milperos practicing milpa system encourages to pursue more organized and profitable system
May 1978 3 In Search of the Maya Archaeologist to begin excavation throughout the country
May 1978 4 CDCC, Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee CDCC, Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee Holds Third Session in Belize
May 1978 8 Newsmakers Rajanathan Rajasingham, Solicitor General of Belize; Beauveau Boris Nalle new United States of America Consulate General to Belize; Domingo Perez, Belize Workers Union and Misheck Mawema, Southern Christian Union attend 9th World Federation of World Federation of Trade Union in Czechoslovakia;
May 1978 9 Agriculture Agriculture Investment Tops $200 Million
May 1978 12 Farmer of the Year Nonato Gutierrez
May 1978 13 The Panama Canal Premier Congrats Panama’s Head of State: The Canal Deal Goes Through
May 1978 14 Newsbeats Belize Lions Hold First National Convention; Currency Exchange with U.S. Fixed; Cigarette Workers, Maestre’s Industries, get more pay;
May 1978 15 Agriculture Irrigation to Boost Harvest in Toledo
May 1978 16 Culture Drums of My Father; (To Ami, Vira An Isani – Eternally United by Blood and The Drums)
June 1978 1 CARICOM is Alive Caribbean Community CARICOM is Alive Caribbean Community
June 1978 2 Your Name is Woman Sister Leona Panton, Elaine Middleton, Delsya Goff, Cpt. Bernadine Allen, Lois Young, Sadie Vernon, Signa Yorke
June 1978 5 Newsmakers Assad Shoman home after visit from Costa Rica; Douglas Smith agriculture meteorologist; Frank Curtis Managing Director of the Belize Sugar Industries; Ethel Dorothy Vargas, Cara Evanzeloo Burns and Darrel Alvin Dias receive Members of the British Empire medal; Musical Production: Pirates of Penzance/ the Slave of Duty by Gilbert and Sullivan opens; Henry Smith Manger Citrus Growers Association;
June 1978 7 Modern Deep Water Port for Belize
June 1978 12 Agriculture A Programme (Program) of Planting Agriculture in Primary Schools
June 1978 15 Newsbeats Credit Union Assets now $9 Million; Belize Defence Force (BDF) Advance Training Program; Min. of Education to set-up Text Book Store – Belize City; ‘Self Help’ Community Centre opens in Bullet Tree Falls; Cane Farmers meet for Pow-Pow, Meeting on cane deliveries for both Liberty and Tower Hill Sugar Factories; More Support for Belize’s Independence by Caribbean Bishops; Working on the “Block Outs” – Belize Electricity Board to improve services; ‘Crop – Over’ Citrus Orchards made ready for next Harvest; Ministry of Health Improves Ambulance;
July 1978 1 Economy Growth Consistent – Reports Planning Unit
July 1978 2 From the House Regulating Standards in the Tourist Industry
July 1978 3 Development Big Boost for Cattle Industry: New Beef Producing Corp. Formed – Belize Beef Corporation Limited
July 1978 5 Weather Coping with the Weather: Belize Weather Bureau Assumes Responsible Role in International Weather Network
July 1978 10 Newsbeats U. S. President Voices Interest in Belize Problem – Pledges Support; Government Opposition to put Guatemala Claim above Party Politics; $31 Million Grant for the Northern Road Approved; Ministry of Health plans for new Mental Hospital in Belmopan; Extension to Queen Square Anglican School Planned;
July 1978 12 Memorandum of Understanding Signed between Premier Price and New York City (Declares the position of the British Government, The Government of Belize and the Opposition of Belize concerning the Anglo-Guatemalan Dispute)
July 1978 13 Newsbeats Guatemala will Yield to Wishes of People of Belize says a BBC Report; “the Caribbean has an immense role to play in the Commonwealth” – Ramphal CW Secretary General; Profitable years ahead for Citrus Growers; Wood Veneer Industry to be Established;
July 1978 14 Archaeology Huge Stella uncovered Some Secrets of Caracol Unearthed
July 1978 16 Newsmakers Baptist Missionaries from Texas visit Belize to assist in spiritual and economic development in Bze; Basketball Court opened in Santa Elena Cayo District; Calbert Linares first Deaf Student to Graduate from High School in Bze; Midwives head visit Belize for seminars; First Graduation Exercise of the Belize School of Agriculture held in San Ignacio Town;
August 1978 1 Cattle Raisers asked to Support Census The Ministry of Agriculture takes Cattle census to determine the cattle population of Belize
August 1978 2 From the House “The Exercise of Democracy is Not Cheap”; Financing of the New Elections Law and of the registering of new voters
August 1978 3 Growing Cacao in Belize Hershey Invests $4 Million in Cacao Industry
August 1978 8 Newsmakers Earl Fitzgerald Henry, ordained Deacon of the Anglican Church by Bishop Anthony Sylvestre; Avalyn Gabourel granted four-year scholarship by Belize City Lions and Lioness Clubs; George Price and C.L.B. Rogers granted the title of Honorary Members of the Supreme Lodge of the Independent Order of Galilean Fishermen Incorporated; Hon. Florencio Marin meets with Executive Committee of Belize Live Stock Producers Association and team from Mexico to discuss problems and progress of Livestock industry in Belize; Dennis Puleston, Archaeologist who discovered Mayan stone axe in Belize, killed by lightning in Chechen Itza; Hector Benjamin Knight promoted to the post of Registrar of the Supreme Court and Registrar General; David McKoy held talks with Dr. Zin-Henry, Director of Caribbean office of International Labour Organization; Edmund Andrew Marshalleck, promoted to Under Secretary in the Ministry of Finance; Norris Orville Wade appointed Town Clerk for Belize city Council; Emory King elected President of Belize Insurance Association; Roy Young now Chief Elections Officer;
August 1978 11 Banking on Books Bliss Institute Headquarters of the National Library Service in Belize City: A National Information Bank is to be set-up to collect, store and make available all sort of information on Belize
August 1978 15 Newsbeats Medico Awards Belize Gov’t For Health Policy and Delivery; Harrier Crashes, British Forces in Bze; Government will take livestock census; Works minister tables motion rejecting proposals for Land Cession-Anglo Guatemalan Claim; Venezuelan Mission seeks more co-operation with Bze; Problems of CARICOM have made us Conscious of our Achievements; Premier says support from CARICOM countries Heartening; Agriculture team from Costa Rica visits-advises on Grain Cultivation; Guatemalan Patrol boat runs aground; Minister Sylvestre signs Contract for Major Work on Water and Sewerage Project; Out-Moded section of Elections Law Repealed; Lioness give Water Cooler to Kings Park Health Centre; Out-Moded Section of Election law Repealed;
September 1978 1 Stop Press on Greta; The Big Spirit for National Day
September 1978 2 State of the Nation State of the Nation: Healthy!... Until Greta
September 1978 5 Greta Hurricane Greta Strikes
September 1978 11 Newsbeats Government Books in the Black- “The Economy Forges ahead”-Premier; Hurricane Greta; Local Union Strengthens Caribbean Ties: Southern Christian Union now member of Caribbean International Longshoremen Council;
September 1978 16 Miss Independence 78/79
September 1978 17 National Day Address The Premier’s National Day Address
September 1978 20 Newsmakers Leroy Gullap, Harold Stuart-Prison Officers presented with Long Service Medals; Evan Godfrey promoted to Post Master General; “No Yellow Fever in Belize” says Health Minister; Community Centre at Sarawee, Inaugurated; Farmers get land from Government - first step of Land Reform Programme in Corozal District; New Primary School for Lucky Strike, Belize District; Venezuela seeks Cooperation with Bze; Cane disease Threatening Sugar Belt – Farmers Alert; Deputy Premier tours Privacion Camp of the Belize Defence Force (BDF); Reverend Raymand Belkey arrives in Belize to take up appointment of the Stann Creek Circuit of the Methodist Church; Annual 4-H Camp Opens; Plans for Livestock Show Announced;
October 1978 1 After a Girl – Storm named Greta
October 1978 3 Streamlining The Laws of Belize Removal of outmoded (outdated) and obsolete laws from statute books, and revision of Long titles and preambles: Revision to be done by Mr. A.R.F. Dickson, C.B.E.
October 1978 5 Cattle U.S. Millionaire, Roy Carver, Converts Large Tracts of land into Cattle Country – Six Thousand Acres converted in Gold Button Creek area of Orange Walk District
October 1978 7 Roads and Bridges New Middlesex Bridge on Work’s slate as Roads/Bridges Programme Continues
October 1978 10 Some Bridges Complete
October 1978 13 Newsbeats Premier Inaugurates Cable and Wireless Earth Station in Belmopan; Primary School Building inaugurated in Fairview Village – Toledo District; Mexico Emphatic on U.N. Resolution on Belize; Sugar Producers call on President Carter, U.S.A., to Wipe – Off Import Fees; Health Minister Back from Russia – International Conference on Primary Health Care;
October 1978 16 Newsmakers Adolfo Lizarraga at 24th Conference of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; Rev. Hartfield Myvett of Belize appointed Vice-President of the Society of the Divine World Fathers
November 1978 1 Timing Running out for ’78 (Christmas Salutations)
November 1978 2 From the House A denial of Charges Regarding Public Funds: Premier in House of Rep. defending his Administrations management of Public Funds
November 1978 4 Postal Service Belize Observes Centenary, as a member of Universal Postal Union: includes some History of Postal Service in Belize
November 1978 9 Pictorial Garifuna Settlement Day Observed Countrywide
November 1978 12 Livestock First National Livestock Show Held 18 November 1978, Belmopan
November 1978 13 Postal Service First Postmaster Appointed - 1845
November 1978 15 Newsmakers Belize Association of Principals of Secondary Schools re-elect Sidney Satchwell, President; Premier George Price receives Dr. James E. Banata, Dean of School of Public Health, and Dr Barnett L. Cline, Tulane University; Belize Bodybuilding delegation represents Belize at Mr. Latin America contest, Mexico, Noel Nunez, first place in Bantam Division; Leslie John Alexander Nisbet, General manager of Belize Electricity Board dies. General Manger – Esso Standard Oil Bze, presents cheques for Seaview Hospital and T. B. Sanatorium; Giovanna Ferrara appointed to carry out study for a the Social Security Scheme in Belize;
November 1978 17 Adventures in Reality New Soldiers of the Belize Defence Force on Parade
November 1978 19 Newsbeats New Law Protects Baby Conch; Fire Yonder – Benque Viejo Town answers call from Guatemalan Authorities in putting out fire at Public Hospital in Melchor de Mencos; Trinidad/ Tobago Rejects attempts to slice Belize – Guatemalan Claim; Corozal Community College opens; Deputy Premier reports on New York Meetings; Newly Formed Police Tactical Service Unit passing out parade; Inauguration of La Immaculada Credit Union’s New Office;
December 1978 1 A Message of Hope Message by Premier Price
December 1978 2 1978 in Review People and Events that Made News This Year: Reflections of 1978
December 1978 11 Higher Education Higher Education encompassing all education beyond Secondary School Level
December 1978 13 Regional CSEC Exams for Next Year Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate – Caribbean Examination Council CXC
December 1978 15 Budget $125M Budget
January 1979 1 Victory at the U.N. United Nations Vote on Belize Grows (Vote for Independence of Belize)
January 1979 1 Cabinet Reshuffle
January 1979 2 The Budget Priority Spending
January 1979 3 Newsmakers Belizeans Receive Members of British Empire, Albert Staine, Norman Hunter, Alfred Seymour Wright, Benjamin Faukner, Hilda Rosado, The British Empire Medal, Zenobia Eunice Meggs, and the Queen’s Police Medal, Esmond Alexander Willoughgy; Caribbean Agriculture and Research Development Institute (CARDI) Officials visit Belize;
January 1979 4 December Tragedies Shock Belize Rt. Rev. Eldon Anthony Sylvestre, Bishop of Anglican Diocese dead in Traffic Accident; Financial Secretary Rafael Fonseca dead in traffic Accident (Eulogies included along with pictorial)
January 1979 5 Eulogy Eulogy to Bishop E.A. Sylvestre and Mr. R. A. Fonseca
January 1979 12 Newsbeats Belize Scores Victory at the United Nations; Deputy Premier makes joint statement at the U. N.; Guatemalans reject latest British offer for settlement of Anglo-Guatemalan dispute over Belize – The Deal that was Rejected; Agriculture Ministry Launches Campaign against “Black Leg” – Disease that affects Cattle; Belize Association of Accountants hold first seminar (Association formed in 1976); Cassava bread producers to Expand;
February 1979 1 International Year of the Child
February 1979 2 Newsbeats Orange Walk gives to Community; First Book Fair held at the Bliss Institute; Bze signs trade agreement with Canada; Soybean Association to expand operations in Belize; Premier announces top appointments, V.H Courtenay, Belize’s Goyernoa in Caribbean Development Bank, Edmund Marshalleck, Chairman of Belize Monetary Authority, Dr. Jerry Cal, appointed Director of Caribbean Food Corporation, Egbert Grinage, Director of Caribbean Investment Corporation; Ministry of Education take Primary School survey; $15.7 million for Agriculture Investment; Churchmen examine Church Policy; Central Government gives City Council - Belize Financial Help; New Caricom Secretary General on Visit; San Luis Rey R. C. School opens in Orange Walk; Coke donates Footballs;
February 1979 6 “At Your Service” Theme for 1979 Police Conference
February 1979 7 “We turn to our Youth” Agriculture Blooms in Education: the Belize Youth Development Centre
February 1979 9 Hurricane rehabilitation Programme Monies acquired for Hurricane Rehabilitation Projects to be constructed over the next two years after hurricane Greta Struck in 1978
February 1979 11 Newsmakers Inez Eulogio Sanchez promoted to Chief Education Officer; Sergeant Lindsey Wade, BDF, presents two sterilizers to be used in Hospital; Hon. V. H. Courtenay attends Third meeting of Standing Committee of Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs in Jamaica; June Davis completes programme in Dental Nursing; Correction to award of Queen’s New Years Medal Award; Inauguration of New Police Barracks in Benque Viejo del Carmen
February 1979 12 Agriculture The Need for Vaccination against Blackleg in Cattle;
February 1979 13 Education School Population reaches 35 thousand; Article mentions new schools that were recently opened and new projects underway
February 1979 15 Agriculture Ceiling up for Prime Beef: Quality Breed to be Imported
March 1979 1 Hershey Digs In Hershey Foods Corporation purchased the outstanding equity in Hummingbird Hershey Ltd. – cocoa farm located in the Sibun Caves Branch area of Belmopan, Cayo
March 1979 2 International Year of The Child 1979 On the 21st December 1976 the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution declaring 1979 the ‘International Year of the Child’
March 1979 6 The Winds Of Change First exam of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to be held in June; Information on the Council
March 1979 9 Works Report Part One: Bridges & Seawall – Information on various projects carried out under bridges and Seawalls
March 1979 13 Newsbeats Belize Telecommunications Authority (B.T.A) to Expand; Belize Mexico Cooperation continues with energy; New Agricultural Text for Belize; Steps to Boost Tourism; Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) History Syllabus Scrutinized;
March 1979 15 Traffic No More Police Job: New Authority to take over Licensing of Vehicles,
March 1979 16 Newsmakers Boxing, Fitzroy Guissepi Central A. and Carib. Junior Welterweight Champion; US Herbert Murphy and Ken Goodrich assist in planning information program to prevent Mediterranean Fruit Fly; Robert Brown British Under-Secretary of State for the Army visits Belize; Back cover: newly constructed 12-unit apartment building on George street in Belize City built by Housing Department;
April 1979 1 From the House: Over Time Rates for Shop Assistants
April 1979 2 Food Conference Food Conf. Checks on Nutrition in Belize - Present Proposals: Fourteenth annual session of the Agro-Economic Conference
April 1979 0 The Multi- Million Dollar Connection Belize Telecommunication Authority Expands National Telephone System: Spends $3.4 Million to improve and increase Service. Semi-Electronic Equipment to provide fully automatic switching into the International System
April 1979 8 Testing The Test New Primary Exams: Reform for Just Assessment: New Method for testing/Exam in primary schools
April 1979 9 Education Belize Gets College of Arts, Science and Technology: “Meeting A Growing Demand For Advanced Training In Professional And Technical Fields”
April 1979 10 Newsmakers Albert Llewellyn Staine sworn in as first Belizean Chief Justice; Muhammad Rae’es and Omar Hassn, Muslim Community in Belize, return from Islamic Leadership Conference in Guyana; Jose Coye, Assistant Comptroller of Customs, becomes member of Certificated General Accountants; Chief Meteorological Officer Kenrick Leslie at regional association of World Meteorological Organization; George H. Rainey, Seventh Day Adventist Mission launched a one-week evangelistic campaign at the Lopez Mateos Park; Keith Hall, Director of Training and Systems of Jamaican Cooperative Credit Union League visits Belize;
April 1979 12 Sports Belize Technical College gets a Head – Starts Track and Field; Belize Technical College held “first ever” relay-a-thon race from San Ignacio to Belize City and Successful Sports Day;
April 1979 13 Newsbeats New X-Ray Equipment for Medical Department; Two Unions Join Hand: The Belize General Workers Union and the Southern Christian Union has given birth to the United General Worker’s Union; Belize Airways Limited hits U.S. with more Flights; Government to increase Grain Price for ’79; Pay Boos for sailors and cooks of Storage Limited;
April 1979 15 The ‘Pesky’ Fly On The Move Medfly Outbreaks: The Mediterranean Fruit Fly
May 1979 1 Z-O-O-M… Price of Gasoline and Honey Increase
May 1979 0 The National Agriculture and Trade Show ’79 Three days period was a history. As advertised, it was bigger, better, longer, brighter
May 1979 4 More Money From Honey Honey to be exported: Sticky Sweet year for the three hundred Belizean Beekeepers all over the country if they are worth their honey;
May 1979 10 Commentary More Land for Farmers. (Adopted from a Government Information Service radio Commentary)
May 1979 12 Government Government Adapts Food and Nutrition Policy
May 1979 13 Newsmakers Rodney Neal, Agricultural Officer represented Bze in Workshop on Genetic Resource of Forage Plants; Commander Angus Robertson of British Force in Bze promoted to Brigadier; Douglas Erskine elected President of Belize Association of Accountants; Playground opened in Yarborough thanks to Joseph Sanker, playground over old cemetery; Education Minister talks about Teachers Pension; Santa Familia, Cayo, gets new Community Centre; Hurricane Shelters Slated For Belize City /Dangriga; Belize Teacher’s College Celebrates Silver Jubilee; Belize Becomes Regional Centre For Study of Smut;
May 1979 17 Premier’s Tour Premier completes country wide tour to get first hand impressions of development programmes, to review the needs of communities
May 1979 8 Report on Agro-Economic Conference Planners say produce more Grain; Rice, Beans and Corn
June 1979 2 Easing The Squeeze – A Little ‘Petroleos Mexicanos’, Mexican Petroleum Company agreed to supply petroleum products to help Belize meet oil shortage in the existing supplies.
June 1979 3 Weather Information via Satellite High Powered Hurricane “Watcher” For Weather Service
June 1979 6 Newsbeats “Politeness Costs Nothing” Agriculture Minister Tell Police at passing out parade; Health Minister moves to help Blood Donors Organization; Health Minister Says: “Family Care Is Important for Children; U.K. Top Military Advisors Visit Belize;
June 1979 8 Commentary Government Plans New Development Strategy: Central Planning Unit of Min. of Finance to develop plan for Belize (Adapted from Government Information Service Radio Commentary
June 1979 10 New Stamps A new set of stamps commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Second
June 1979 12 Cover Story We’ve come A Long Way: Reviewing the present government’s administration
June 1979 22 Newsmakers Chief Meteorologist Officer Mr. Kenrick Leslie visits China on a study tour to see how water resources in that country are managed and utilized; Graciela Gonzales, Director of the United Nations Information Centre for Central America and Panama visits Bze; Joslyn Augustus Nembhard promoted to Principal Education Officer; Six Belizeans awarded Queen’s New Years Honors, The British Empire Medal and Queen’s Police Medal; Luis Humphrey installed as Governor of Lions District 59 of Belize; Ronald Clarke re-elected president of Public Officers Union; First Technological exposition held at Belize City Centre; New office for Lands and Survey Nearing Completion in Belmopan;
July 1979 2 Government Invest Government invests $25 Million in agriculture projects in the Toledo District: 4 Grain Silos to be built in the Big Falls area
July 1979 4 World Bank W. O. gives Belize Good ‘Certificate of Health’
July 1979 5 Colonial’s Dilemma An Insurance Company in Trouble, Branch office of Colonist Insurance Company of Jamaica in Belize
July 1979 6 The Modern Port Deep Water Port of Belize, first Phase complete
July 1979 10 Excavation at Altun Ha Book: Excavation at Altun Ha, Belize, 1964 – 1970, Volume 1: David M. Pendergast
July 1979 12 Rockview Hospital A New Environment for the Mentally Ill
July 1979 14 Commentary The Development of Facilities for Sports
July 1979 16 From the House More Gains for Labour: Debates on Labour Laws
July 1979 17 The Belama Story Premier George Price addresses charges in Belama Development Company;
July 1979 18 Newsbeats Health Minister Rogers Announces Plans for Cancer Clinics; Education Minister opens school built by Town Citizens – San Francisco Primary School in Orange Walk Town; Mexican Company will Search for Oil Here – Belize; Government gives Toledo Farmers Bridge – 120 foot single span over Rio Grande in Toledo; U.S. State department agrees there is no Communism in Belize; Briceño Urges Trade Union to put National Interest First; CARICOM-Caribbean Community is practical and Workable declares Ambassador;
July 1979 22 Newsmakers Streamlined and with Class – Miss Belize Independence – Sarita Acosta; 45 members of former defunct Belize Volunteer Guards were presented with efficiently decoration, clasps and medals; Following take over of Salada Belize Ltd, from Nestle becomes Belize Food Products Ltd.;
July 1979 0 Supplement The Miami Herald featured story on George Price
August 1979 2 Pictorial Deputy Premier visits Annual Training Camp of Belize Defence Force in Mountain Pine Ridge
August 1979 6 Social Security The Social Security Scheme and its Benefits
August 1979 14 Commentary Guilty by Post (Mail)
August 1979 16 Newsmakers Field Director of Project HOPE and the Representatives of World Vision International visit Belize; San Narciso Agriculture Show held in August; Bishop of Nassua and the Bahamas Rt. Rev. Michael Eldon in Belize; Walter Brown elected Chairman of Belize Armature Football Association, Omario Perdomo Assistant Chairman and Denfield Miranda Secretary; Premier opens San Joaquin fair; Jaycees Ladies Softball from Syracuse, New York in Belize; Premier Price meets with United Kingdom’s Minister of State, Nicholas Ridley in Mexico; Premier sends Sympathy on Death of Lord Mountbatten – Britain;
August 1979 18 D.F.C Development Finance Cooperation – Filling the Gap: Opening of New DFC headquarters in Belmopan
August 1979 20 Newsbeats Premier Addresses Caribbean Confederation of Credit Union; Library Association publishes Anthology of Poems; Technical College to get new Lab Equipment; Child Eating Mango – Poem; Seminar Examines Needs of the Child; National Radio goes FM “without even the Slightest Flicker”; Modern Hospital for Belize City in the Pipelines – Planning team Here; Stamp Marked Postal Centenary – Aviation; Ambassador addresses shop Assistants; Back Cover: Community Centre opens in San Jose Village Toledo District;
September 1979 2 Sugar Sugar – Slightly Sour: Fungus diseases infecting Sugar Crop
September 1979 8 Medical & Health Services Regional Co-operation in cutting cost and improving community service
September 1979 13 Commentary Belize at the Non-Aligned Summit
September 1979 15 State of the Nation Address
September 1979 16 Pictorial National Day ’79 photo coverage
September 1979 19 The Guatemala Issue A “Non-Statement” by Guatemala’s Vice President. Guat. V.P. claims Anglo-Guatemala issue settlement without consulting Guat. Foreign Affairs; Hon. V. H. Courtenary interview with regards to Guatemala’s V.P. “Repugnant” Statement
September 1979 23 Newsmakers Canon Joseph Livingston Blackett; A new Puisne Judge for Belize, George Rawle Moe; Joan Bergasse, Regional Information Officer for Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) visits Belize; Lawyer Glenn Godfrey admitted and enrolled as a Solicitor of courts;
September 1979 26 Newsbeats Agriculture Minister Signs Agreement, with CARE, to Develop Beekeeping Industry;              Reap Programme to grow; Government backs banana loan, more money for growers; Movie Co. to Film “Dogs of War” in Belize; Oil Companies make another dig – Petro’ Products Up!; Non-Aligned Summit issues strong statement on Belize-Independence; Back Cover Picture: Cardboard model of proposed Belize City Centre;
September 1979 28 The Ground Work Pasture research a Forage Legume Project; Research conducted into producing best adaptable varieties of legume and pasture grass for local farmers
October 1979 2 Agriculture Harvesting Rice in Toledo… A Government Subsidized Programme
October 1979 6 Newsbeats Government delivers farmers’ Market – Opening of Farmers Market in Belize City; Credit Unions accumulate savings by Belizean to over $10 Million; Premier says encourages by U.S. President Announces on Economic Assistance; $1.5 million to be pumped into Housing; Premier opens school in Annex in Cinderella Town – addition to St. Joseph School Complex; More Electricity for Rural Areas; Secretary of State Says Britain wants early Independence for Belize;
October 1979 8 XXII Olympiad - Moscow 1980 Stamps on the Event of Olympics held in Moscow
October 1979 10 Defence Military Head Quarters Opened – Price Barracks in Ladyville
October 1979 12 Bananas Banana Cultivation in the South to be expanded
October 1979 16 Newsmakers Chief Librarian Lawrence Vernon left for England to attend course in Library Development Planning; Rev. Lloyd Lopez chairman of Essential Services Arbitration Tribunal; Baroness Joan Helen Vickers on visits Belize; Second Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court for Belize, John Lawrence Barrington Jones; Belize Amateur Bodybuilding Association represented by Noel Nunez; Inauguration of New Police Station in Punta Gorda Town
November 1979 2 The Elections General Elections 1979;
November 1979 6 The Campaign of ’79 Sweat and Tears – Charges and Counter - Charges
November 1979 8 Pictorial The Ministers and The Senators
November 1979 10 The Final Tally General Elections result 1979
November 1979 11 Newsbeats Population Census Planned for Next May; Swine Fever in Guatemala threatens Belize; “Church faces Troublesome but not Hopeless Times” Premier Tells Methodist Churchmen; Dental Health Week observed in Belize; Traditional Ethnic Holiday Observed – Garifuna Settlement Day; Big Falls Grain Complex Inaugurated; United Nations Fourth Committee backs Belize; Deputy Premier Rogers Calls on United Nations to Underwrite Belize’s Independence; Education Minster Ok’s Three new projects;
November 1979 16 Newsmakers Carmen Naranjo, UNICEF visits Belize; Belizeans receive decorations and awards for outstanding service to their community;
December 1979 2 Flooding Belize Experiences worst Flood in 75 Years, Flooding caused by tow weeks of continuous rains in Cayo and Belize Districts
December 1979 4 Commentary The Trials of Democracy – (Adapted from a Radio Belize Commentary)
December 1979 6 Government Speech A Speedy Process towards De – Colonization
December 1979 7 Pictorial The Surging ‘70’s: Pictures from a Decade; Pictures from each year in the 1970’s
December 1979 17 Education Investment in Rural Education: Construction of primary schools, Extension to Secondary schools and pilot project of “Appropriate Technology” in Primary Schools.
December 1979 20 Health The Perils of being “Pleasingly Plump”
December 1979 21 Premier Rebuts Opposition Charges of Communism
December 1979 23 Newsbeats Heavy Rains Affect Belize, Floods Worst than 1904; Elections Victory should be an Inspiration says Ramphal; World Bank Mission here on Working Visit; Research must be compatible with government’s policy says Chief Agriculture Officer – Jerry Cal at Second National Agriculture Research Symposium; Cabinet Hammers out 1980 Budget; Premier Meets General Omar Torrijos; Gross Domestic Product up Development Finance Cooperation Reports; Teachers urged to increase “Occupational Mobility”;
December 1979 28 Newsmakers Dr. Jeronimo Cal promoted to Chief Agriculture Officer; death of Bishop Malchus Bennett; Premier’s Christmas Message;
January 1980 1 Editorial Comment
January 1980 2 Premier’s Message Premier’s New Year message calls for the Harnessing of Human and Natural Resources “For Survival and Advancement”
January 1980 4 Economic Review 1979
January 1980 7 Newsmakers “Belize is Economically Viable and ready for independence” said Richard Millar, Advisor International Monetary Fund (IMF); Flood Relief Fund – from December Flooding- Check presented to Premier from Lions Club Governor of District 59 – Louis Humphreys; Rt. Rev. Monsignor Facundo J. Castillo-Honoray Papal Prelate; Four Women appointed Commissioners of the Supreme Court: Daisy Hornby, Alice Bowman, Callola Prince, Ester Noble; Six appointments to level of Permanent Secretary: Lennox August, Everal Waight, Robert Leslie, Walter Brown, Hugh McCain, Evan Young, E.A. Dakers, Rudolph Castillo, Eric Fairweather; Belize Chief Justice Albert Staine, Mr. Justice George Moe and Mr. Justice Barrington-Jones – Puisne Judges, and First women appointed Commissioners of the Supreme Court – Miss Daisy Hornby, Alice Bowman, Mr. Callola Price and Mrs. Ester Noble;
January 1980 9 Government/ CARE Agreement Projects: Rural Education and Agriculture Project (REAP), Fishing Industry Project (FIP), Beekeeping Extension and Research Project (BERP) and Health
January 1980 10 Newsbeats Flood Causes Slight dent in Economy; Minister of Natural Resources tours Banana Area; Bee – Keeping Industry Hurt by Insecticides; Seminar Plans policy on Pre-School Education; Deputy Premier Calls for National Unity – New Years Message; Premier in London for talks; Caricom allocates $300,00 for Corn/ Soya Project Here;
February 1980 1 Editorial Comment
February 1980 2 Government Plans Multi – Million Dollar Investment Programme Projects to be in the agriculture, fisheries and forestry in order to boost production
February 1980 6 Saving the City National Government to the Rescue; These are the Facts; Upgrading of Infrastructure to Belize City;
February 1980 7 Newsmakers Belize National Library president Horace Young, Robert Hulse, Secretary, Elizardo Acosta-Vice President; Hazel Weymes, Anthropologist, arrived in Belize to work with Toledo Rural Development Project; Salvation Army Col. Orval Taylor visits Belize; Rev. Bruce Swapp Head of Methodist Church in Belize-Honduras; Edmund Marshalleck-Financial Secretary, Robert Clifton Swift – Under-Secretary; Min. Florencio Marin in Toledo and discuss formation of a National Production Council;
February 1980 9 Upgrading Management in the Health Service A CARICOM/ USAID Project
February 1980 10 Police Police Conduct will be checked-out says Home Affairs Minister; New District Police Headquarters opened in Punta Gorda; New Police Training School;
February 1980 11 Newsbeats Rice Price Hiked; Top United Nations Officials visit Premier: Under Secretary General of the United Nations and Executive Director of United Nations Fund for Population-Rafael Salas; European Development Fund visit Belize for Trade Talks; Ray Fuller appointed Managing Director of the Caribbean Food Corporation (CFC); European Development Fund representatives in Belize for Trade Talks; Cayman wants Airlines Connection with Belize; What is the UNFPA – United Nations Fund for Population Activities; 4-H Dorm opened by Minister of Social Services; Blood Donors Centre Opened at Belize City Hospital; Belize Food Processing Company to Export Local Preserves – Jams and Marmalades; National Sports Council Formed;
February 1980 14 Green is the Valley A look at a Regional Grain cultivation project for Belize and other development potentials of the Belize River Valley and what Government is doing about it.
March 1980 2 Attorney General at B.D.F. Parade Ripping the Cords of a “Dependency Syndrome” - Attorney General Said Musa at Belize Defence Force Parade
March 1980 3 The Boat People Belize Considers Plight of “Boat People”
March 1980 4 Budget A Tightly Wrapped Development Package for $158.9million but a Restraining Budget this Time
March 1980 9 Bishop of Anglican Diocese A New Shepard for the Anglican Flock: Rt. Rev. Keith Alphonso McMillan
March 1980 12 From the House Code of Ethics for the House Members and Attorneys
March 1980 14 Newsbeats Task Force Probes Role of Private Sector in Development; Team Studies Alternate Source of Energy; Foreign Minister Conference again Knocks Guatemala Claim; Radio Belize now Broadcasting on FM 93. – T.V. Next!; Children’s Day Observed; “Health Involves the Community” Minister of Health tells Nurse Graduation Ceremony; Education Minister Takes Policy Statement; More Tourists visiting Belize; Banks tighten on Loans; Nutrition Week Planned; Over 600 Fishermen to be Trained by CARE’s FIP (Fishing Industry Project)
March 1980 19 Newsmakers Health Centre opened in San Pedro Colombia Village in Toledo District; Visit of Rt. Rev. Keith Alphonso McMillan; Ceremonies for new Governor of Belize Mr. James Patrick Ivan Hennessy, CMG, OBE;
April 1980 2 Food Processing Company Seeks to Clinch Local Market Information on the Belize Food Processing Company
April 1980 6 Newsbeats $5.6 Million deal signed between Government and British Firm to Upgrade Nation Electrification System; Burrell Boom area in Belize District declared a vegetable-producing area; Bank President from Republic of Honduras - gives high marks to National Economy; Plans for nutrition campaign finalized;
April 1980 8 Cycling Dark Horse – Alexander Vasquez Wins 52nd Cross Country Grind
April 1980 11 Newsbeats Co-operative Seminar opened by Deputy Minister of Co-ops – Jane Usher; New Post Office for Cotton Tree; Agriculture Show – Belize District goes on despite affect of flood; Shop Assistants guaranteed minimum pay by Law; First Health Management Seminar Closes;
April 1980 12 Newsmakers Hon. George Dakers, President of Senate dies; Two Surveys conducted to collect national information relevant to development – National Population Census and Household Consumer Survey; Minister appoints Labour Advisory Board Chairman-H.T.A. Bowman Jr., Deputy-Simeon Joseph; New Text book for Primary Schools Published- Science Booklets “Water” and “Simple Machines”;
April 1980 16 Nutrition Alert Short information feature to stimulate more interest in Importance of proper nutrition
May 1980 2 Belize/ Panama Hands of Friendship: Towards Closer Cooperation with Panama
May 1980 5 Newsbeats Talks over Belize Re-Open – Guatemala Claim; Said Musa back from Caribbean Development Bank Meeting – Bank played big role in development; Government Gives more Scholarships-150; Premier Price addresses Lions’ Convention; Workers Celebrate Labour Day; Rise in Price pushes increase in Electricity; Ministers Assad Shoman and Said Musa tour Central America; Toledo gets another Doctor – K. Rao; Medfly Threatens; Commentary: The Caribbean Development Bank – A Re-definition of Priorities – Adopted from a G.I.S. radio commentary;
May 1980 8 Newsmakers Minister of State at Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Nicholas Ridley in Belize; Odyssey Films of the USA in Belize to film Mayas for US public; Belizean Cyclist win in three-day race held in Peten Guatemala-Conrad Smith, Alexander Vasquez, Andrew Smilling; European Economic Community (EEC), J. Westhoff in Belize; Hon. Jane Usher, Deputy Minister of Cooperatives meet with Belize Chamber of Commerce; End of National Population; Death of Sidney Arturo Satchwell;
May 1980 9 Defence A Tender touch of the Force: Women Called to Arms
May 1980 10 Agriculture National Agriculture and Trade Show: Big Drive for Coconuts, Livestock, Better Farming in Toledo,
May 1980 12 From the House City Council Elections this year – Minister of Local Government moves to amend Citco (City Council) Ordinance – voter age to be extended to 18 years
May 1980 0 Back cover picture: Police Training School under construction
June 1980 2 Money New Faces from the Print; Currency
June 1980 4 Wanted: More Standing Space Extension of Apron at Belize International Airport
June 1980 5 Newsbeats Jamaica firm look for Peat Here (Citrus); Citrus industry will get boost; Premier at Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee Conference; Chilled Local Beer now sells for $1.00; Labour Minister attends International Labour Organization in Geneva; Conch to be Reared for Fishing; “Traffic Laws need Revision”- Sylvestre; New hotel opens in Belize City – Disco Solar on Euphrates Avenue;
June 1980 0 Supplement Toledo is no up for Grabs!! Relating to Anglo – Guatemalan Dispute
June 1980 7 Newsbeats Commentary: Who said that Citrus is Sour? – Citrus Industry; $1 Million for “Smut” Campaign – Rehabilitation for can fields damaged by smut disease;
June 1980 8 Newsmakers Belize Public Officers Union president – William Tillett, Nelson Hyde-first vice-president, Keith Arnold-second vice-president; Government of Belize awards 3 scholarships to teachers in Venezuela: Alfredo Gonzales, Rene Gutierrez, Ernesto Guemez; Azucena Espat opens medical laboratory in San Ignacio; Belize first Police Cadet Officer – Mr. Ephriam Usher; Azucena Espat opens Medical Laboratory in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District; New Community Centre opened in Cattle Landing Village in Toledo District; Senator Norma Fuller resigned from Senate and replaced by husband – Alvan Fuller;
June 1980 9 Water Modern Water – Treatment Plant at Double Run near Burrell Boom Belize;
June 1980 11 From the House Talks Gain Momentum - Anglo- Guatemalan Dispute; Oil Contract signed with PEMEX – Mexico; No Fault Insurance – new law for Quick compensation to accident victims; Spin – Offs from the Budget;
June 1980 0 Back cover picture: Excavation on the South Face of Xunantunich
July 1980 2 Negating the Consequences of Illegitimacy United Nations
July 1980 4 Hospital Belize City Hospital Renovated – New out – patient clinic gives late – evening service
July 1980 5 Newsbeats Deputy Premier Represents Belize at meeting of Caribbean Group for Economic Development; Volunteer Corp works in Toledo Health Project – Unity Brigade One; Labour Minister Returns from International Labour Conference; Cheques for CARICOM (Caribbean Community) travelers; More Men than women Census shows; Diocesan Centre renamed – the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Centre;
July 1980 8 Newsmakers Caribbean Alternative Energy Programme Coordination, Ismael Lashley in Belize; Regional Representatives of UNICEF Anthony Kennedy in Belize; Belizean artists, craftsmen, writers form Belize Cultural Arts Company; Fishermen from various fishing cooperatives undergo training in deep-sea fishing; Acting archaeological Commission Harriot Topsey and assistant Mark Gutchen in Mexico on Mayan Archaeology Conference; Belizeans Reve. Jacinto Flores, Alfonso Cayetano ordained to priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church by Bishop of Belize- Rev. Robert L. Hodapp; Postmaster General of Barbados O. K. Husband in Belize; Inauguration of the “Freedom Bridge” in Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo District
July 1980 9 Forum Why the Floods: Questions raised concerning recent flooding in the country
July 1980 12 Pictorial Women in Uniform – Belize Defence Force
August 1980 1 Archaeology Major Find from Maya Era Unearthed: Stucco Mask – Corozal Post classic Project – Santa Rita Corozal
August 1980 4 Economic Development Plan Tools for Growth: Economic Plan of Belize 1980 – 1983 – Central Panning Unit of Ministry of Finance
August 1980 8 Newsbeats Amendment to Firearms law – limit to shot gun cartridge; Trees for a 10 – year old Capital – tree planting; 25th Annual Course for Librarians of National Library Service held;
August 1980 0 Supplement Who is a Farmer? Text of address delivered by Deputy Premier at Graduation Ceremonies of Belize School of Agriculture
August 1980 9 Newsbeats Commentary – Regional Cooperation in Science and Technology; Premier Heads delegation to Nicaragua; National Scouts Camp held in Belmopan; Government Information Service (GIS) Cinema Unit Starts Countrywide Tour; Use of Lights on Bikes enforced by Commissioner of Police; Commentary – Caribbean Health Minister will tackle Special Problems; Opening of new Community Centre in Hattieville;
August 1980 12 From the House When a good frame deserves a new picture: House passes resolution for secure independence and no land session
August 1980 14 Newsmakers Minster CLB Rogers opens Inter-Police Force Sporting Competition; Telford Vernon succeeds Ray Fuller as General Manger of Development Finance Cooperation (DFC); Melvin Gabourel elected Chairman of Managing Committee, Vice Chairman John Santos and Secretary Babsie Perry of the Lucky St. Ann’s Beekeepers Cooperative; Annual Training camp for 4-H leaders held under theme “Training for More efficient Leadership”; Edward Arthurs judged Best Overseas Officer Cadet at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; Minister of Trade and Industry and Consumer Protection Guadalupe Pech said Belize can and should seek to attain self sufficiency in food; Richard Foster produces new film on wildlife of Belize called “Amate”; Harriot Topsey chairman of new Scuba Diving Club; Premier in Mexico, Mexican President reiterates support for Belize’s Independence
August 1980 16 Education BELCAST: A Look Forward – Belize College of Arts, Science and Technology and its first graduation
September 1980 2 Our Brothers’ Keeper Update on Refugee Situation: Plight of Indochina from San Salvador;
September 1980 3 State of the Nation “… A final Attack against Colonialism…”
September 1980 5 Essay New Role for Women in the Development Process
September 1980 6 Don’t stop this Party National Day (Battle of St. George’s Caye) Celebration
September 1980 8 Premier National Address Belize Belongs to the People of Belize ... No Other
September 1980 10 Sugar: A Prognosis Interview with Mr. Liborio Ayuso, Secretary of Belize Sugar Board – Increase production in order to survive effects of ‘smut’
September 1980 12 Newsmakers Cadet Corporal Earl Arthurs presented with cane for being best Overseas Officer; Miss Belize Independence – Miss Yvette Zabaneh; Four Lieutenants of the Belize Defence Force presented with commissions (Awards): Edward Arthurs, Lionides Yama, Peter Craig, Phillip McKinstry; Victor Gonzales and Minita Gordon return with Ph.D degrees; Managing Director of Fyffes Group John Ellis in Belize to see Banana Plantations; Mr. Ned Pitts, president of Belize Credit Union League elected General Secretary of the World Council of Credit Unions; As part of Belize Panama Exchange Program, Belizeans leave for Panama;
September 1980 14 Newsmakers Anglican Bishop Strikes out on National Issue; Senior Public Officers Meet at Management Workshop with assistance from Caribbean centre for Development Administration (CARICAD); Special Policy recommends Breast – Breast Feeding; New Community Centre opened in Calcutta Village; New Airstrip opened in Dangriga;
October 1980 2 Holy Ground Half Moon Caye National Monument
October 1980 4 Belize gets Share of $4M cake for Training Belize receives monies from U.S. for training under regional training project from United States Agency for International Development - objectives to upgrade management and technical skills in the Public Service.
October 1980 5 Regional Projects aims to Improve Primary Education
October 1980 6 Government Printery goes Modern
October 1980 9 Newsbeats New moves planned for future talks over Belize – Anglo- Guatemalan Claim; Premier back from meeting with Canada Prime Minister-discussing Belize’s Independence; Commentary – Latest Round of talks on the Anglo – Guatemalan Dispute; Belize Coping Despite Fuel Crunch; Red Tide phenomenon affects coastal areas of Belize; Said Musa tells Twenty Sixth Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference - Lusaka, Zimbia –Belizean Independence must be Meaningful; Venezuelan Diplomat met with Premier and Deputy;
October 1980 11 Report on a Workshop to promote Breastfeeding
October 1980 12 Newsmakers Deputy Premier – C.L.B. Rogers receives plaque by Concerned Belizean Association of Los Angeles, California-president-Howell Arnold; Edward August Pitts Chair of the Labour Commissioner; Eligio Joe Briceno chairman of Orange Walk Division of Cane Farmers Association; Fishing Cooperative from the Bahamas in Belize;
November 1980 2 U.S. Government backs Belize in Move towards Independence. Government of the United States of America has backed a pro-Belize Resolution at the United Nations. This brings to 139, the number of nations of the U.N. supporting the right of the Government and people of this country to self-determination, territorial integrity and independence.
November 1980 4 The U.N. Resolution The United States resolution: “Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People”, What the U.S. Representative said at the U.N.
November 1980 6 Tackling Regional Monetary Issues Twelfth Annual Conference of Regional Programme on Monetary Studies
November 1980 7 Pictorial November 19, Garifuna Settlement day
November 1980 9 Supplement Radio Belize Programme Supplement – December 1980
November 1980 12 Newsbeats Historic Resolution paves way for Independence in 1981; Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITIES) Protect Belizean Wildlife; Belize Airways Limited (BAL) flies again; CARDI to setup field station in Belmopan; Another pay hike( Pay raise) for Public Officers; Law passed – Fathers must maintain (support) children born out of marriage; Teacher’s Role Vital” says Attorney General;
November 1980 13 Newsmakers Belizean composer – Samuel ‘Lord Count’ Adolphus in concert; First Girl’s Home in Belize – Gwen Lizarraga Girls Centre;
November 1980 14 Belize to become Shipping Partner Government of Belize to join West Indies Shipping Corporation (WISCO)
November 1980 15 Meteorology Meteorology men look at regional programmes – 20th meeting of Caribbean Meteorology Council held in Belize
November 1980 16 Time and the River A Human interest story on the Ferryman – Ferrymen Lawrence and Elbert Segura after Burrell Boom Bridge was built and ferry obsolete
December 1980 3 Guatemala Looses on Home Turf Another Resounding Victory for Belize – This Time at the Organization of American States (OAS); Anglo - Guatemala Claim
December 1980 4 Interview “A Unique Move”. Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, C. L. B. Rogers and Assad Shoman; Following the United Nations vote for Belize
December 1980 6 Agriculture Development Finance Cooperation (DFC) well Heeled in Agriculture – Agriculture Division
December 1980 0 Supplement Radio Belize Programme Supplement
December 1980 7 Education More Money for education under New Church/State Deal, Government ups to 60 percent spending for Secondary Education
December 1980 8 Disabled Person 1981: The International Year of the Disabled Person; Interview with the Principal of Stella Maris School and Background information on the School, before known as Poor House
December 1980 10 Newsbeats PUP wins at city polls; World Bank Mission visits – updates Economic Report on Belize; Teachers College Gets Sports Court; Deputy Premier sees Belize Defence Force (BDF) in action – visit to training camp at Price Barracks; New Bus Service to Ladyville opening;
December 1980 12 Newsmakers Malcolm Barneby new U.S. Consul General in Belize;
January 1981 0 Inside Cover Winners of Design Competition – Monetary Authority (Central Bank) Building
January 1981 2 Interview A New Mayor for an Old City – Remijo Montejo
January 1981 4 Police Deputy Premier – C.L.B. Rogers addresses Policemen at annual conference held at Price Barracks – ‘On your feet to Combat Crime’
January 1981 5 Sports Getting sports together – The New Sports Council Law
January 1981 8 Investment Wood Company Chops Pylwood Price by 30 percent – a $2 million investment – Belize Wood Products Ltd.
January 1981 10 Newsbeats Independence this year for sure says Premier Price; Indo–Chinese Refugees may settle Belize; New License Plates to be Issued; Independence Constitution will Guarantee Equal Rights; Belize Telecommunication (BTA) expands link with Central America; Remodeled Orange Walk Town Hall opened; New York Schools Donate Books to Ministry of Education;
January 1981 12 Agreement More Opportunities for Women – Government of Belize and United Children’s (UNICEF) sign agreement that will benefit mothers and children.
January 1981 13 Newsbeats Wages Council Set up – Minimum Wages Council for Domestic Workers; Commentary: For a Fair Day’s Pay
January 1981 14 Newsmakers His Grace Archbishop Paul Tabet – Apostolic Pronouncio to Trinidad and Tobago visits Belize; Cpt. Thomas Greenwood and Cadet Robert Garcia and first female officer of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) Jean Lucas in the United Kingdom for military training; Luis Frutos, Agricultural Officer pursues fellowship in evaporation; Appointment of Thirty – Two Justices of the Peace (JP);
January 1981 15 Letter A Letter from Sister Elsa Oliva – Letter by Sister Elsa explaining rules of essay contest in connection with International year of the Disabled Person
January 1981 0 Supplement Radio Belize Programme Supplement
February 1981 2 Land Development A better Bargain for Farmers Ack and Ramclam; - A new approach to land development with all the vital ingredients for successful farming
February 1981 4 Newsbeats More Talks in New York City - Anglo- Guatemala Dispute; A Novel Formula for Representation – Independence – Government’s Draft Constitution; Mexican Governor of Quintana Roo, Sr. Lic. Jesus Martinez Ross, Visits Belize; $175 Million Budget Proposed for Next Financial Year; Attorney General Opens three day seminar on Diplomacy
February 1981 6 Independence Government of Belize’s Draft Constitution for independence
February 1981 10 Newsmakers International Monetary Fund (IMF) Officials visit Belize; Elizardo Acosta - Belize Library Association president, Mrs. Corinth Lewis-Vice President, Robert Hulse-Secretary & Chief Librarian, Lawrence Vernon-Treasurer; Canadian High Commissioner to Belize, T.B. Sheehan, presents monies for Chunox Farmers Co-operative and proposed Dangriga Arts and Craft Co-operative; San Antonio Peanuts and Grains Producers Cooperative and the San Antonio Farmers Cooperative held inaugural meeting at San Antonio Toledo; Rev. Donald C. Henry president of Methodist Church in Caribbean; Canadian High Commissioner presents money for establishment of seven Home Economics Centers throughout Belize; Rene Montero returns with degree B.Sc. in Animal Science; Owen Howard Morrison succeeds Clive Gillett as principal of Belize Technical College; Hon. Jane Usher opens new Medical Centre in Dangriga; Water Treatment Plans, at Double Run, for Belize City Inaugurated;
February 1981 11 Cruelty and Insensitivity will not be tolerated In a forthright address on prison report, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. C. L. B. Rogers. Deputy Premier speaking at the opening of a training programme for prison officers.
March 1981 2 Breakthrough Guatemala Agrees to Drop Claim to Belize, Constitutional Talks April sixth (6). London Talks End, Premier Announce Terms for Agreement.
March 1981 4 The Premier’s Statement Statement on the recent event on the Anglo-Guatemalan Dispute.
March 1981 5 Heads of Agreement
March 1981 7 Commentary Telling Friends, Belize gets support for its Independence
March 1981 7 Press Release Caricom Foreign Ministers meet in Extraordinary Session in Belmopan; considering the question of Belize Attaining early independence.
March 1981 8 The Declaration of Belmopan Declaration by Standing Committee of Ministers of the Caribbean Community responsible for Foreign Affairs – Pledge support for Belize’s Independence
March 1981 9 Interview Courtenay (V. H.)/ Shoman on the Heads of Agreement.
March 1981 12 Newsbeats Information on Social Security Scheme Published; Belize Youth Development Centre (BYDC) holds First Graduation; St. Michael’s College celebrates Sixtieth Anniversary; Belmopan Grain Drying and Storage Complex Inaugurated; Southern Fishermen Cooperative get Foundation Grant; University of West Indies (UWI) celebrates 33 years – Extra-Mural Department established 1949;
March 1981 13 Newsmakers Belize Agriculture Society sponsors six students to pursue training in practical farm activities in the U.S.A.; Permanent Secretary, Min. of Home Affairs present commission (award) to volunteer Officers of the Belize Defence Force (BDF), Richard Belisle, Oswald Sabido and Edmund Zuniga;
March 1981 14 The Budget Weeding for Growth, Progress only by Removing Deep rooted Structures that Constrain Growth.
April 1981 0 2              Constitutional Conference End in Formal Session                  Report on the Constitutional Conference is based on the White Paper on the proposed terms of a Constitution for the independent Belize as amended by the National Assembly along with the recommendations submitted to the Joint Select Committee.
April 1981 7 Newsmakers New Community Centre in Patchakan Village, Corozal declared open; Alpheus Williams winner of 18th cross-country cycling race and only person to complete 18 races; Beil And Cawthorn, New Zealand firm, in Belize to investigate development projects;
April 1981 8 The Hunt for Mary Jane Drug trafficking in Belize. Information on Opium, Coke, LSD, acid, etc. Includes statistics on drugs confiscated, seized or found, value, and number of persons charged in 1979.
April 1981 11 Newsbeats Grit and Grill of Cross-country, New champ smashes record, Holy Saturday cross country cycling race; Premier signs agreement with United States of America (U.S.A.) for development Assistance; Public Service Union of Belize on Strike, State of Emergency declared, P.S.U. calls on government to put heads of agreement to referendum or else face strike action; Congratulations from Germany, Nicaragua, Mexico and Venezuela on signing of Heads of Agreement; Bolivian Government Comments of “Agreement”; Belize to get oil from Mexico/ Venezuela; Placid Oil Company – little oil found at oil rig in the San Jomal area of the Corozal District; Al Saunders, consultant from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), to develop a national vocational training programme;
April 1981 14 From the House A Ghost of a Town, History and dissolution of Monkey River Town Board,
May 1981 1 The Belize Social Security Scheme
May 1981 2 "Independence no Longer an Option” U.K. Honour Bound by the Wish of the People”. Hon. Nicholas Ridley on visit to Belize. Belize to get Independence.
May 1981 3 Agriculture Commentary: Going to the Fair. The National Agriculture and Trade Show.
May 1981 4 Sharp Perspective Speech given by C.L.B. Rogers at recent BDF passing out parade. Speech surrounding the Heads of Agreement and recent events over Anglo-Guatemalan Dispute.
May 1981 6 Newsbeats Placid Oil Company begins Oil drilling in Patchakan Village, Corozal; Talks over Heads of Agreement begin in New York; Premier Repeats Government’s Position on NO Land Cession (Anglo-Guatemalan Dispute); Honey Production up 200 Tons; Caribbean Development Bank Board of Governors meet in Antigua; Nurse Graduate – Belize City Hospital School of Nurses; New Pre-School opened in Benque Viejo del Carmen; Belize prepares for CARIFESTA ’81 (Caribbean Festival of Arts).
May 1981 8 Pictorial Modern Port Facilities in Belize City,
May 1981 10 Negotiations over Heads of Agreement Begin Statement made by Deputy Premier, C.L.B. Rogers, who headed negotiation team in New York;
May 1981 11 Commentary Crucial Negotiations begin Over Heads of Agreement
May 1981 12 Newsmakers Minister of Home Affairs presents commission (award) to Second Lt. Ruperto Diaz and Harold A. Young; Programme Director of the Cuernavaca Guide Center in Mexico in Belize; Jorge Meliton Auil appointed Manager of Albert Street Branch of Barclays Bank International Limited; Belize Library Association organizes debates for schools; Private Sector Organization held its first Annual General Meeting of the Belize City Branch; Gross income of Holy Redeemer Credit Union over one Million Dollars;
May 1981 13 New Modern Medical Laboratory for Belize Pathology Laboratory Limited opens at the corner of Eve Street and Goal Lane.
May 1981 14 Millions in U.S. Aid to Belize Summary of Current United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Funded Activities in Belize;
June 1981 1 Special Olympics Opened by Minister of Education and Sports Said Musa
June 1981 2 Grain Production Grain Production Expected to Increase, Government Gives Farmers More Incentives,
June 1981 4 What Price Energy? Relief to many nations, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decides to sit on the lid a while longer to hold down prices of crude oil;
June 1981 9 F.C.O Official Visits Derick Day, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, says on Course for Independence this Year, Bill passed in British Government House of Commons to set date for Belize’s Independence this year;
June 1981 10 Newsbeats Talks off for a While – Guatemalan Government says need more time to go over Heads of Agreement; British Ministry Overseas Development Division in Belize; Cassava Productions Limited to modernize processing of cassava with modern machinery; Sugar Production Up but Price Down; Self-Help Community Centre Completed, opened, in Libertad Village Corozal; Air Florida makes Belize Connection; Belize Northern Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Limited holds General Meeting – showed a good year; Social Security Scheme makes Debut June 1st 1981; Western District Farmers form Cooperative – Santa Elena Farmers Co-operative and Santa Elena Rangers Co-operative; Task force for Visually Impaired Starts Work; Mental Health week focuses on Community Participation;
June 1981 12 UNICEF/Belize New Urban Development Programme – An Integrated Effort, Aim to supplement the family income by providing more employment opportunities, and facilities to assist large number of Belizean Women joining the labour Force;
June 1981 14 Caribbean Development Bank Annual Report 1980
June 1981 15 Newsmakers Honduras Foreign Minister Col. Elvir Sierra visits Belize; Assistant Inspector Ornell Brooks of the Belize Police Force awarded Baton of Honour as top overseas student at General Officer’s Course. “Poems of Passion, Patriotism and Protest” anthology of Belizean Poets published by Roland Parks; Plastic surgeons in Belize perform operation on 17 children free of charge; Funeral Services held for Idolly Simpson; Banana Growers Association elected Tony Zabaneh, chairman, Clifford Augustin vice-chairman;
June 1981 0 Back cover New Office Complex for Cable and Wireless on St. Thomas Street in Belize City
July 1981 2 Deadlock! Premier Reports to the Nation – Announces date for Independence of Belize, September 21st. Joint Communiqué between Ministers from United Kingdom, England, Guatemala and Belize.
July 1981 4 The Economy in Review 1980
July 1981 6 Splitting Hairs for Broader Education Ministry of Education and Sports awards two hundred scholarships to secondary schools in Belize,
July 1981 7 The Graduate and Tertiary Level Institutions in Belize The Level of Students entering Tertiary Level Schools, only three in the country.
July 1981 8 Essay Belize and Latin America, by Said W. Musa, Attorney General and Minister of Education and Sports.
July 1981 10 Agriculture Production Reports from the Major AGRO Industries
July 1981 13 Stalemate over our Island in the Sun Guatemalans want Ranguana and Sapodilla cayes to establish military and naval bases under Head 3 of the Heads of Agreement.
July 1981 15 Newsbeats CARICOM (Caribbean Community) Health Minister calls for Improvement of Primary Health Care; Caribbean Community supports Belize’s Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity;
July 1981 16 Newsmakers Albert Edward Cattouse laid to rest at Lord’s Ridge Cemetery; CLB Rogers attends 4th Meeting of the World Bank’s Caribbean Group for Cooperation; Miss. Belize Independence 1980, Yvette Zabaneh to represent Belize in Miss Universe Contest; 5th Annual Summer School on Library Science held at St. Catherine’s Academy; Michael Bennett Guerrero promoted to Accountant General; Robert Leslie, Eric Fairweather, Lennox August and Everal Waight promoted to Permanent Secretary;
July 1981 17 E.D.F. Economic Cooperation Programme in Belize, Profile on the European Development Fund in Belize
August 1981 2 The Planning Unit The National Income Accounts being Updated
August 1981 3 Information Pork still a Big Import – Market potential good for Belize; First British High Commissioner to Belize Named – Mr. Francis Trew; Government / Opposition moves Towards National Unity – release following joint communiqué;
August 1981 5 House Briefs Belmopan to get Convention-Type Hotel, Caribbean Development Bank backs project with $1.5 Million – Now Belmopan Convention Hotel; Belize makes bid to join World Organizations – United Nations and British Commonwealth of Nations;
August 1981 6 A Nation Finds Utterance The Sun sets at Midnight September 2oth, Pulling the Final Switch to the End of Colonial Rule – Announcement of Belize gaining Independence
August 1981 8 Prince Charles weds Lady Diana
August 1981 10 Essay Of Independence and Belize; Hon V.H. Courtenay, Minster of State, writes about the advantages of becoming and independent state.
August 1981 12 Newsmakers Four-man delegation representing Belize at 17th Regional Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; Doctor Esmond Gareth died in Jamaica; Delly Ranguy represented Belize at International Youth Camp hosed by Jamaican Red Cross; Belize’s Principal Nursing Officer, Miss Delcia Goff elected Chairman of the Regional Nursing Body
August 1981 13 A Women’s Bureau A Job to Upgrade the Status of Women – Government establishes, opens, Women’s Desk (Bureau) in Ministry of Labour, Social Services and Community Development – Headed by Mrs. Zee Edgell.
August 1981 15 Consensus on National Symbols Selecting of National Symbols
August 1981 16 Newsbeats New Housing Project Completed in Belize City; Athletes get new Gym – Opened under auspices of Belize Institute of Body Building located lower flat of Belize City Centre; Canada supports Belize’s Independence; “Build” Beautifies Belize City – Beautification project under Ministry of Education and Belize City Council under theme “ Look Smart for Independence”; Unity Brigade II – Improving Health Conditions, tour sixteen villages of Toledo District – second primary health care programme;
August 1981 17 Picture New erected 160 meter mast for FM broadcast by Radio Belize in Ladyville
September 1981 0 Inside Cover Dr. Minita Elmira Gordon, Belize’s first Governor General and her credentials;
September 1981 2 A Toast to Independence Long Live Belize!
September 1981 6 The Tour Pictorial of Tour by H.R.H Prince Michael, Premier George Price, Nicholas Ridley, Governor James Hennessey of District Capital in preparation for Independence ceremonies;
September 1981 12 Press Conference Mr. Price meets the Press: “Yes, we are ready for Independence… of course we will survive… but the fight will continue to obtain a larger measure of economic Independence…”
September 1981 14 The Press and other Media Mexico was the first to Recognize Belize;
September 1981 16 Newsmakers Mexico’s first ambassador to Belize: Pedro Gonzalez Rubio; Scott Casablanca Steel Orchestra, Trinidad and Tobago, presents set of steel band instruments (pans) to Belize, instruments to go to Belize Technical College; Minister Louis Sylvestre inaugurates new Burrell Boom Bridge; Deputy Prime Minster C.L.B. Rogers presides over Tree planting ceremony in Belmopan (Mahogany); Emil Merchand of Belize CEMCOL, Caterpillar dealers in Belize concludes agreement to train in heavy duty diesel mechanics at Belize Technical College; Sharon Auxillou, 17, first Miss Belize of the Independent Belize; Four employees from Belize Sugar Industries return after attending course at Sugar Industry Research Institute in Jamaica;
September 1981 17 Those Who Came Guest List for Independence Celebration: Delegation from Commonwealth Countries and other Countries;
September 1981 19 Press Conference Hon. V.H. Courtenay and Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Sir Shridath Ramphal: “Independence for Belize creates an important bridge between the Caribbean and Latin America”;
September 1981 20 Pictorial Independence Celebration
September 1981 22 Newsbeats Belize/ U.S. sign agreement to improve Weather Forecasting: for operation and maintenance of Upper Air Observation Station at Belize International Airport; Belize Sugar Industries and Tate and Lyle to award 3 year scholarship for agricultural studies abroad in recognition of Belize’s Independence; Mexico first to Recognize Belize in United Nations; Winners in Decorated-Homes-Contest announced; Health Minister inaugurates/ opens new Credit Union/ Post Office in Benque Viejo del Carmen; Placencia inaugurates/ opens new airstrip; Minister Florencio Marin inaugurates/ opens new school in village of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District; USAID grants 17 thousand to assist Belize Women’s Furniture and Toy Making Group;
September 1981 23 Radio Belize Programme Supplement
September 1981 0 Back Inside Cover Picture of monument of Independence built by people of/ at Ranchito Village; Foundation Stone of Independence monument in Belmopan laid by Belize’s first Prime Minister;
October 1981 2 Belize Joins the International Club Belize joins United Nations (UN); How the Nations voted – List of countries in favor of Belize Independence and those opposed (page 5);
October 1981 6 From the Podium at the United Nations General Assembly Prime Minster Price: “We remain steadfast… We stand ready to pursue the formula for peace…”
October 1981 8 Commentary The Citrus Industry: Dispute between Citrus Growers Association, Citrus Company of Belize and Belize Food Processing Company towards arbitrator’s Hunter Formula;
October 1981 9 Belize Gets High-Powered Support at Commonwealth Summit Support to Belize by Commonwealth Leaders in lieu Belize’s Independence;
October 1981 10 International Monetary Fund/ World Bank Consider Belize’s Bid for Membership Interview with Attorney General Said Musa on Belize joining both organizations (IMF)
October 1981 11 The World Bank Report 1981 on Latin America and the Caribbean
October 1981 12 Belize Holds back on bid to join Organization of American States (OAS) Belize Holds back because of standing dispute with Guatemala;
October 1981 12 Newsmakers Rt. Rev. Keith Alphonsus McMillan elected President of the Anglican Council of North America and the Caribbean; C.L.B. Rogers send message to Egyptian Government on death of President Anwar ElSadat’s death; Branch elections held for Corozal Division of Belize Can Farmers Association; 40 students/teachers attend 1 day workshop on Drama Directing at University Centre – Lecturer Raymond Gongora; Hon. Assad Shoman visit Corozal Town Hospital and Clinic as pat of inspection tour of health facilities; Hon. David Mckoy tour Women’s Bureau and Belize School of Home Economics unit – director Zelma Edgell;
October 1981 13 Newsbeats Barclays Bank gives Clinic as Independence Gift - $50,000 to Government for construction; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to Belize give $US. 1.3 million as Independence Bonus; Belize City Council approves Resolutions: establishment of B.C.C. Scholarship Fund by Indian Community and Fred Westby Park named; National Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Ltd. Acquired building housing its plant and offices situated on Angel Lane in Belize City; Governor General makes first Public Appearance – inspecting passing our parade of Belize Defence Force (see inside of front cover for pictures); Pan American day observed as public and bank holiday; Belize Scout Association receive $125,000 for expansion on leadership training; Education and Sports Minister opens REAP Workshop
October 1981 15 Toucan Matches – Made in Belize New Toucan Match Company Limited starts production of matches in Belmopan;
October 1981 0 Back Inside Cover Pictures of Columbus Day Celebrations in Corozal Town;
October 1981 0 Back Cover Picture of Government and private investment in housing on the Northern Highway 2 ½ miles outside of Belize City: 15 wooden house representing and investment of approx. $2 million by government, Concrete houses representing $5 million by private enterprises;
November 1981 2 Belizean Nationality Act 1981 Belizean or Not? “Yu is or Yu Ain’t”
November 1981 4 Foreign Affairs: The Missions Reaching Out: Establishing and finding Ambassadors for Belize to United Nations (UN) and other countries;
November 1981 5 The PSC (Public Service Commission) Establishing the PSC and members, Chairman, Daisy Hornby
November 1981 6 Madam Chairman, J.P. Miss Daisy Hornby Information on Miss Hornby
November 1981 7 The Embryo of the University of Belize Belize College of Arts, Science and Technology (BELCAST) offers more courses,
November 1981 10 Newsbeats United States of America (USA) Military team talks about training for Belize Defence Force (BDF); Minister of Natural Resources again tells Cane Farmers to Diversify-farmers to go into grain production to complement their income from sugar; 12 million pounds for Bilateral Agreement Signed: United Kingdom and Belize sign continuing economic cooperation; Belize/Costa Rica will Cooperate in Health: Bilateral agreement on cooperation in health; British Conservative Member of Parliament and minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Mr. Richard Luce was in Belize; Mexican Educators look at Secondary Education in Belize; “Sharp Increase” in Malaria in the North says Health Officials; National Football Tourney now underway; Caribbean Basin Initiative officials in Belize to discuss trade and investment issues and inducement to investment in Belize; Scotia makes contribution to Education: $35,000 gift to subsidize education of students;
November 1981 15 The World Bank
November 1981 16 A Change in the Public Attitude towards the Disabled
November 1981 18 Garifuna Celebrations Held country Wide “Independence does not mean that we will get more, it means that we will have to give more…” Phyllis Cayetano
November 1981 18 Newsmakers Francis Coppola visits Belize; Leroy Middleton Gullap receives British Empire Medal and Senior Superintendent of Police, Donald Rudolph Marshall receives Colonial Police Medal; Nigeria to establish diplomatic relations with Belize; Wilbert Williams to be Assistant Engineer at Belmopan Earth Station for Cable and Wireless;
December 1981 2 The Prime Minister’s, George Price, New Year’s Message
December 1981 3 A Message from the Deputy Prime Minister, CLB Rogers,
December 1981 4 Cover Story Asylum: An Update on the Refugee Situation in Belize (Resettlement Scheme)
December 1981 8 Oh! It Was Quite a Year Review of Year 1981
December 1981 13 National Police Training School Opens (Belmopan City) Deputy Prime Minister makes Policy Statement on the Role of Security Forces
December 1981 14 Newsmakers Earl Furgerson succeeds Remijio Montejo as Mayor of Belize City, CLB Rogers declares open a new park and playground on West street in Belize City; Hon. Florencio Marin speaks at Private Sector Organization annual general meeting; Dr. Harold Freeman, Human Development Officer for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Belize to look at Belize College of Arts, Science and Technology for development; Prime Minister Price attends Fifth Miami Conference on Caribbean Trade, Investment and Development; 30 scouts of Belize attend 11th Central American Scout Campree in Honduras;
December 1981 15 Newsbeats Minister Calls for A Review of Farm Marketing Policies; Town Board Elections: Voter’s Split Decision: UDP and PUP take 3 municipalities each; Selling Sea Shells-Seminar to introduce Belizeans to commercial potential of shell crafts industry; Organization of American States (OAS) Members Nip at Article 8-Article prohibiting Belize and Guyana from becoming member because of territorial disputes; Orange Walk gets more power: $4 million generating power station declared opened;
January 1982 2 Keeping the Nation in Touch-Reaching out to Every Nook and Cranny Belize Telecommunications Authority completes 2 1/2 year expansion programme, including installation of new exchanges, new cables and trunk circuits and a major overhaul of the entire national telephone system;
January 1982 4 Agriculture A Growing Future, Cacao Industry; Bulging the Bins, corn harvest; A Double-Barrel 'Bumper', rice paddy production; Beans Dipped, Kidney Beans production; Bananas-Slightly Bruised
January 1982 6 Shooting for 2000 Governments Programme for Primary Health Care- the Declaration of Alma Ata;
January 1982 10 Prime Minister George Price Presents Standard to Belize Defence Force (BDF)
January 1982 12 The Belizean Nationality Act- A Closer Look How to gain Belizean Nationality/ Citizenship
January 1982 13 Belize/ Mexico Sign Cultural Exchange Agreement
January 1982 14 Uphold Constitution-Deputy Prime Minister CLB Rogers tells Police Deputy P.M. addresses Police Conference; Commissioner of Police Maxwell Samuels present position paper
January 1982 15 Newsbeats United States (US) Military will train Belize Defence Force (BDF); New 'Wig in High Court Urges the "Maintenance of Integrity"-Acting Chief Justice George Moe opens Supreme Court's Criminal Session; Attorney General Said Musa attends High Level CARICOM (Caribbean Community) Meeting; Belize's First Ambassadors Named: Robert Leslie: Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Edmund Marshalleck- non-resident Ambassador to the Unites States of America (USA), Arthur Quinn, US citizen to represent Belize as Honorary Consul General to the USA stationed in Washington;
January 1982 17 Sports Council Plans Play National Sports Council Chairman-Richard "Dickie" Bradley: " If National Sports Council Chairman has his way, there will be far-reaching improvements in sports at the national level
January 1982 19 Newsmakers Honduras Bible Society visits Belize; Solicitor General Mr. Rajanathan Rajasingham appointed to act as a Justice of the Supreme Court with effect from the 14 January 1982;
February 1982 2 Cover Story Our Children: Children's Day celebrated the first Fridays in March
February 1982 4 Wild Rumors About a Dollar Shrink (Devaluation)
February 1982 6 A Think-Tank for Investment Promotion Government sets up a "High Powered Economic Task Force" to examine investment climate. Objective is to increase Economic development and to attract more investors.
February 1982 7 From Media to Mayor Information on Belize City Mayor Erle Ferguson
February 1982 8 Newsbeats New Health Centre Opens in San Narciso-Ground Broken for one in Hopkins; British Development Division visit Belize to discuss financial economic cooperation program between Belize and the United Kingdom; Deputy Prime Minister CLB Rogers Opens Belize Cadet Corp Headquarters in Belize City; Follow-Ups on Co-operation deals with Mexico: Education and Culture; Agriculture: cooperation agreement signed between Belize's Ministry of Natural Resources and Mexican Grain Coordination Council;
February 1982 10 Personality of the Month A Candidate for the "most--valuable--player" award: Footballer Fabian Alfred Charles Rivero "The Pharaoh"
February 1982 10 The Defence Board-Policy Making for the Belize Defence Force (BDF) Newly appointed Policy Making body for the Belize Defence Force
February 1982 11 Newsmakers French Ambassador His Excellency Jean Pierre Chauvet present credentials to Governor General; Sir James Smith appointed President of Court of Appeals and members are Harvey Da Costa and Albert Llewellyn Staine; George Cecil Rawle Moe appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Director of United States International communications Agency, Stephen Dacha visits Belize; Air Chief Marshall Sir Keith Williamson and Air Officer Commanding in Chief Strike command and Wing Commander T.C. Elworthy visit Belize; Early comers to Belmopan: Housing project built on top of small Mayan farm;
March 1982 2 Investment Portfolio: The Development Finance Cooperation (DFC) as a Catalyst in Development
March 1982 3 Commentary Belize Accedes to Membership of ACP Grouping. Group of 58 countries of Africa the Caribbean and the Pacific that consolidate their trading position with another group
March 1982 4 Cover Story: Bridge Over Troubled Waters Slashing Spending where Possible: The Budget Grows
March 1982 7 Personality of the Month She's a Singer, She's A Star: Yvonne Simpson
March 1982 8 Yarning for a Local and Caribbean Markets Malex Karam says that his company expects to manufacture 1,000 yards of Quiana textile per day for the local and Caribbean markets,
March 1982 10 Energy Looking for other sources of energy: a matter of Survival (Hydroelectricity). Energy Unit set up in 1980
March 1982 12 Building Society Formed
March 1982 12 Newsmakers Panama and Costa Rica establish diplomatic relations with Belize, Rafael Vargas Santos, Resident Ambassador for Panama and Federico Alvarez, non-resident Ambassador for Costa Rica; Novel Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell launched; Lt. Col. Chris Galloway new Belize Defence Force (BDF) Commandant;
March 1982 14 Newsbeats New Health Centre opens in Independence, Stann Creek District; Soft Drink gets Cheaper; Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) Holds Regional Meeting in Belize; Prime Minister George Price opens Agricultural Fair in Orange Walk; Belize Livestock Producers Association hold Annual general Meeting in Orange Walk;
April 1982 0 Inside Front Cover Picture Prime Minister Breaks ground for New British High Commission in Belmopan
April 1982 2 The 1982 Cross Country Cycle Race: Pushing Man and Machine to the Braking Point
April 1982 4 New Passport for a New Nation Belize get own Passport
April 1982 6 Personality of the Month Rudy Gallego: Making it in Small Business
April 1982 7 Cover Story: Not Adequate but Positive Mr. Reagan Belize hosts Seventh Meeting of the Standing Committee of Ministers Responsible for Foreign Affairs; Prime Minister George Price, elected chairman and delivers speech;
April 1982 10 The Honduras Peace Plan Honduras has proposed to the Organization of American States (OAS) a plan for the maintenance of peace in the Central American Region. Six points of plan are printed.
April 1982 13 Cain on Commerce "Investment in merchandising alone will not develop Belize"-Managing Director of the Monetary Authority Sir. Edney Cain speaks at annual general meeting of Belize Chamber of Commerce;
April 1982 14 Forestry Out of the Doldrums? The Forestry Industry
April 1982 17 Newsbeats Stop Press: The Falklands: Concern over the Principles at Stake; Belize Backs Britain in Falkland Island Crisis; Belize Defence Force (BDF) Goes to Sea; Prime Minister George Price addresses teachers in Punta Gorda; International Monetary Fund (IMF) team visits Belize; Belize Social Security Board Hosts San Ignacio Seminar;
April 1982 19 Newsmakers United States government officials in Belize to discuss Caribbean Basin Initiatives; Belize becomes member of inter-governmental Sporting Organization of Latin America and the Caribbean; Commission of Inquiry appointed to look into the conduct of the Corozal Community College since 1980-Chairman, Philip Zuniga, Frank Curtis, Victor Gonzalez; President of the Belize Butchers and Meat Vendors Association, Pete Lizarraga laid to rest; P U Onyige, Nigerian Ambassador to Mexico named non-resident High Commissioner to Belize; Minister of Education and Sports Hon. Said Musa Official declared opened new Adult education Centre in San Ignacio;
April 1982 0 Back Cover: Picture of completed Middlesex Bridge in North Stann Creek
May 1982 0 Inside Front Cover United States of America (USA) Embassy establishes residence in the Capital, Belmopan in Orchid Gardens; Fire Gutts City Block
May 1982 2 Social Security Now Available: Sickness and Maternity Benefits to Qualified Persons
May 1982 4 An Agreement for the Protection of Investments Prime Minister George Price signs Belize/United Kingdom agreement for the promotion and protection of Investments.
May 1982 5 Agriculture All Geared for Self-Sufficiency. National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan and picture highlights
May 1982 7 Self-Sufficiency with a Dilemma Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Florencio Marin address opening of National Agriculture and Trade Show
May 1982 8 New Bodies for Better Grain Production, Processing, Management Legislation establishes a Grain Growers Association and a Grain Commission
May 1982 8 Farmer of the Year: Anthony Chanona
May 1982 9 Finance From Monetary Authority to Central Bank
May 1982 12 Personality of the Month Maria Eloisa Trujeque: "A dedicated Commitment"
May 1982 13 Commentary Reassurance of Support: United Kingdom gives Belize reassurance of support to Belize with Guatemala Claim to Belize
May 1982 1 Solving Problems Through Peaceful Procedures "Costa Rica Agreement". Presidents of Central American and Prime Minister of Belize meet in Costa Rica
May 1982 15 Newsbeats Sugar Industry May Expand: Cane Farmers Likely to Hold Major Shares. Tate and Lyle and Belize Sugar Industries to study sugar industry in Belize for possible expansion; Ministerial Delegation Meets with Belizeans in Los Angeles and Chicago, USA; More Work on Northern Highway near Tower Hill Bridge; British Government will stand by Belize-Guatemala Claim; British Minister, Neil Marten, for Overseas Development on Visit-unveil plaque to commemorate improvement of northern highway by crown agents;
May 1982 18 Newsmakers Dr. Minita Gordon appointed Patron of Belize Scouts Association; Panama delegation from Ministry of Agriculture in Belize to lay down ground work for cooperation between Belize and Panama; Unites States of America (USA) Embassy residence officially established in capital Belmopan; Belize Amateur Athletic Association elects David Craig as president, Keith Gardner vice-president and Michael Eusey as treasurer, and installs 400-meter track at national Stadium; First Belizean ambassador to the USA, Edmund Marshalleck, presents credentials to President Reagan; Norman Lloyd Augustine promoted to post of Registrar of Cooperatives and Credit Unions; Bob Visser, first resident adviser to the European Economic Community (EEC); Officials from Pan American Development Foundation in Bze to look at possibility for a National Development Foundation; Inter-Governmental Committee for migration (ICM) from Geneva to study migration of Haitians to Belize; Belize expresses interest in forming Belize branch of Amnesty International; Governor General Names Belize Advisory Council;
June 1982 2 Electricity Improving the System: for a reliable supply of power in Belize City and towards setting-up a national grid system. "Belize Mexican agreement will lead to the development of a national grid system".
June 1982 3 Deputy Prime Minister Attends Meeting of Caribbean Group (Economic Development)
June 1982 4 From District Officers to District Accountants A New Approach in District Administration. Under the District Administration Ordinance Chapter 225.
June 1982 5 Personality of the Month Hector Thompson
June 1982 6 Works: (Ministry of Works) Having a Hand in Everything. Gives list of projects the Ministry of Works is involved in and other infrastructural development for Belize;
June 1982 9 Enterprise: Building a House of Bricks Luis Alberto Espat and Jose Mena to look into a plant for mass production of construction quality clay bricks
June 1982 11 Educating for Development "Education is booming" More students graduating from school. Government to look at vocational training for diversification of curriculum to increase students potential for gainful employment
June 1982 13 Newsbeats Governor General, Minita Gordon, at PSU 60th annual general meeting calls on the Public Service Union to serve "This Nation's People Effectively and Efficiently"; Prime Minister George Price signs agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for basic assistance; Hurricane Time; More for the Handicapped: new extension of the Stella Maris School complex on Princess Margaret Drives; $15 million for National Development: European Economic Community (EEC) and Belize sign agreement Economic Cooperation Agreement;
June 1982 15 Newsmakers Belize establishes relations with Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Karl Levteritz; Governor General approves acting appointment for some Permanent Secretary; Eleanor Louise Hall appointed Chief Training Officer in Training Unit of Establishment Department; First Australian High Commissioner to Belize-Reginald Eric Little; Reverend Noel Leslie and Lazarus Augustine ordained as Roman Catholic Priests ;
June 1982 0 Inside Front Cover Prime Minister George Price receives cheque from Fort George Committee for Mesopotamia Fire Relief Fund; Government of Belize and UNICEF sign plan of operations for services which will benefit children in Urban areas of Belize; Hon. Louis Sylvestre inspects officer at Passing Out Parade for Belize Defence Force (BDF);
July 1982 2 Commentary A New Code for Public Officers: 'General Order for the Public Service. Belize, 1982'. Statutory Instrument No. 42 of 1982; The European Economic Community (EEC) $15 million to assist in development projects in education, housing and educational television; United Nations Development Program (UNDP) agreement with Belize for provision of technical assistance for support and supplement national effort in solving problems and promote economic development;
July 1982 4 Fisheries A Tapered Catch: Lobster, Fish, Shrimp, Conch, and Fish Farming industries goods and bads; Names of Cooperatives and numbers in Membership;
July 1982 7 Personality of the Month Paul Mahung
July 1982 8 Move Taken to Get Grain Farm Going Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to support project for development
July 1982 10 Newsbeats Haitians for Moho: proposals to settle approx. 2,500 Haitians in the Moho River area in the Toledo District; Dengue under Control; Caribbean Investment Corporation (CIC) to be Revamped; Panama to Cooperate in Health Projects in Belize; More graduate from 4-H Centre; REAP Project to Grow: Belize and CARE sign 3 year agreement for expansion of Rural Education Agricultural Project (REAP);
July 1982 11 Newsmakers Minister of Labour, Social Services and Community Development Hon. David McKoy in Geneva to steer Belize admission as full member of the International Labour Organization (ILO);
August 1982 0 Inside Cover Prime Minster George Price attends inauguration of President in Columbia and Dominican Republic;
August 1982 2 Operation People Unity Brigade 3. Student nurses and teachers volunteer to live and work along with Belizean Maya and Ketchi for 3 weeks and to assist in primary health care;
August 1982 3 Agriculture Peanuts: The In-thing in Farming. (Information on the Peanut Industry)
August 1982 6 Agriculture The Return of the King Nut: Revitalization project for the Coconut Industry in Belize;
August 1982 7 Newsbeats The Intruders: Guatemalan Military officers who entered Belize-Belize Protests to the United Nations (UN); Development Finance Corporation (DFC) loans increase; Special Committee Urges Minister to take stock of the Belize Teachers' College-recommendation from committee of enquiry; Minister Natural Resources Florencio Marin back from European Tour; Silver for Belize at Central American and Caribbean Games; Memorial mass for the late General Omar Torrijos-Belize City; Britain thanks Belize for support in Falklands crisis; New Driving permits in color;
August 1982 11 An Exclusive interview with the Chief Medical Office, Dr. Antonio Casas Talk about Dengue, Malaria, Anopheles mosquito, Tuberculosis, Venereal disease,
August 1982 14 Personality of the Month Hilberto Sosa
August 1982 15 Education A Major Project in Education with a Four-Pronged Objective. Interview with the Minister of Education, Said Musa,
August 1982 19 Newsmakers Derek Courtenay appointed Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Belize; R. Rajasingham appointed Justice of the Supreme Court; Teachers volunteer at Valley of Peace in supervising adult education classes and general community activities; Back cover: Belizean Flag goes up in the Valley of Peace-opening/dedication of primary school; Mobile Health Clinic in the Toledo District
September 1982 2 There is a Slump in the Sugar Market Why on Earth Expand? Study into the expansion of the sugar industry in Belize done by the Belize Sugar Industries Ltd.
September 1982 5 The Valley of Peace An Example in Resettling Refugees. Interview with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Home Affairs CLB Rogers regarding the settlement;
September 1982 6 Newsmakers Flag raising at Big Creek compound to signal 10th Anniversary of Belize Banana Industry; Tamp Florida Port Authority team in Belize to make and effort to increase trade with Belize; Project Concerned International of San Diego, USA, in Belize to coordinate action for Toledo Health Care Program, Officer Cadet Steven Heusner and Private Clifton Waight of the Belize Defence Force left for military training in the United Kingdom; Brigadier A.J. E. Pollard new Commander of the British Forces Belize; Reverend O.P. Martin to be ordained as Bishop; CARE Belize donates medial textbooks for Belize School of Nursing and Belize City Hospital Medical Library;
September 1982 8 Belizeans Celebrate United Belize Celebrates First Anniversary
September 1982 10 Marin to Citrus Processors: Stop Hedging Minister Florencio Marin addresses 5th annual general meeting of the Belize Citrus Growers Association
September 1982 12 Personality of the Month: Margaret Usher: "A Manager's Dream" - Softball player
September 1982 14 The Economic Pinch Prime Minister Price at news conference: Help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to ease the squeeze… boosting production
September 1982 15 Newsbeats Fuel Price down; Salvadorians go to Canada-refugees not absorbed in Belize; High School Grads Learn about Business-seminar on "How to start a Business"; Private Hospital for Belize City to provide secondary and tertiary level health care, "Santiago Castillo Hospital"; Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) team to evaluate health services in Belize to determine future areas of cooperation; Corozal Community College and Stann Creek Ecumenical High School get new Management; Back Cover: Industry and Commerce at Technology Exposition in 1982;
October 1982 2 Improving the Lot of Women in Belize Cotton Tree Soap Production
October 1982 3 Commentary Clamp Down on the Sale of Aviation Fuel: Clipping Wings (tool to combat drug traffickers who use aircraft in hauling marijuana/weed)
October 1982 6 The Trade Pipeline Looking at Belize's trade of imports and exports and the use of the new port facilities
October 1982 10 Bishop of Belize His Lordship Osmond Peter martin becomes Belize's first native Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belize and Titular Bishop of Thucca in Mauritania
October 1982 12 Personality of the Month Delvin Rudolph Cayetano "A Bold Artist in the Interpretation of His Culture"
October 1982 13 Newsmakers Pianist Francis Reneau makes stop in Belize from US and Caribbean tour; Hon. Fred Hunter and PSW Goldson represented Belize at 28 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Bahamas; Dr. Joseph Palacio appointed Resident Tutor of the Extra Mural Department of the University of the West Indies; James Hyde and Eustace Usher promoted to post of permanent secretary, A.K. Schnarr to Commissioner of Lands and Survey and Norris Hall to Chief Information Officer; Jamaica Constabulary Force Band in Belize to train Belize Defence Force (BDF) and Police Force Band; Prime Minister George Price appointed to the Privy Council by Queen of England-now he is referred to as the Right Honourable; Joseph Margetich, consultant from the International Labour Organization in Belize to look at how ILO can promote development and Credit Unions and cooperatives;
October 1982 14 "The only way we will talk with the Guatemalans is if the talks are direct" Statement by Deputy Prime Minster Hon. CLB Rogers at United Nations (UN). Interview with Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Information Officer;
October 1982 15 News in Brief Belize and Italy Establish Diplomatic Ties, Italian ambassador to Belize-Gian Luigi Quentin; Prime Minister attends Foreign Ministers Meeting; Back Inside Cover: Anglican Cathedral College, Belize City, Inaugurated;
November 1982 2 From the House: The T.V. (Television) Issue: A Weak Wicket for Something Illegal. Television Broadcasting;
November 1982 4 Overhauling the Practice of Medicine in Belize Medical Doctors in Belize will now face stiffer requirements before they will be allowed to go into private practice
November 1982 5 Streamlining the Land Tax System Land Tax Act, 1982- to stimulate development of land
November 1982 7 A Project to Help the Urban Poor Modern Housing in the St. Martin de Porres Area-part of Government's efforts to help the urban poor, Belize City. Objective of project is to improve the living standards of the people living in this area.
November 1982 8 Newsbeats World Bank Team looks at Belize's Economy; UNESCO Officials Advises on the T.V. (Television) and Radio; French Officials Discuss Agriculture Cooperation; Deputy Prime Minister CLB Rogers represents Belize at 37th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations; Development Seminar for Public Service; Hospital Auxiliaries Help; Tourism Gets Promo Boost-publicity campaign in North America; Trinidad Backs Bananas in Belize-$1 million loan from Trinidad and Tobago for banana industry in Belize;
November 1982 10 Personality of the Month Evarista Sho: "Making full use of her people's native skills (Maya)"
November 1982 11 Newsmakers Hon. Louis Sylvestre attends Standing Committee of CARICOM Transportation Ministers; UNICEF Central American Director, Agop Kayayan, visits Belize; Technical Cooperation's Executive of Scouts Association for Central America, Michael Hudson, visits Belize; Hon. CLB Rogers discusses with European Investment Bank, Justine Loesby and European Economic Community in Belize, Bob Visser, financial matters; Prime Minister George Price attends CARICOM Heads of Government Conference in Jamaica; British High Commission in Belize contributes medical equipment to Belmopan Hospital; Front Inside Cover: Representatives from 11 countries of Central America and Caribbean in Belize for international seminar under theme "How the Independent Belize Relates to Latin America and the Caribbean";
December 1982 2 Prime Minister's Christmas Message: George Price
December 1982 3 1982 In Review
December 1982 7 Christmas Message from the Deputy Prime Minister: CLB Rogers
December 1982 8 In Search of Oil Establishment of Petroleum Office. Dr. F. Prasada Rao, Petroleum Geologist in charge of Petroleum Office in the Ministry of Natural Resources. Cities Services-Occidental, oil company sign oil prospecting agreement covering some 1 million acres in south-western Belize;
December 1982 10 Where CARICOM Stands The Ochos Rios Declaration
December 1982 12 Rolling in Dough Flour Tortilla Factory on Mahogany Street, Belize City, owned by Manuel Cuellar
December 1982 13 Newsbeats Belize Defence Force (BDF) Soldiers "Tops" in Training Course; Hon. George Price Meets with Conservation Group-International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources; Hon. Louise Sylvestre speaks on Electricity, Water; Scuba Lobster Banned; Belizean Directs Tuberculosis Control Programme; Evangelical Church in the US Donates Van for 4-H
December 1982 14 Tourism How Deep Do We Go?: A quarter million dollar campaign in full swing in North America and a 10 year development plan signal new awareness of beneficial impact from tourism industry
December 1982 15 William Alexander Arnold William Alexander Arnold, Business man of 66 years, builds Belize International Airport Apartment and Hotels-larges in the Belize
December 1982 0 Inside Back Cover Pictures Escuela Mexico: A Gift from Education and Development: Mexican Government hands over to Belize a new Technical Agricultural High School, fully equipped.
January 1983 2 Police Pow-Wow Permanent Secretary Michael Hulse addresses 9th Annual Police Officers' Conference held in Police Training School in Belmopan
January 1983 3 Belize Defence Force (BDF) Day Observed with Ceremonies at MCC Grounds
January 1983 4 The Economy A Bleaky Forecast but with Signs for Improvement on the Horizon. Sub-Articles on Exports Down, Redeeming Factors, Business Stagnation, the Trade Gap, The Mexican Peso, Future can be bright, Bright Side, the independence of the Central Bank,
January 1983 8 Personality of the Month Sadie Vernon: An Advocate for the Voiceless and the Powerless
January 1983 9 Newsmakers First US Ambassador designate to Belize-Malcolm Barnebey; Aspiro Urbina fined for "dealing in unaccustomed goods"; George Brown promoted to Solicitor General; Hon. CLB Rogers meet with newly appointed Defence and Army Attaché of the US Embassy in Belize; Municipal Elections Result; Arthur Osei, Fiscal Adviser from the International Monetary Fund attached to Belize; Consultants in Belize to look at livestock industry as part of overall assessment of industry in CARICOM;
January 1983 10 Religion: The Anglican Synod: A Paradox of Our Time - "If You Seek Peace Prepare for War"
January 1983 12 Newsbeats Again Guatemala Demands Land. Again Belize Says No! Statement; Pope Will Visit Belize; Belize Gets Portion of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) Money-Prime Minister Price Signs Agreement; No Increase in Violence Says Chief Justice George Moe; Corozal Town, Trinidad Village Get new schools; Interest Rates Down; Musa Condemns West Indian Cricket Team tour of South Africa; Women's Bureau will get Guidance-National Women's Commission established;
January 1983 12 Commentary What Appeared to be A Conciliatory Tone. (Commentary on statement made by Guatemalan President Efrain Rios Montt)
February 1983 2 Our Environment
February 1983 6 From the House Stiffer Penalties for Illegal Fishing
February 1983 7 The Budget A Weight-Watcher's Guide
February 1983 11 Personality of the Month Denzil Fitzgerald Jenkins: "I like to work, I like a challenge"
February 1983 12 An Umbrella for the Women's Bureau National Women's Commission to help current efforts to improve the situation of the Belizean Woman - Jane Usher, Chairperson of Commission
February 1983 13 Newsbeats Belize Prepares for Pope John Paul II Visit; Caribbean Development Corporation (CDC) $12.7 million for Sugar and Citrus Industry; New Schools for Biscayne and Big Falls Village; Mayor and Deputies Confere; San Pedro Gets new Clinic opened by Lions Club; Belize Looks for Closer links with Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID); Central Bank Studies Balance of Payments; Swine fever hits Corozal; New Sports Court for Princess Royal; British Engineers Check out Roads and Bridges in Belize; Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA) Officials review Water and Sewerage Project in Belize City; West India Committee Visits;
February 1983 16 From a Spark to an Eternal Flame Pictures of open air mass held at Mercy Convent celebrating the First Centenary of the work of the Sisters of Mercy in Belize
February 1983 18 Newsmakers Edgar Puga promoted to Chief Engineer, Edwin Belisle promoted to Social Development Officer; Hon. George Price speaks at National Management Executive Staff Conference of Ministry of Works; Community pre-school opened in Branch Mount Village in Toledo District; Cpl Gilbert Suazo succeeds on course at School of Infantry in Warminster; Top British Army officials visit Commandant of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) Lt. Col. Christopher Galloway; 3 coaches of Belize Armature Athletic Association attend track and field clinic in Florida USA; Sherlene McKoy to represent Belize at Miss Universe and Josephine Pollard in Miss Central America and Caribbean World; Belize establishes ambassadorial relations with the Netherlands, Netherlands' non-resident ambassador to Belize-Baron Speyart Van Woerden; Antigua and Barbuda establish diplomatic relations with Belize, Oscar Ethelbert Henry-Antigua and Barbuda's High Commissioner to Belize; Back Inside Cover: A Freak Storm Hits Sarteneja 'Hail Stone and Lighting';
March 1983 0 Inside Cover Britain's Prince Andrew visits Belize during H.M.S. Invincible military exercise in Caribbean; Hon. Said Musa opens 198 football season;
March 1983 2 Pilgrim's Progress: An Apostolic Journey ends with Prayers for Peace Visit of Pope John Paul II to Belize
March 1983 5 Sails in the Wind Sail Sports
March 1983 6 Newsmakers Deputy Auditor General of Canada discusses with Ministry of Finance for possible training course for auditors; Secretary of Cabinet Rudolph Castillo named Belize's first High Commissioner to the United Kingdom; Board of Directors for Belize Electricity Board appointed-John Searle-Chairman and members: Karl Menzies, John Avilez, Michael Bell, Esther Price, Edmund Marshalleck, Alvan Fuller; Hon. Samuel Waight in United Kingdom attending 32nd Westminster Parliamentary Practice and Procedure Seminar; New officers elected to managing committee of Belize Livestock Producer Association;
March 1983 7 Newsbeats Belize Canada Agreement signed for completion of Water and Sewage Project in in Belize City; Prime Minister George Price to meet US President Reagan; Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) approves $2 million loan for Development Finance Corporation (DFC); Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) to work in Belize under agreement with Belize;
March 1983 8 Guatemala Bluffs A 'Look-Good' Image Rogers Tells Non-Aligned Summit; Interview with CLB Rogers after return from Seventh Non-Aligned Summit.; The New Delhi Message
March 1983 10 Personality of the Month Delsyia Goff: "On the frontline for the dignity of nursing profession"
April 1983 2 National Development Foundation (NDFB) A Shot in the Arm for Small Business
April 1983 3 Update on Tertiary Education Legal Accreditation for BELCAST and More
April 1983 4 Newsmakers Belize establishes diplomatic relations with India-Shri David Manners India's non-resident High Commissioner to Belize; Belize supports Columbia membership to join Non-Aligned Movement; Campton Pooran, Regional Vocational Training Advisor for International Labour Organization (ILO) in Belize; President of Methodist Church of the Caribbean and Americas, Rev. Edwin Taylor in Belize; Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) elects Carlos Castillo-president, Miguel Wong-Secretary, Eloisa Trujeque-Treasurere;
April 1983 6 Cycling Dark Horse Shatters Record Shaving Off 35 Minutes. Lindy Gillett wins 53 annual Cross-Country Cycle Race;
April 1983 8 A Credit Union's Success Story Holy Redeemer Credit Union annual general meeting.
April 1983 10 Newsbeats Offensive Launched Against Malaria; Deputy Prime Minister CLB Rogers visits the United Kingdom; Prime Minister George Price signs Second Part of Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) Agreement-for loans for agriculture and related industrial and export purposes; Sugar Outlook Bleak; Freak Storm Hits Cayo; Prime Minister establishes National Building Society
April 1983 13 Personality of the Month Norris Wade: "Beating the Odds"
April 1983 0 Back Inside Cover Pictures: Prime Minster George Price receives patrol boats for Belize Police Force; Single engine Cessna plan crash at San Pedro, Ambergris Caye; Venezuelan Consul present softball gear to Belmopan softball team; Martial arts show opens in Belize City;
May 1983 0 Inside Cover Photos Belize hosts and wins triangular softball tournament that included Bahamas and Mexico
May 1983 2 Prime Minister Leads Delegation for Talks with US President Reagan and Tour of Six Major Cities
May 1983 4 On Democracy and Marijuana Statements and response by President Reagan and Prime Minister price respectively
May 1983 6 World Bank Vice President for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs Nicolas Ardito Barletta at signing of an Agreement for a road maintenance and rehabilitation project in Belize
May 1983 8 National Agriculture and Trade Show: A Point for Discussion
May 1983 10 Stepping up the Anti-Malaria War
May 1983 12 Personality of the Month Rodwell Williams: "Getting ahead on will and determination"
May 1983 13 Newsmakers Malcolm Barnebey nominated first US Ambassador to Belize; Belizean delegation returns to Belize after London conference addressing Challenges to Cane Sugar in 1980's; Darwin Gabourel presents 2 automatic respirators to Ministry of Health; Vice Consular and Third Secretary of the US Embassy in Belize was ordained an Anglican priest, Rev. Paul Anderson; Rev. Gerald Nonnenkamp succeeds Rev. John Stochi as Superior of the Jesuits in Belize; Wornell Reneau wins first Northern Expedition Cycle Race from Belize City to Corozal and back; Belize hold Queen's birthday parade;
May 1983 14 Newsbeats New Health Centre for Hopkins opens; French Embassy donates X-Ray Unit; Electricity Board Explains Outages; Corozal Community College (CCC) gets new sports court; Belize School of Nursing graduates 41;
June 1983 2 A Master Plan in the Works to Improve Export Facilities Starting with the Improvement of the existing roads, streets and bridges. This is after Belize received millions of dollars for road improvement from World Bank. Interview with Ministry of Works.
June 1983 5 Investment Bread out of Stone. Rockville Quarry.
June 1983 7 Personality of the Month Mabel Frazier: "How not to talk about women's lib' and influence people"
June 1983 8 Newsbeats Belize protests border Violation by Guatemalan-Guatemalan killed in Adrenal Village; Belize Signs Cartagena Declaration in Columbia; Prime Minister George Price meets US Special Envoy to Central America; Venezuela to Assist Belize in Malaria Control;
June 1983 9 Newsmakers Orange Walk court finds 5 men guilty of marijuana possession; Miss Belize, Sherlene McKoy represents Belize in Miss Universe Contest; Valdemar Castillo speaks at opening of New Scout Headquarters in Corozal Town; Prime Minister speaks at BELCAST graduation ceremony; Mrs. Ida Jones elected President, Mrs. Verna Anderson elected first Vice-President and Minerva Jones elected second vice-president of the Belize City Hospital Auxiliary; Belizean health Nurse Sylvia Brown, receives award for outstanding public service work in Queens area of New York;
June 1983 10 Better Health Starting from Scratch-Boosting Primary Health Care
July 1983 2 The New Water and Sewerage System and the Streets of Belize City
July 1983 3 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Stepping up its Cooperation Programme with Belize First step is to arrange direct communication with PAHO Headquarters
July 1983 4 From the House Issues discussed at House of Representatives meeting
July 1983 6 CARICOM an Instrument of Good Prime Minister tells Heads of Government Conference
July 1983 7 Deputy Prime Minister, CLB Rogers, Speaks to the House on Belizean Passports Belizean Passports to be issued and to replace British Honduras Passport
July 1983 8 Electrifying Belize Problems from the Belize Electricity Board and supply to Belize City and surrounding areas
July 1983 10 Water Power A Viable Energy Alternative for Belize. Hydro Dam Constructed by Dyck brothers at Blue Creek.
July 1983 12 Personality of the Month Ester Price: "Half-heartedness is never satisfactory"
July 1983 13 Newsbeats British House of Commons Contributes Speaker's Chair to Belize's House of Representatives; Visually Impaired Attend Rehabilitation Workshop; Belize Represented at Health for all Conference;
July 1983 14 Newsmakers Hon. Fred Hunter and delegation from Belize in Martinique investigating possible exporting of beef carcasses; Hon. Florencio Marin attends 9th Ministerial Meeting of World Food Council; Juan Rancharan awarded Belize Sugar Industries Limited and Tate and Lyle PLCE scholarship; Thomas Wright wins middle weight division for men at Mr. International Olympic Contest; Elizabeth Twinch, British Red Cross Society, holds discussion with Belize counterpart; University of Edinburgh in Belize to assist in preliminary preparations for agriculture census; John Longsworth and David Gibson promoted to Permanent Secretary and Rene Villanueva to Chief Broadcasting Officer;
August 1983 2 Self-Sufficiency through Appropriate Technology Formation of Appropriate Technology Council in effort to use local materials. (Biogas Generator, Charcoal Kiln and Charcoal Stove)
August 1983 3 From the House Issues debated at House of Representatives
August 1983 4 New Law for Social Service Groups Social Service Originations to be licensed before operating;
August 1983 5 Belize Endorses Cancun Declaration Declaration of Cancun
August 1983 7 Belize Defence Force BDF Gets Wings BDF receives Defenders from British High Commission. To be added to BDF Airwing, Defenders named: Toucan and Tapir
August 1983 9 Personality of the Month Rudolph Ellis, "Paz"
August 1983 9 Newsbeats Unity Brigade Volunteers help out in Cayo and Toledo; Citrus Growers now Exporting Fresh Grapefruit; Simon Bolivar Honoured; School gets new History Book: History of Belize, Nation in the Making"; Tourist Board Draws up Development Plan;
August 1983 10 Newsmakers consultants in Belize to help prepare "Investors Guide and Opportunities in Belize"; Teodocio Ochoa dies; H.E. Cain nominated to be Resident Ambassador of Belize to the United States of America, R.C. Swift nominated to be Governor of the Central Bank of Belize;
September 1983 2 Looking out for the Queen Conch
September 1983 0 The Economy: Signs of an Upturn Central Bank: Belize's financial system strengthened…
September 1983 4 High Technology in Telephones New model telephones introduced by the Belize Telecommunications Authority
September 1983 5 Belize Celebrates Second Anniversary
September 1983 6 Prime Minister George Price Independence Day Address
September 1983 8 Personality of the Month Augustine Flores: "Results only come from hard word"
September 1983 9 Newsmakers Belize and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) sign $1.3 million Livestock Improvement Project; David Reece, Canadian High Commissioner, gives $30,000 for high school construction in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, and $60,000 for portable water project in rural areas of Cayo District; Lisa Ramirez wins Miss Belize Beauty Pageant; Prime Minister George Price opens San Narciso Agricultural Fair; Hospital Auxiliary donates equipment to Belize City Hospital; Training Unit launches new courses for Public Officers; Football Awards Day, 1983-1984 competition; New Grain Cess Approved; Holy Year Activities begin in Belize; Listowell Annual Summer Programme Launched;
October 1983 3 Personality of the Month Louis Humphreys: "A man of many parts"
October 1983 4 Viewpoint Can the New Delhi Summit Provide the much needed healing touch to Global Ills?
October 1983 5 Cover Story: Another Kind of War Marijuana Plantations and anti-drug operations all over vast jungle of Belize
October 1983 9 The Case of the Dying Urchins
October 1983 10 Reporting from the House of Representatives
October 1983 11 Newsbeats Belize Government Objects to Intervention in Grenada; British Troops will stay in Belize-request to withdraw denied; Health Team will encourage community participation to promote better health; New Veterinary Investigation Diagnostic Laboratory and Clinic inaugurated in Belize City by Prime Minister; George Price meets US State department officials; Pan American Day Observed;
October 1983 13 At the United Nations Deputy Prime Minister CLB Rogers knocks Guatemala's Hard line Position, Says Guatemala has never had any rights to Belize. Charges "Intransigence"
October 1983 14 Improving the Highways Rehabilitation and improvement projects covering some 90 miles of road in all districts now underway;
October 1983 15 People in the News Panama appoints first female ambassador to Belize- Dr. Ana Mora de Wakeland; Hon. Said Musa represents Belize at meeting of Commonwealth Finance Ministers in Trinidad and Tobago and International Monetary Fund and World Bank; Belize and US Ambassador to Belize, Malcolm Barneby sign $15 million improvement of rural roads and bridges; David McKoy and Charles Wagner represent Belize at 29th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Kenya; 15 new Justice of Peace appointed; Back Cover Picture: Benque Viejo del Carmen new school;
November 1983 3 Personality of the Month Antonio Castillo: "Bitter of the Colonial System"
November 1983 4 Viewpoint Will Belize Make it to World Cup 1986
November 1983 5 Fish and Chips
November 1983 6 $2 Million for Home Improvement The Acting General manage of the Development Finance Cooperation tell about the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Housing Loan Scheme and Other Projects. (Interview)
November 1983 8 Cover Story: Anglican Church Studies Refugee Problem Anglican Council of North America and the Caribbean (ACNAC).
November 1983 13 A Refugee's Story "When you are fleeing for your life the survival instinct takes over". 'Porfilio Rivera' - Salvadorea
November 1983 14 Newsbeats Families get keys for new Homes in Benque Viejo del Carmen Town-Armando Chulin, Arcelia Cocom, Jose Llines, Gustavo Mendez and Moises Martinez; G.I.S. gets new wild life film; Hershey shows-off Cocoa Fields; Marin tells Police to try a little persuasion; National Holiday Marks arrival of first Garinagu
November 1983 16 People in the News Former Senator of People's United Party, Miss Venacia Petillo also known as "Miss Ben" of Punta Gorda Town has died at the age of 75; Prime Minister George Price visited Panama to attend that country's Independence day celebration, Prime Minister also met with the prominent Panamanians including Panama newly appointed ambassador to Belize Dr. Ana Mora De Wakeland; Ignacio Javier Amoa, a sixteen year old high school student of Belize City has been awarded a silver medal in the 2nd Biennial Kanagawa World Children's Art Exhibition held in Japan; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Home Affairs Mr. C.L.B. Rogers has nominated five Belizeans residing in the United States as Justice of the Peace they are, Sylvia Flores, Geoffrey Stephen, Frederick Robinson, Eddie Castro and Eugene Marlowe.
December 1983 16 Personality of the Month Former Senator of People's United Party, Miss Venacia Petillo also known as "Miss Ben" of Punta Gorda Town has died at the age of 75; Prime Minister George Price visited Panama to attend that country's Independence day celebration, Prime Minister also met with the prominent Panamanians including Panama newly appointed ambassador to Belize Dr. Ana Mora De Wakeland; Ignacio Javier Amoa, a sixteen year old high school student of Belize City has been awarded a silver medal in the 2nd Biennial Kanagawa World Children's Art Exhibition held in Japan; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Home Affairs Mr. C.L.B. Rogers has nominated five Belizeans residing in the United States as Justice of the Peace they are, Sylvia Flores, Geoffrey Stephen, Frederick Robinson, Eddie Castro and Eugene Marlowe.
December 1983 3 Personality of the Month Narciso "Chicho" Urbina "I enjoy helping others"
December 1983 4 Viewpoint Coming to Grips with our Culture
December 1983 5 'Gatting' Standards
December 1983 6 The new Delhi Summit Ironing out the wrinkles--or some
December 1983 7 Cover Story Citrus Company of Belize (CCB) grabbed for $5 Million
December 1983 9 The Veterinary Services for Creatures great and small
December 1983 10 Flashback on '83 The Year in Review The Economy; Pope John Paul 2 in Belize; Ministerial Tour of the U.S; Our second year of Independence; The Marijuana Problem; A 13 member national women's commission; Legal Provision for the establishment of Belcast; The National Development Foundation of Belize; Belize Aggregates Limited; Belize's first Hydro Electric Plant; A new Anti-Malaria Offensive; The Belize National Building Society, The Former secretary to Cabinet Mr. Rudolph Castillo; Belizean Cyclists; Belize Football
December 1983 14 Newsbeats New Faces in City Hall; Prime Minister Meets U.S. Investors; New Police Station in San Antonio; Abattoir Taken over by U.S. Businessmen; Queen opens summit; the Commonwealth Summit; New High School for Orange Walk; Ministry of Labour prepares to up-date Labour Laws
December 1983 18 People In The News Prime Minister George Price and Charge D' Affairs of Colombia Mr. Edgar Hernandez Rojas have signed a Cultural exchange agreement between Belize and Colombia; Mr. Roderick Rainford the new Caricom Secretary General recently visited Belize; The Minister of Health, Housing and Cooperatives Mr. Assad Shoman was guest speaker at the annual general meeting of Cayo Branch of the Belize Grain Growers Association; Dr. Nesha Haniff consultant of the Pan American Health Organization PAHO has visited Belize for a week. The Minister of Education, sports and Culture Mr. Said Musa has inaugurated a Multi-purpose recreational complex at Belize Technical College; Mr. Edney C. Cain, Belize's first resident ambassador to the united States has presented his credentials to President Ronald Reagan at the White House.
December 1983 19 Pictorial Prime Minister George Price in Panama unveiling a plague in memory of the late General Omar Torrijos; Minister of works Fred Hunter and Mr. Kevin Wright signing an agreement for the construction of four bridges on Southern Highway; Prime Minister George Price and U.S. Ambassador Barneby signing an agreement for the construction of rural roads and bridges.
January 1984 3 The Brouhaha over a Cabinet Shake-up Prime Minister re-shuffling the Cabinet
January 1984 4 Why Did Mr. Rogers Resign The Chief Information Officer Norris Hall interviewed Mr. Rogers
January 1984 6 The Prime Minister's New Year Message
January 1984 7 Discurso Del Primer Ministro Ano Nuevo
January 1984 7 Viewpoint Do we or don't we have a farm Policy?
January 1984 9 Personality of the Month Patrick "Pat" Scott "Dedication Exemplified"
January 1984 10 Cover Story The Trade Gap Narrows as Export earnings Bounce up!
January 1984 12 Commentary Belize Gets Consideration for Economic Assistance in Kissinger Commission Report on Central America
January 1984 13 Newsbeats Prime Lending Rate Down; Prime Minister Opens Fiesta; Unicef Makes more Input
January 1984 14 Belize Defence Force observes its sixth Anniversary "Pacifism is not realistic when there is an aggressive National Enemy." Methodist Parson tell Soldiers.
February 1984 2 Editorial Comment
February 1984 3 Viewpoint Freedom of the Press
February 1984 4 Big Road Improvement Programme this Year
February 1984 5 Personality of the Month Charles Hyde "A public figure not a public man"
February 1984 7 Cover Story Beefing up the Cattle Industry
February 1984 9 More Help for Children
February 1984 11 Technical and Vocational Education
February 1984 13 Newsbeats Cabinet Peruse Kissinger Commission report on Central America; Attorney General V.H. Courtenay Raps the Media; Village Council Elections no later than March;
February 1984 14 Newsbeats New Local Government Minister meets with Permanent Secretaries; Caricom Ministers Thwart Brazil's Blandishments
February 1984 15 People in the News Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Kent Haylock has been appointed Police Public Relations Officer by Police Commissioner Mr. Maxwell Samuels; Minister of Health, Housing and Cooperatives; Mr. Assad Shoman was in New York City where he participated in a forum on health organized by the Harlem Caribbean Trade Conference; Mr. Gadsby Ramos, a senator and former Senate Vice-president has been elected the new president of the senate. Mr Alvan Fuller is the senate new vice-president; Two delegates of the International Red Cross, Armin Kobel and Mr. Ricardo Bermudez were in Belize for five days visit; Mr. Amir Usman has been accredited as Pakistan's non-resident ambassador to Belize; John Milton and Joyce Cal of Belmopan Junior School, are semi-finalists in the 1983 competition "Youth in the Electronic Age; The Minister of Education and Economic Development Said Musa was in Washington for a consultative meeting of the World's Bank Caribbean Group for Economic Cooperation
February 1984 16 Newsbeats An Anthology of Poems-Belizean Poets-Part 3 Released; Post Article Denied
March 1984 2 Editorial Comment About Human Rights, The Visit of the Anglican Primate, The Budget and on Television
March 1984 3 Personality of the Month Dr. Bernice Hulse
March 1984 4 Viewpoint Human Rights: Living without our Boundaries with Freedom from FEAR and WANT; Interview: The Minister of Works talks about repairs on the Belize City Streets
March 1984 7 Main Feature Archbishop of Canterbury Meets Caribbean Christianity on the Spot
March 1984 10 Cover Story Bread and Butter Reality stretching the Dollar
March 1984 13 People in the News Prime Minister George Price visited the Republic of Honduras at the request of the president of that neighbouring country Dr. Roberto Suazo Cardova; Mr. Raymond Fuller has been appointed Director of the Office of Economic Development for the United Nations Development Programme; Dr. Eleanor Hewrmann, Associate Professor of the Yale University School of Nursing has completed a book on the History of the Nursing profession in Belize; Five new promotions in the public service has been approved by Dr. Minita Gordon. Raimundo Cellar was promoted to the post of Labour Commissioner, Michael Guerrero has been promoted to Auditor General, Orton Clark has been promoted to Permanent Secretary, Harrison Perriot has been promoted to Accountant General and Liborio Gonzalez has been promoted to Chief Agricultural Officer; The Minister of Home and Foreign Affairs Mr. V.H. Courtenay has received the credentials of the new regional representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees Mr. Oldrich Haselman; The British High Commissioner Mr. Francis Trew has presented farm and carpentry equipment worth $8,000 to the Valley of Peace Settlers; Minister of Works Chief Engineer Mr. Edgar Puga, Executive Engineer Mr. Orlando Magana and Inspector of works in the roads division Mr. Gansford Ottley left Belize for New Zealand to undergo a one month intensive training programme in asphaltic treatment; Attorney General and Minister of Home and Foreign Affairs Mr. V.H. Courtenay was inspecting officers at the passing out parade of Police Recruit Squad No.45 held at the Police Training School in Belmopan.
March 1984 15 Newsbeats People's United Party wins bye Elections; Belize is Free says Human Rights Group; Caribbean Group Considers Assistance to Belize; Prime Minister gives nod to Cultural Agreement with Mexico
April 1984 2 Editorial Comment Paradise Ain't Cheap Foreigners must now meet strict demands of Immigration Laws
April 1984 3 Personality of the Month Albert Staine "This is my place… I have and inescapable duty to serve."
April 1984 4 Government turns to high-tech for its Accounting
April 1984 5 Viewpoint Canada- A friend for all Seasons
April 1984 7 Cover Story Where oh Where? Government tightens up on illegal Aliens but Grants 90-day Amnesty
April 1984 10 Newsbeats Belize Commends Honduras For Military Shake-up; Compol Defends Police action against outlaws; Belize/Jamaica Agree on trade moves; Going for the big fish; villagers urged to clean up villages; Youths Graduate with new Skills; Supporting Hands for small Business; Broadcasting Authority get cracking.
April 1984 14 People in the News Belize's Ambassador to the United States of America Mr. H.E.C Cain presented his letters of introduction as the first Belizean non-resident High Commissioner to Canada to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau; Belize and Pakistan have established diplomatic relations at the Ambassadorial level; Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Mr. George Price was the inspecting officer at a military parade at Price Barracks to mark the change of command of the Belize Defence Force; Mr. Luis Edwardo Alercon Assistant Director of the Colombian Government Trade Bureau, visited Belize to look into possible ways of increasing trade between Belize and Colombia; Attorney General and Minister of Home and Foreign Affairs Mr. V. H. Courtaney was guest of honour at a banquet hosted by the Lodge delegates of the Grand Order of the Odd Fellows Fraternal Society on the occasion of their advancement to the highest level of the society with the installation and establishment of a branch of the Patriarchal Regiment in Belize; Senior Officer of the USS John Hancock paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister George Price. They presented him with a plaque of the ship's emblem; Deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Mr. Valdemar Castillo and Senator Elodio Aragon visited the United States at the invitation of the U.S Government Information Agency.
May 1984 2 Editorial Comment Have the Police Been Swinging their batons too wildly? We would like to know; Minister Shoman Reacts to Potshots
May 1984 3 Viewpoint Blackout!
May 1984 4 The Journey of Faith Continues
May 1984 6 Personality of the Month The Nurse Practitioner: A new breed of para professionals trained to work independently.
May 1984 7 Weeds in the Garden Agriculture Minister Takes Stock
May 1984 10 Cover Story Specs on the Police
May 1984 11 Health Minister Squares off with Medical and Dental Association
May 1984 13 Newsbeats Revised Laws Published; Community College Opens in Toledo; Honouring our Teachers; Piache's Invest in Peanut Future; US-Aid Boosts Livestock Programme.
May 1984 15 People in the News Prime Minister George Price and the British High Commissioner to Belize Mr. Francis Trew have signed an agreement as part of the continuing economic cooperation programme between Belize and the United Kingdom; Archbishop Paul Tabet has been accredited as the first Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Belize; Governor General Dame Minita Gordon is to be awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Victoria in British Colombia; Mr. Edward Percival York has died in Belize City at the age of 63; Mr. Salvador Mesh won the prestigious Farmer of the year award; Minister of Natural Resources Florencio Marin met with members of the Toledo Grain Association and held discussions on the problem facing them as well as plans for the upcoming grain harvest; Mr. Ronald Clarke has been promoted to the post of Permanent Secretary.
June 1984 2 Editorial Comment The Economic Issue is not an isolated one. It is part of a global economic crisis. THAT'S A FACT
June 1984 3 Viewpoint An Assessment of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) not Enough!
June 1984 5 Education: A programme for the teaching of Languages
June 1984 6 Health Before Leaving his job as Chief Medical Officer to take up a new appointment as the representative for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Belize, Dr. Antonio Casas granted an exclusive interview with Information Officer Manolo Romero. We publish excerpts of that interview:
June 1984 7 Cover Story The Economy: Keeping our heads above the water with a formula for more buoyancy
June 1984 11 Newsbeats Sugar Industry now controlled by Belizeans; No Devaluation; Defence Official Denies Reports of Military Base for Belize; Agriculture Extension Services get more mobility; agreement signed with USAID for feeder roads; Belize Defence Force (BDF) to get military equipment from United States Government; Relevant Education for Agriculture and Production (REAP) goes Urban
June 1984 14 Personality of the Month Dr. Salvador Awe "No man is so poor as to have nothing worth giving"
June 1984 15 People in the News Japan's first non-resident ambassador to Belize Mr. Kiyoak Kikuchi has presented his credentials to Governor General Dame Minita Gordon; Justice Albert Staine has been bestowed the honour of Knight Bachelor by Queen Elizabeth II; The commandant of the Belize Defence force Lt. Col. Julian Starmer-Smith showed three trophies won by the BDF in recent football tournaments to Prime Minister and Minister of Defence; Representing Belize at a meeting held this month of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Sugar Conference was a delegation headed by High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Mr. Rudolph Castillo and comprised of officials of Tate and Lyle; Local Government Minister Louis Sylvestre represented Belize at the inauguration of president Jose Napoleon Duarte of El Salvador; Mr. Aniceto Matute of Camalote village has become the first farmer to participate in the USAID home improvement loan; A PAHO consultant in child and maternal health Miss Maria Barker has presented the Minister of Health, Housing and Cooperative Mr. Assad Shoman with an update and modernized midwifery curriculum for the Belize School of Nursing; The Social Security scheme now has its first pensioner. He is sixty year old watchman of Teakettle Village, Mr. Timoteo Vanegas
July 1984 2 Editorial Comment Flood This Month A need to monitor land clearing to protect water sheds
July 1984 3 Viewpoint The Caricom Summit Patching up differences
July 1984 5 Personality of the Month Dr. Joseph Palacio "Living The Belizean Experience"
July 1984 6 Education: A push to make the grade
July 1984 8 Cover Story An up-date on Road Works- Heavy Investment in main roads and farm roads
July 1984 10 Industry: The Humble Peanut Rises in the West
July 1984 12 Newsbeats Talks with Guatemala "Direct" for the first time; Belize and Panama sign Cultural Agreement; Economy Improving at half time; Belize's Pavillion Opens; Floods and Rains Drench Belize
July 1984 15 People in the News Mr. Ovidio De Andrade Melo has been accredited as Brazil's first non resident ambassador to Belize; Italy has appointed Mr. Rosario Guido Nicosia as its new non resident ambassador to Belize; Barrister at law, Mr. Denys Barrow has been appointed as president of the National Youth Development Commission; The Deputy Minister of Health, Housing and Cooperatives Mrs. Jane Usher and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Errol Vanzie represented Belize at the Caricom Health Ministers Conference held in Dominica; West Germany's Ambassador to Belize Mr. Richard Wagner recently concluded a one week official visit to Belize; U.S President Mr. Ronald Reagan's Ambassador -at-large and Special Envoy for Central America, Ambassador Harry Shlaudeman was in Belize this month on a brief visit to confer with Prime Minister George Price and Foreign Minister Mr. Vernon Courtenay
August 1984 0 Editorial Comment Looking at the Investment Climate in Belize. The Olympics: Oh Dear! Oh Dear! We need discipline
August 1984 3 Viewpoint Development through joint programmes involving Government and Business
August 1984 4 Personality of the Month Jorge Meliton Auil "From a farmer's son to a Banker"
August 1984 5 Cover Story Investing in Belize
August 1984 7 The Office of Economic Development and the Investment Division
August 1984 8 Concessions Recommended by Task Force
August 1984 10 A One-Stop Shop for Investors
August 1984 13 Newsbeats Amnesty Period ends; Unity Brigade V Underway; 150 year of Emancipation observed; Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) helps draft new Economic Plan, Electoral Committee submits Report.
August 1984 15 People in the news A soldier of the Belize Defence force, Officer Cadet Lloyd Gillett has scored top marks at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, England; Minister of Works Mr. Fred Hunter was the inspecting Officer at the passing out parade of Police Recruit squad 46 held at the police training School in Belmopan; Local Government Minister Louis Sylvestre opened the annual conference to Town Boards held in the western town of Benque Viejo Del Carmen; The Minister of Health, Housing and Cooperative Mr. Assad Shoman led a delegation comprising of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Errol Vanzie and Psychiatrists Dr. Oswald Moreno and Dr. Vincent Lizano on and observation tour of the health facilities and a health programmes of Montgomery County, Maryland in United States; Mexico's Ambassador to Belize Dr. Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio Sanchez has left to take up an appointment in Mexico City; The British Foreign Commonwealth Secretary has appointed Mr. John Michael Crosby as the new British High Commissioner to Belize; The president of the Belize Chamber of Commerce Mr. Elton Jones and members of the chamber Executive Board visited Salt Lake City in the state of Utah in the U.S.A; A tree planting ceremony to mark the 14th anniversary of the opening of Belmopan was held in the nations capital.
September 1984 2 Editorial Comment The Belize Government Advocates Religious Freedom tempered with Religious Tolerance
September 1984 3 Cover Story Viewpoint: A good future for citrus
September 1984 5 Personality of the Month Sr. Elsa Oliva "The Beauty of life is that there are others around who can be helped"
September 1984 6 Kudos for Belize at the World's Fair
September 1984 9 Independence Day Celebration "A Journey of a Thousand Miles which began with a single Step"
September 1984 11 Newsbeats New Constituencies for Next General Elections; Belize Defence Force Gets Maritime Wing; Prime Minister opens Northern Fisherman Cooperative Buildings; International Monetary Fund (IMF) Reaffirms No Devaluation; Caribbean Basin Initiative Funds (CBI) scheme Modified; Symposium Examines Agriculture Projects; International Literacy Day Observed
September 1984 13 Archaeology A Rich Past produce a rich Heritage
September 1984 14 People in the News Natural Resources Minister Florencio Marin attended the 18th regional conference of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization for Latin America and the Caribbean held in Buenos Aires; Father Marion Ganey S.J an American priest who was one of the pioneers of the credit union and cooperative movement in Belize has died; The Accountant General of the Government of Belize, Harold Perriott has died while undergoing medical treatment; Minister of Works Mr. Fred Hunter joined with a prominent group of nine commonwealth members of Parliament, some from countries menaced by aggressive neighbours, to seek solutions to the security problems threatening small states; The director of Panama's National Lottery Licenciada Maruca Gordoy, accompanied by the Sub-director of The Panamanian National Lottery Senor Antonio Garcia were recently on a visit to Belize ; The Manager of The Belize Marketing Board Mrs. Sandra Bedran has concluded a one week official visit to Jamaica; the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize Mr. Robert Swift attended a meeting of Banking supervisors held in Rome under the auspices of the Central Bank of Italy; Mr. Joseph Bulwer Administrator in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended a series of meeting and seminars in the United States on the topic of 'Decision Making in US Foreign Policy'; Belize was represented at the United Nations International Conference on Population held in Mexico City by Mr. Sylvan Roberts of the Central Statistical Office; The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources Mr. James Hyde and the Head of Agricultural Extension Services Mr. Eulalio Garcia attended a three day workshop on the Rationalization of Research on Rice in the Caribbean; The Jamaican based Assistant Executive Director of the Caribbean Council for the Blind Mr. Arvel Grant was in Belize on a four day working visit
October 1984 2 Editorial Comment After a heated debate in the House of Representatives the Senate ratified an amendment to the Representation of the People Ordinance to expand the House by ten seats. With the Governor General Signature the move is now Law
October 1984 3 Personality of the Month Rev. Harold Gill "Godly principles must be treasured"
October 1984 4 Viewpoint When Foreign Policy Becomes a Bread and Butter Issue
October 1984 5 Cover Story The Livestock Industry Hooves In
October 1984 8 Will Sugar Stick? An in-depth Report on the state of the Sugar Industry in Belize
October 1984 10 People in the News Britain's Minister for Overseas Development Mr. Timothy Raison was this month on a four day visit to Belize; Mr. Herman Ramirez, Agricultural Extension Education Supervisor in the Corozal District, won this year's annual award for "Excellence in Extension" from the Ministry of Natural Resources; Chief Forest officer Mr. Henry Flowers has visited some cities in the United States in connection with a timber market survey; A new seven member executive for the Belize National Football Association (BNFA) has been elected; Mr. Phillip Samuels has been confirmed in his post of Government Printer; Prime Minister George Price attended the inauguration of the new president of Panama Mr. Nicolas Ardito Barletta; Justice Kenneth St. Leger Henry, a former Judge in the Jamaican Supreme Court has been appointed to Belize Court of Appeals.
October 1984 11 Newsbeats At the 39th Plenary of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Rogers tells Guatemala to come to grips with reality, Leslie expresses reservation on Guatemala's Vice-Presidency; A new Text-Book for Belizeans
November/December 1984 2 Editorial Comment
November/December 1984 3 Viewpoint Elections in the Hemisphere; "Democratic Elections have a way of becoming controversial
November/December 1984 4 Personality of the Month Shirley Johnson "My country has given me a lot I feel obliged to give to my country"
November/December 1984 5 A Government's Record of Achievement A brief Review of the Past Five Years
November/December 1984 10 For the Record: United States Ambassador to Belize gives Belize Government Top Marks Remarks of Ambassador Malcolm R. Barnebey to conference on private Investment in Belize
November/December 1984 12 Shrimp farm will boost Belize's Marine Exports
November/December 1984 15 People in the News Mr. Babatunde Olatunji, Master Drummer from Nigeria was in Belize on a cultural familiarization visit; Natural Resources Minister Florencio Marin and senior members of his Ministry held discussions with the Executive Committee of the Belize Livestock Producers Association (BLPA); The Vice President of St. Augustine's College in North Carolina, Dr. Wiley Davis met with the Minister of Education Mr. Said Musa and ranking officials of his Ministry; Mr. Dennis Denton Lopez has become the first Belizean to be named a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London. U.s. Republican President, Ronald Reagan has been congratulated on his landslide victory over Democrat Walter Mondale in the U.S Presidential race; It is now "gazette" that the make-up of the Public Service Commission has been changed slightly
November/December 1984 16 Newsbeats P.M. Breaks Ground for BELCAST; Hattie Remembered; General Governor hosts underprivileged children
November/December 1984 0 Election Supplement with maps of Electoral Divisions, Polling Areas and Tally Sheets
January 1985 2 Editorial Comment Human Beings are creatures of Habit.. We are in a period of Transition.. We must know how the government thinks
January 1985 3 Personality of the Month Manuel Esquivel "We must ensure that our neighbourhood profits from our being here"
January 1985 4 New Government will press for solutions to problem with Guatemala
January 1985 5 Foreign Policy going West
January 1985 6 Cover Story Central America Gets a Display of Political Maturity. A Government Deposed by the Ballot
January 1985 8 Meet the Ministers and Their Deputies
January 1985 9 The New Senate
January 1985 12 Viewpoint A new Government thrust for Development
January 1985 14 Face to Face with the Press "Victory at the polls was a goal that had to be achieved in order to reach our higher goal."
January 1985 16 Fairplay under the Law Deputy Prime Minister addresses annual Police Conference
January 1985 17 People in the News Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel represented Belize at the opening of the new parliament of the Caribbean island state in Grenada; Michael Hulse, formerly the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs has been promoted to the post of Deputy Financial Secretary; Salvadorian national, Hector Ricardo Figueroa Jimenez has been appointed as the first Honorary Consul in El Salvador; Belize Defence Force Officer Cadet Noel Noralez was awarded the second runner up for the Parade Cane for the best overseas student of his year at the 86th Sovereign's Parade held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; Officials of the Cane Farmers Association have met with representatives of the new Government of Belize to discuss matters related to the Sugar Industry; The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan in Canada, Mr. Herb Swan and his wife has visited Belize as guest of the Belize Government and the Belize branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; Two Motorcyclists from Texas, Mr. Carl Blaskey and Mr. Harlom Sanders cycled some 4,308 miles to visit Belize
January 1985 18 Caricom Secretary General Speaks about Relationship between Belize and the Region in an Exclusive Interview
January 1985 19 People in the News The recently appointed Justices of the Peace have taken the oath of office at the lower courtroom of the Supreme Court Building; The Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Curl Thompson, whose portfolio includes responsibility for the Public Service, has appointed Permanent Secretary/Home Affairs Mr. Walter Brown to serve as chairman of the Joint Staff Relations Council.
February 1985 2 Editorial Comment A New Policy On Tourism. The Drug Problem: To Spray or not to Spray? Wanted: A Notional Communication and Information Policy
February 1985 3 View Point A need for a Communication/Information Policy
February 1985 4 Personality of the month Curl Thompson "Reintroducing Honest and Open Government"
February 1985 5 Government to consider a population policy-will focus on family planning and immigration
February 1985 6 Cover Story Tourism: More Than Sea and Sun
February 1985 8 The House of Representatives
February 1985 11 Travelogue: The Belizean Tourister; Chaa Creek Cottages
February 1985 12 Minister Thompson on the Marijuana War "If we decide to Spray, it will be selective spraying"
February 1985 13 Newsbeats Talking Talks; Belize/UNICEF sign Sanitation Project; Interest rates up; Belize Defence Force Marks Seventh Anniversary; Helping Hand for Goodland
February 1985 15 People In The News The Newly appointed National Women's Commission was this month sworn in Belize City; the Minister of Tourism; The Minister of Tourism and Education, Mr. Derek Aikman headed a delegation, made up of local hotel and tour operators, to this year's Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA) trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada; British High Commissioner to Belize Mr. John Crosby, has announced that Britain has agreed to provide an additional $1 Million for the rehabilitation of the Western Highway from Belize City to Hattieville; Six soldiers of the Belize Defence Force walked from Punta Gorda to Corozal Town, a distance of 400 miles to publicize and solicit funds for the mentally retarded in Belize; The Development Officer of Disabled Persons International with responsibility for North America, Mr. Derrick Palmer, visited Belize for talks with Government Officials; Chief Research Officer of the Belize Sugar Industries Agripino Cawich, has been seconded to Tate and Lyle Agribusiness of Bromley, England; Housing Minister, Mr. Hubert Elrington, was this Month on a visit to Costa Rica where he toured sites where low cost houses were being built and held discussions with executive of Costa Rica's National Institute for Housing and Urban Development; Energy and Communication Minister, Mr. Israel Alpuche has appointed Board of Directors for the three utility board under his portfolio; A new board of Directors was also appointed for the Development Finance Corporation by Economic Development Minister, Dean Barrow; Belize was represented at the meeting of the Caricom Ministers responsible for Transportation, held in Kingston, Jamaica by the Minister of Tourism and Transport, Mr. Derek Aikman; Commerce and Industry Minister, Edwardo Juan has said that government has already taken steps to curb the importation of rice if local production of that commodity increase to adequate quantities.
March 1985 2 Editorial Comment Missing a Pinch Hit the Apathy of the Press
March 1985 3 Personality of the Month Carlos Castillo The New Mr. Speaker "An Advocate for Teacher"
March 1985 4 Cover Story The Budget Band-Aid for a Limping Economy
March 1985 6 News Flash
March 1985 7 Viewpoint Winning Friends and Influencing People - Where A word from Washington could help
March 1985 8 Pictorial Prime Minister Leads Ministerial Delegation on visit to Mexico
March 1985 10 British Minister Answers questions on Britain's relations with Belize
March 1985 12 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Maya Landing Marina
March 1985 13 Newsbeats Youths take Centre Stage; Government Gets Economic Assistance from the United States; Disabled Organisation Formed
March 1985 15 People in the News Mr. John Michael Geoffrey Mannigham "Tom" Adams, the Prime Minister of Barbados died this Month; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Curl Thompson represented Belize at the inauguration of the new democratically elected Government of Brazil's President Tancredo D' Almeida Neves; Two ambassadors this month presented their credentials to Governor General Dame Minita Gordon. The Ambassadors are Jan Willen Bartens from the Netherlands and David Tourgeman from Israel; The Minister of Tourism, Transport, Education and Culture, Derek Aikman announced new appointments to membership of the Air Transport and Licensing Authority, the Ground Transport and Licensing Board, the Tourist Board and later, the National Arts Council; Natural Resources Minister Dean Lindo has appointed a six member Board of Directors for the Banana Control Board; A Ministerial delegation, led by the Prime Minister Mr. Manuel Esquivel and including Natural Resources Minister, Dean Lindo, commerce and Industry Minister, Eduardo Juan and the Financial Secretary Mr. Edney Cain toured the country's sugar belt in the Northern districts; Belize Defence Officer, Abel Simpson completed two military training course in the United States
March 1985 16 Newsbeats Belize Enterprise for Sustained Technology (BEST) offers helping hand
April 1985 2 Editorial Comment If you are looking for a museum, then for starters, there is one of many in Belize City--The Public Buildings; The Queen Reigns, she does not rule--her representative in Belize; The New Government --100 Days and Beyond
April 1985 3 Cover Story An Initiative for the Private Sector
April 1985 4 100 Days and Beyond Exclusive Interview
April 1985 6 Viewpoint The Disappearance of our Culture Heritage must be viewed with great concern; The role of the Governor General
April 1985 8 Prime Minister begins countrywide tour tell communities that to raise-up! Is more that a party political slogan
April 1985 10 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Rum Point Inn
April 1985 11 Personality of the Month Horace Young Q.C "To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man"
April 1985 12 Belcast- A Forum on National Issues
April 1985 13 A tough line on drugs
April 1985 14 Newsbeats Illegal Aliens in Belize clamping down; Family Planning survey underway; United States wants Belize Molasses
April 1985 0 People in the News Twenty year old Robert Mossiah won this year's Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Race; Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel was the guest speaker at the fifteenth annual Convention of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held in Belmopan; Nineteen young female 4-Hers graduated from the National 4-H Centre in Belmopan; Governor General Dame Minita Gordon this month received the credentials from two ambassadors, Takeshi Naito from Japan and Manuel Martinez del Sobral from Mexico, both of whom are the second ambassadors accredited from their country to Belize; A new airline- Challenge International Airline- this month commenced scheduled flights between United States and Belize; The French Ambassador to Belize Mr. Jean Pierre Chavet has made a presentation of Five Renault vehicles to the Government of Belize; Belize's minister of Commerce and Industry Edwardo Juan is the current Chairman of the Caricom Common Common Market Council of Ministers; The Speakers of the House of Representatives Mr. Carlos Castillo and the Mayor or Belize City, Frank Lizama were this month in El Salvador; Belizeans in Yew York have presented sheets, pillow cases, towel and blankets to the medical and prison department; A delegation headed by Natural Resources Minister, Dean Lindo visited Taiwan at the invitation of the government of that country; Two American Professors, Wayne Olts, and Joseph Camacho were in Belize filming a documentary movie on the baboons or black Howler Monkeys here and efforts to protect them and their habitat
April 1985 0 Supplement to the New Belize Election Results
May 1985 2 Editorial Comment When Safety is not first and when English is
May 1985 3 Viewpoint Shooting Straight From the Hip A Farmer's view on farming in Belize
May 1985 6 The Chamber's View on Agriculture and Trade " No room for complacency and slothfulness" says chamber of commerce and trade president Kent McField
May 1985 7 Profile Antonio Chan Farmer of the Year 1985-86; Sylvio Flores Junior Farmer of the Year 1985-86
May 1985 8 Adieu to an old soldier Donald Norman Albert Fairweather
May 1985 10 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Xunantunich The Maiden of the Rock
May 1985 11 The Prime Minister on Democracy
May 1985 12 Operation Bootstrap Expanding the Cacao Industry
May 1985 0 Personality of the Month Hugh Fuller "Never say no. Challenges are what life's all about"
May 1985 14 Newsbeats Belize Opposes Economic Sanctions Against Nicaragua; Coming to Grips with the Livestock Dispute
May 1985 15 People in the News A ministerial delegation led by Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel and including Commerce Minister Edwardo Juan, Natural Resources Minister, Dean Lindo and Labour Minister Elodio Aragon held discussions with board of directors of the Belize Sugar Industry to discuss new proposals forwarded by Tate and Lyle regarding the future of Sugar Industry here; Commerce and Industry Minister Mr. Edwardo Juan visited the United States at the invitation of Shepperd Oil Company to discuss problem facing Belize Sugar Industry; The Minister of Housing Mr. Hubert Elrington was in Venezuela to sign a loan agreement for Bz. $12.5 million with the central Bank of Venezuela, the Venezuela Investment Fund and Piccini Construction Company to construct 500 houses in Belize; Four members of the British Parliament witnessed the official handing over of an independence gift consisting of a horse-shoe shaped conference table and chairs to the Government; Two ambassador have presented their credentials to Governor General Dame Minita Gordon. The ambassadors are Mr. Frode Nilsen from Norway and Musset Pierre Jerome from Haiti, two new countries to establish diplomatic relations with Belize; Australia's third High Commissioner to Belize, Michael Landale has presented his letter of introduction to the Prime Minister, Manuel Esquivel; Chief Licencing Officer Mr. Ernesto Torres completed a nine week course on traffic and Transportation Engineering at the Traffic Institute of North-western University in Evanston, Illinois; The Mesopotamia Divisional Committee of the United Democratic Party presented a set of four furniture to their area representative and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Curl Thompson; Twenty eight young men have graduated from the Belize Youth Development Centre at Gracie Rock on the Western Highway.
May 1985 16 Newsbeats Refugees not a burden; Canada provides Assistance
June 1985 2 Editorial Comment Unhappy over trade with Caricom; To London, to London, to visit the Queen; The BELCAST Story
June 1985 3 Personality of the Month Frank Lizama "From Craftsman to Mayor"
June 1985 4 Cover Story Nursing A Limping Economy back to Health; Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down
June 1985 5 Viewpoint Belize's Trade position with Caricom--An Unhappy situation with mumblings of a Pull-out
June 1985 7 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Crooked Tree A Bird Watchers' Haven
June 1985 8 Education BELCAST Campus "On Hold"
June 1985 9 Help for the Aged Silver Threads Among the Gold
June 1985 10 On The Road--Again
June 1985 11 Refugees Coming In From the Chaos An Update on the Refugee Project in Belize with a little help from a friend
June 1985 13 People in the News Rev. Caleb Cousins died last month in Jamaica; The Minister of Works Mr. Charles Wagner was on an official visit to Washington D.C where he held discussion with world Bank officials concerning the current road rehabilitation project in Belize funded by a $10.6 m loan from the Bank
June 1985 14 Newsbeats More Soldiers at the Barracks; Britain presents books for Education; Belize Featured In Skin Diver
June 1985 15 People in the News Professor Edward Laing has been nominated as Belize's resident ambassador to the United States of America; The director of the Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey Dr. Anabel Ford has made investigations which reveal that a large extensions of the Maya ceremonial centre of El Pilar are at least thrice the size of Xunantunich; Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Mr. Manuel Esquivel and the Canadian High Commissioner Mr. David Reece have signed an agreement which provides for training of soldiers of the Belize Defence Force in Canada; Minister of Energy and Communication Mr. Israel Alpuche attended the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Telecommunication Development Conference held in Arusha, Tanzania last month; The National Belize Association of New York held a banquet in honour of Prime Minister Mr. Manuel Esquivel and his wife, Kathy at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City; A team of film producers were in Belize to produce two promotional films on the country; Arriving in Belize this month was a 14 year old international Indian dancer, Miss Raji Radhakrishanan.
June 1985 0 New Belize Hurricane Supplement June 1985 Hurricane
July 1985 2 Editorial Comment Belizeans guzzled 4.5 million pints of local beer last year. In 1983 the drank 7 million pints; It is time that the air transport board drags TACA over the coals; A bill from WISCO we are not too happy to pay
July 1985 3 Finance and Trade Imports Down - Trade Deficit narrows; The value of exports to Caricom increases; Earnings from citrus continue to increase
July 1985 4 Viewpoint The CARICOM SUMMIT not all's well that ends well
July 1985 5 Personality of the Month Carrie Fairweather "On the wings of success with CAME"
July 1985 6 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; St. Herman's Cave and the Blue Hole
July 1985 7 Cover Story The Light at the end of the tunnel
July 1985 8 Nurses Come Back to Roots
July 1985 9 Tourist Industry gets a ray of sunshine
July 1985 10 Belize to seek Trade Promotion assistance under Lome Convention
July 1985 11 Letters from Abroad
July 1985 12 Newsbeats Five-Day Work Week Now a Reality; Prime Minister has audience with Queen; Hope Donates Lab; Belize Defence Force gets Canada Training; Health Centre for the Valley of Peace
July 1985 14 People in the news The new Apostolic Pro Nucio and Papal delegate to Belize His Excellency Most Rev. Manuel Monteiro De Castro has presented his credentials to Governor General Dame Minita Gordon; A new effort is being made to promote the local development of meat processing in Belize; On a recent visit to Cancun, Mexico was minister of Transport, Education and Tourism Mr. Derek Aikman; An extension to the CARE-Belize REAP project has been signed; The direction nursing is taking development in nursing and the future of the profession were the main subject of discussion at the first ever International Nursing Symposium held earlier this month in Belize City
July 1985 15 Who Looks at DDT (dichloro-diphenyl trichloroethane)
August 1985 2 Editorial Comment Nobody Wants to Admit Mismanagement of the Banana Industry; Talking about Women
August 1985 3 Viewpoint A Bottleneck Full of Dollars
August 1985 4 Guidelines for Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) Loan Applicants' Commercial Bank Discount Fund
August 1985 6 Growing 'Sink am Bible'
August 1985 7 Cover Story New Hands for Bananas
August 1985 8 Personality of the Month June Doris Garcia President of the Senate from Humble Beginnings
August 1985 9 Exclusive Interview Mr. Esquivel disagrees with President Castro that Latin America Countries should renege on foreign debt; Mrs. Thatcher concerned that her troops here will get involved in drug violence; A wrap-up of a sour deal with Tate and Lyle
August 1985 12 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; The Kichpanha Site, Students stumble on major Maya find
August 1985 13 Tots being taught about Good Health
August 1985 14 Essay Why Telecommunication deserve high priority
August 1985 15 People in the news Kenneth Tillett is Belize's new ambassador to the United Nations; Guyanese President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham died this month of heart failure; Belize has appointed Honorary Consuls to be resident in Tel Aviv, Israel and Caracas, Venezuela; Former Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Errol Vanzie, has been appointed as director of Health Services
August 1985 16 Interview Speaking for the Grassroots
August 1985 19 Newsbeats Government seeks constitutional Amendment to allow for dual nationality; Tighter Screen on immigrants UNHCR Experiencing Financial difficulties for refugees here, Hershey to increase Cacao Exports; New Directors for Councarid
September 1985 2 Editorial Comment The Making of a cover and our coverage of the celebrations
September 1985 3 Cover Story September- The Political Litmus; Hurray, Hurray, Hu-ray-ray-ray
September 1985 5 Independence Day: More like celebrating tomorrow with a pay day
September 1985 7 Personality of the Month Colville Young, Scholar, Playwright, Poet, Musician, Author "Experiencing Creative Musicianship"
September 1985 8 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Goff's Caye
September 1985 9 The Work of the Geology and Petroleum Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources
September 1985 11 Interview Agriculture remains the backbone of Belize's mixed economy. But for a quick cash flow, government is placing renewed emphasis on tourism development. The Minister of Natural Resources Mr. Dean Lindo, in an interview with Chief Information Officer Norris Hall expressed his views on this and outlines the policy on the future of agriculture in Belize
September 1985 14 Late News Citrus Deal Comes Through; Belize Joins Democrats' Club
September 1985 15 Newsbeats Agreement for a Border War; Housing: A Local Businessman does it his way; Drought affects corn Production
September 1985 16 People in the news Health Minister Mr. Elodio Aragon and the director of Health Services Dr. Errol Vanzie attended the annual meeting of the directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization held in Washington; Chief Magistrate Mr. George Singh has been promoted to solicitor General in the Attorney General's Office; Canada's new high commissioner to Belize is Mr. Robert Woolhm; Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel, Financial Secretary Mr. Edney Cain and The United States Charge d' affairs in Belize Mr. Keith Guthre and Acting USAID representative Mr. Charles Jenkins have signed and agreement to improve vocational training in Belize and Managerial skills to promote the growth of export and tourism oriented industries; A team from British Ministry of Defence was in Belize to review future planning and organization of the Belize Defence Force; Education, Youth and Culture Minister Mr. Derek Aikman attended the Third Annual Caribbean Youth Conference held in the US Virgin Islands; Two Community health Workers, Mrs. Helen Turton and Mrs. Gertrude Velasquez both of Belize District have been presented traditional birth attendant kits and certificates by the Inspector of Midwives Mrs. Joyce Findley; An Actuary from the Dominican Republic Mr. Hernando Perez Montas, is in Belize to review the Social Security Scheme
October 1985 0 Editorial Comment The Royal Visit-How we covered offbeat
October 1985 3 Address by the Prime Minister of Belize
October 1985 4 Address by the Queen of Belize , Queen Elizabeth II at the state Reception held in her honour at Government House
October 1985 5 The Queen's Visit- Deja-vu
October 1985 9 Foreign Minister at the United Nations: Avoiding Mankind's final Nightfall
October 1985 14 Book Review A Footnote in History Telling The Truth
October 1985 15 Newsbeats Dual Nationality Becomes First Amendment; More Artefacts Unearthed
October 1985 16 People In The News Orange Walk Central representative Mr. Leliz Carballo and Dangriga Representative Mr. Simeon Sampson attended two Commonwealth Parliamentary conferences held in Canada; Former Solicitor General Mr. George Brown has been appointed as Justice of the Supreme Court; The Deputy Regional Manager for CARE Latin America Ms. Karen Hinkson was this month on a visit to Belize; Natural Resources Minister Mr. Dean Lindo inspected and addressed Police recruit Squad No.49 at their passing-out ceremony
October 1985 16 Letters from Abroad
November/December 1985 2 Editorial Comment The Year of The Rat-a Tough Year
November/December 1985 3 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Christmas Customs Fading in the overglow of the "tubes"
November/December 1985 4 Viewpoint The Woes of a small State
November/December 1985 6 Cover Story Looking Back on 1986, A review of some of the major stories of the year as the new government digs in.
November/December 1985 11 The Toledo Rice Bowl
November/December 1985 13 Land in Belize-- A Double- Prong Policy
November/December 1985 14 Refining Maya Prehistory: Archaeology at Santa Rita Corozal
November/December 1985 19 Pictorial Garifuna Settlement Day '85 "Guidance to our Children Progress for our People"
November/December 1985 20 Personality of the Month Kenneth C. Dunn "Prepare to give everything I Have to my country and People"
November/December 1985 21 Quotable Quotes of 1985
November/December 1985 22 Prime Minister Conference "Zero arrears on foreign debts by end of this year"
November/December 1985 23 From The House
November/December 1985 24 Newsbeats Sugar Worries Producers; Delegates Review Caribbean Health Project; British Aid to Belize; It's BEST for rural development and small Businesses; UNICEF to help the handicapped in Belize
November/December 1985 27 People in the News Attorney at law and Belize City Councillor Allan Pitts died last month; Samuel Rhaburn is now Belize's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Curl Thompson opened the project implementation and planning workshop for senior public officers; Britain Highest ranking soldier Chief of the defence staff Sir John Fieldhouse was on a familiarization tour in Belize; Avril Blache Cleland has been promoted to Accountant General; Dr. Filliberto Cawich has completed a three-months course in echocardiography at the University of Tennessee; The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of New-foundland, Canada Mr. Jerry O' Riley was this month in Belize where he continued his study on rural development implications in the developing countries
November/December 1985 28 Letters from Abroad
January 1986 2 Editorial Comment Surveying Child Abuse and Neglect
January 1986 3 Viewpoint The Pitfalls of Unrestricted TV
January 1986 4 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Dangriga
January 1986 5 Cover Story Government reports to the Nation
January 1986 9 Personality of the Month Edney Cain A modest man who never hints at difficulties faced in his rise to the top
January 1986 10 Belize Defence Force Anniversary '86 "A forceful and graphic demonstration of BDF expertise
January 1986 10 People in the News Britain's Prince Edward was in Belize on a fortnight's attachment to 40 commando Royal Marines; Juan R. Rancharan, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Rancharan, Sr. of Corozal Town, has successfully completed a Bachelor of Science Degree with honours in Agricultural Extension Education in Florida; Minister of Education, Mr. Derek Aikman was the main speaker at a new primary school building in Unitedville, Cayo District, the Executive Director of the United Nation Children's Fund (UNICEF) Mr. James Grant was in Belize to sign a health education programme with government; Two officials from the Canadian High Commission in Jamaica Messers Trevor Spence and Hedley Brown presented a cheque of BZ. $10,430 to programme Coordinator of the Belize Agency for Rural Development Mr. Rudy Juan
January 1986 11 Police Officers' Conference '86 "Standing up well to the rigours of Public Scrutiny"
January 1986 12 Foursome Local Vegetables Calalloo
February 1986 2 Editorial Comment Tweaking up the economy, the shrimp industry; A new look at BCA, the role of the police
February 1986 3 Viewpoint Energy a' wasting
February 1986 4 Cover Story Farming shrimp on Land
February 1986 6 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Fort George Area
February 1986 8 Belize College of Agriculture "Land and People- A country's most valuable resources"
February 1986 10 Personality of the Month Floss Casasola "My work Continues. With the help of God, I continue to press on"
February 1986 11 From the House
February 1986 12 The Role of the Police in a Democratic Society
February 1986 14 Is Violent crime on the increase?
February 1986 15 Foursome Local vegetable Chaya
February 1986 16 People in the News Former Mayor of Punta Gorda Town Mr. Gypriano Justin Avilez J.P. died this month; Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Mr. Manuel Esquivel was main speaker at the first Ministry of Defence staff conference held this month in Belmopan; Honorary consuls for Belize have been appointed in California and Hong Kong; Transport and Education Minister Mr. Derek Aikman has appointed new members to the Air Transport Licensing Authority and the licensing and Transport Board; Two promotions have been approved in the Ministry of Economic Development, Mr Sylvan Roberts was promoted to Chief Statistician in the Central Statistical Office and Statistician Mr. Leopold Perriott was promoted to Senior Programme Analyst at the Computer Centre; Chief of the British Naval Staff and First Sea Lord Admiral Sir William Staveley visited Belize this month; Santiago Perdomo has been Nominated as Ambassador of Belize to Central America and Panama
March 1986 2 Editorial Comment Focusing on the Media
March 1986 3 Viewpoint Belize - the Caribbean nation in Central America
March 1986 4 Cover Story The making of a new Economy
March 1986 6 Commonwealth Day Message 1986 from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Head of the Commonwealth
March 1986 7 Personality of the Month Silas Cayetano "Let each tomorrow find me better than today"
March 1986 8 Women in Development
March 1986 10 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; San Antonio Village
March 1986 11 New Agency Promotes Belize
March 1986 12 Basic Human Needs
March 1986 13 From the House
March 1986 14 Foursome Local Vegetables Jocoto; Spinach
March 1986 15 Newsbeats Belize to benefit from Caribcan; Budget, Coca-Cola land deal, among topic discussed at Prime Minister's monthly press briefing
March 1986 16 People in the News Prime Minister Mr. Manuel Esquivel has presented a citation to CARE's Executive Director Dr. Phillip Johnson on the occasion of that charity organization's 40th anniversary and in recognition of its 23 years of "invaluable assistance to the development of the people of Belize"; Works Minister Mr. Charles Wagner was this month on an official visit to Britain where he met officials of British government departments and companies involved in the transport and construction fields; Belize was represented at the one-week Berlin Tourism Exhibition by Tourism Minister Mr. Derek Aikman, accompanied by Mr. David Gegg of the Belize Tourism Industry Association; Four officials of the Chicago Cubs Organisation were in Belize to conduct a series of baseball clinics in Belize City and Orange Walk; Two promotions to the post of Permanent Secretary were approved this month, Principal Agricultural Officer, Rodney Neal was promoted to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Administrative Officer Mr. Gerald Henry was promoted to the post of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing; Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel has toured the vegetable farm of Gourment Food in Orange Walk District; Natural Resources Minister, Dean Lindo was the main speaker at the opening of a workshop in Belmopan to review the work of the Toledo Research and Development Project; The new Governor of the Central Bank of Belize is Mr. Alan David Slusher.
April 1986 2 Editorial Comment Of Chickens, Pigs and cattle
April 1986 3 Viewpoint Towards increased grain production look to Toledo
April 1986 4 Cover Story A helping hand towards more investments
April 1986 6 Investments are definitely up
April 1986 7 Personality of the Month Louis Be-lisle "there are geniuses on Belize's streetcorners
April 1986 8 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; San Ignacio Town
April 1986 9 Miss Belize Romy Taegar
April 1986 10 Allocation to the Ministries
April 1986 11 The Belize Loans Act
April 1986 12 Prime Minister Privy Councillor
April 1986 12 Newsbeats First moves to reform Labour Laws; More help from Britain
April 1986 14 People in the News The speaker of the House of Representatives Mr. Carlos Castillo attended the 35th Seminar on Parliamentary Practice and Procedures held last month at Westminster in London; Israel's second ambassador Mr. Shimon Moratt has presented his credentials to Governor General Dame Minita Gordon; Belize appointed an Honorary Trade Representative in Taiwan. He is Mr. Roger Wen Pah Tien; Minister of Tourism Mr. Derek Aikman has appointed a new Tourist Board to advise him on all matters of tourism and tourism related activities in Belize and abroad; Denton Belisle has been confirmed in his appointment as Belize's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, with residence in London; Natural Resources Minister Dean Lindo was the main speaker at a ground breaking ceremony for the community centre in Ringtail Village, Cayo District; The head of the Bureau of Standards Mr. Douglas Fairweather has been promoted to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Sports; The annual binational meeting between health officials from Belize and Mexico took place in the Mexican city of Chetumal; On an Easter visit to Belize were Commissioner and Mrs. Orval Taylor of the Salvation Army; Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel this month toured some villages in the Orange Walk district; Matthew Smiling is this years Cross Country champion; Government has signed an agreement to hand over a dairy processing plant currently under construction in San Ignacio of the Macal Dairy Cooperative; The Belize Agency for Rural Development (BARD) this month received a $20,000 grant from the Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF)
May 1986 2 Editorial Comment May month of graduations
May 1986 3 Viewpoint The meaning of PRIDE
May 1986 4 Cover Story Restructuring BELCAST
May 1986 6 Prime Minister Press Conference Belize and the IMF, more on Coca Cola deal, reserves up
May 1986 7 Personality of the Month Sylvia Cattouse "It's good to be back home"
May 1986 8 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Corozal Town
May 1986 9 Late News Portfolios re-arranged within Cabinet
May 1986 10 Archaeology Royal tomb found at Nim Li Punit
May 1986 11 Agriculture Show 1986 Rain didn't spoil the action
May 1986 12 Newsbeats Belize/Mexico parliamentarians meet; New airline to serve Belize
May 1986 13 People in the News Queen Elizabeth II this month had an informal private audience with Belize's High Commissioner in London Mr. Denton Belisle and his wife; Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel has received the honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from his Alma Mater, Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Medical Officer Dr. Errol Vanzie has been confirmed in his appointment as Director of Health Services; Education Minister Mr. Derek Aikman has received a consignment of Caribbean Primary Mathematics texts from British High Commissioner Mr. John Crosby; A delegation from the European Economic Community headed by the Deputy Director General for Development Mr. Michel Hauswirth visited Belize to draw up the programme of EEC assistance to Belize in accordance with the third Lome Convention Between Africa, Caribbean and Pacific States and the EEC; Principal Lands Officer David Aguilar has been promoted to Commissioner of Lands and Survey
May 1986 14 People in the News On a one week official visit to the United States earlier this month was Prime Minister, Manuel Esquivel; Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Veitch is the new commandant of the Belize Defence Force; Belize was represented at the Circum-Pacific Map Project Conference held in Costa Rica by the head of Geology and Petroleum Office Dr. Prasada Rao; Police Commissioner Maxwell Samuels represented Belize at the Fourth International Conference for the control of Drugs held in Buenos Aires; Orlando Pelayo has been appointed as National Sports Director by minister of health and sports, Elodio Aragon; A resident of Roaring Creek village, Cay District Mr. Albert Garbutt has donated $500.00 to Belmopan Hospital to purchase necessary items for the hospital;
May 1986 15 Picture News
June 1986 2 Editorial Comment New Joint initiative to solve dispute
June 1986 3 Viewpoint The process of planned change
June 1986 4 Cover Story New Thrust for Tourism
June 1986 6 Exclusive interview with the director of PRIDE/Belize
June 1986 7 Brief sketch of two drugs
June 1986 8 Personality of the month Owen Morrison Committed to diligence and excellence
June 1986 9 From the House
June 1986 10 Foreign Minister at Caricom Summit
June 1986 11 The Caricom Communique
June 1986 12 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Orange Walk Town
June 1986 13 Sports Review Belize's Concacaf Challenge
June 1986 14 Newsbeat University College seeks students and teachers; Excavations at Marco Gonzalez; Soldiers assist in Jamaica
June 1986 15 People in the News Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, Curl Thompson was this month on a visit to Britain; Governor General Dame Minita Gordon is to receive an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from her alma mater, the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom; Education Minister Mr. Elodio Aragon has appointed a new BELCAST Council; Two Local Educators, Dr. Colville Young and Mr. Santiago Garcia, have been included in the Queen's Birthday honours list and awarded the MBE, Members of the most Excellent Order of the British Empire; A ship advisory board has been appointed to advise the Ministry of Finance on all aspects of ship registration and other maritime matter
July 1986 0 Editorial Comment Belize Fully committed to Caricom-P.M.
July 1986 3 Caricom Tariffs Do Have Benefits
July 1986 4 Cover Story Planning for more Development
July 1986 7 Personality of the Month Santiago Garcia
July 1986 8 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Mountain Equestrian Trails
July 1986 9 New Industry Cayo Co-op Launches Modern Dairy
July 1986 10 Newsbeats Deputy Prime Minister observes war games; Police forms youth league; Restoring Order on the Highways; September Celebrations under one committee
July 1986 11 People in the News Foreign Minister Mr. Dean Barrow was this month on an official visit to the United States where he conferred with American Officials on matters of mutual interest; Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister Edwardo Juan visited Brussels to hold discussions with officials of the European Economic Community (EEC); Health Minister Mr. Israel Alpuche has received two vehicles on behalf of his ministry from Dr. Leonardo Vargas of Pan American Health Organisation; Belize has appointed an Honorary Consul in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico; Belizean Police Officer, Inspector Carmen Zetina has graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (FBINA) in Quantico, Virginia, USA.
August 1986 2 Editorial Comments ALAS- No United September Celebration
August 1986 3 Cover Story Why Belize needs Caricom Prime Minister defends increases in tariffs
August 1986 5 Viewpoint Stemming the drug tide
August 1986 6 Battlefield reports of the drug war
August 1986 6 Excerpts from the Nassau Accord
August 1986 7 Personality of the Month Wayne McNab "Growing up with Romacs"
August 1986 8 Restoration of the Mural A historic mural painted by Manuel Villamor Reyes
August 1986 10 Education University College of Belize (UCB) - A welcome reality
August 1986 11 Profile Guy Clare, A Belizean graduate of Ferris State College "It was home away from home"
August 1986 12 Interview and interview with the chairman of Belize Broadcasting Authority, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim
August 1986 14 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Gales Point Manatee
August 1986 15 Newsbeats Britain/Guatemala again on speaking terms; PUP boycotts united September celebrations; Maya site excavated
August 1986 16 People in the News An eight member Immigration Advisory Committee has been appointed to study the Alien situation in Belize; The Water and Sewerage Authority has received new equipment to continue the installation of the sewer system in Belize City; Iraq has appointed Ali Alumaida as ambassador to Belize; A four-person U.S delegation headed by Congressman Matthew Martinez of California concluded its private visit to Belize earlier this month; Second Lieutenant Joseph Monroe of the Belize Defence Force was commissioned at he 91st Sovereign's Parade held at Britain Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; Attorney General, Dean Barrow has appointed a National Advisory Committee representing the Judiciary, the Government Legal Service and the Private Bar, to implement the Caribbean Justice Improvement Project in Belize; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, Curl Thompson, has welcomed 40 new Peace Corps volunteers to Belize FIFA President, Dr. Joao Havelange, was this month on a brief familiarization visit to Belize
September 1986 2 Editorial Comment Prime Minister Independence Address, A sober assessment of Belize's economy
September 1986 3 Viewpoint Good fences make good neighbours
September 1986 4 Cover Story Celebrations 10th September--St. George's Caye Day
September 1986 6 21st September-Independence Day
September 1986 8 Pictorial Festival Grand Market '86
September 1986 9 Personality of the Month Omario Perdomo, From pedlar to business magnate
September 1986 10 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Caye Caulker
September 1986 11 Giving baseboys a break
September 1986 12 Rounding up on Round-up Glyphosate (Round-up) A comprehensive report on one of the most important agro-chemical discoveries of century
September 1986 14 Newsbeats Helping hand from Belizean Abroad; Scouts in conservation project; Belize Freest Caribbean State
September 1986 15 People in the News Prime Minister, Mr. Manuel Esquivel, this month made a three-day working visit to the United States of America; The manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia, Jose Rosado has presented a cheque of 26,000 to Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel to be used to fund scholarships and bursaries; The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development Samuel Rhaburn headed a two man delegation which represented Belize at the 32nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference and the 6th Commonwealth Parliamentary conference for small countries; Minister of Labour and Social Services, Phillip Goldson, officially inaugurated a senior citizens' home in San Ignacio known as Octavia Waight Centre; The Governor General, Dame Minita Gordon, acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, Manuel Esquivel has appointed the Solicitor General, Gian Gandhi, to act as Commission of Inquiry to investigate allegations of irregularities in the prison system
September 1986 16 Picture News Mr. Wagner opens the WASA seminar; Minister Goldson inspects the police recruits, Attorney General Barrow elevated to Senior Consul; Boxer George Swaso
October 1986 2 Editorial Comment The Old Capital is changing
October 1986 3 Commentary The Belize Consumer Price index (CPI)
October 1986 4 Cover Story The changing face of Belize City, A new sewer system for the old capital; Interview with Belize City Mayor, Frank Lizama
October 1986 9 "We need each other's cooperation and goodwill"
October 1986 10 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Altun Ha
October 1986 11 Personality of the Month Lincoln Mckensey, The Meat Specialist
October 1986 12 Belize Elected to United Nations Organ
October 1986 12 Agriculture Minister urges Fishermen to cooperate and diversify
October 1986 13 Foreign Minister Barrow Addresses United Nations General Assembly
October 1986 14 Newsbeats Prime Minister Esquivel Represents Belize at International Financial Meetings; Minister Lindo Opens Agriculture Workshop; Belizean Art Exhibition in Mexico; Governor General Announces Relief fund for St. Lucia and El Salvador; Belize to host Caribbean regional conference on drug abuse and rehabilitation; Giving REAP new impetus
October 1986 16 People in the News The New Chief Justice of Belize was sworn in early this month by the Governor General, Dame Minita Gordon. He is Mr. Taufik Suliman Cotran, CBE; Mr. Arkel Kenneth Brown has been promoted to the post of Labour Commissioner; The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Mr. Elodio Aragon headed a three-man delegation to a regional conference on drug trafficking and drug abuse which was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Minister of Health, Mr. Israel Alpuche, this month represented Belize at two international Health conferences; Her Excellency the Governor General, Dame Minita Gordon made an official visit to British Columbia this month
November 1986 2 Editorial Comment Reflections for the Citco Elections
November 1986 3 Cover Story Addressing Belize's Housing Needs
November 1986 5 44 houses lots on BEC Land
November 1986 6 Our Miss Belize Queens of yesteryears
November 1986 7 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Our Christmas message
November 1986 8 Personality of the Month Oliver Craig Yearing for sports' good old days
November 1986 9 Investments Looking Up Belize City a favourite business site
November 1986 10 In Memory of our fallen Brethren Remembrance Day 1986
November 1986 11 Newsbeats Belize recognises Saharawi Republic; Towards a more efficient Public Service; In praise of Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS)
November 1986 13 People in the News Health Minister, Israel Alpuche has received eighteen Ford vehicles, two small boat and trailers and four motors from the USAID Belize representative, Mr. Neboysha Brashish; Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel was the guest speaker at the inauguration of the new government school in Santa Martha, Orange Walk; Belize ambassador to the United States of America, Edward Laing represented Belize as an observer at the Annual General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) held in Guatemala; A consultant of the Rome-based food and Agriculture Organization, Clive Edwards was on a one-week working visit to Belize; Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dean Barrow this month presided at the inauguration of the Embassy of Belize in Mexico; A four men team of Chief Veterinarians from Caricom members states visited Belize this month.
December 1986 1 Editorial Comment Belize City voters wait to cast their ballot
December 1986 2 Christmas Message From the Prime Minister, Manuel Esquivel
December 1986 3 New Year's Message from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, Curl Thompson
December 1986 4 Cover Story In aid of the Disable
December 1986 8 Personality of the Month Zee Edgell On being a Belizean
December 1986 9 Miss Belize Pictorial
December 1986 10 The Year gone by
December 1986 11 UDP wins all in Citco Elections
December 1986 13 A brief chat with the Lord Mayor
December 1986 14 Culture The National Garifuna Council of Belize No Strangers to Perseverance
December 1986 15 Culture Caracol, Belize's National Treasure
December 1986 17 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Adventure Inn
December 1986 18 The Drug War Continues A was the government intends to win in a most decisive fashion
December 1986 19 Newsbeats UK/Guatemala resume diplomatic ties; Belize participates in first Earth Run
December 1986 20 People in the News The Office of the Governor General has announced the inclusion of three Belizean in her Majesty's 1987 New year's honours list; Speaking at the annual conference of senior officers in his Ministry, the Minister of Natural Resources, Charles Wagner reiterated Government's commitment to the system of meritocracy; Minister of Health, Israel Alpuche made a working tour of the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts this month; The Minister of Agriculture Dean Lindo opened a shrimp seminar held this month in Belmopan; Fifteen young men graduated at ceremonies held this month at the National 4-H Centre in Belmopan
January 1987 2 Editorial Comment Kidnappings, Drugs and (yes) Xenophobia
January 1987 3 Viewpoint We the Women
January 1987 4 Cover Story Looking at Listowell
January 1987 5 The Prime Minister Speaks On Government Milestone Achievement, on the sugar Quota Reduction, on the Belize/Guatemala dispute, on development projects in northern Belize, on government Major municipal mandate, on the coca cola controversy
January 1987 7 A commendable exercise in open government Press Conference January '87
January 1987 8 Personality of the Month Velda Fairweather-Aguet "A community commitment must be developed countrywide"
January 1987 9 Up Up with Women
January 1987 10 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Benque Viejo del Carmen
January 1987 11 Newsbeats New offensives in drug war; Belize Rural on the run; Belize--Land of the Free
January 1987 12 People in the News Minister of Education Elodio Aragon opened a new school building in the refugee community of Las Flores; Cultural Partnership Limited, a London-based group involved in the arts, has invited V. Andy Palacio to participate in a three month cultural working tour in London; Minister of Tourism Edwardo Juan has signed a two year contract under which the European Economic Community has assigned a Tourism Consultant to the Ministry; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development, Samuel Rhaburn, Senior Economist in the office of Economic Development, Jose Puga and the Charge d' Affairs in the Embassy of Belize in Mexico, Atlay Moralez represented Belize at an extraordinary conference of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC); This month Belize bid farewell to outgoing Jamaican High Commissioner to Belize, Louis Boothe and welcomed Sweden's second non-resident Ambassador Mr. Lennart Klackenberg; Director of the Office of Economic Development Mrs. Yvonne Hyde, joined Belize's ambassador to the United States; Edward Laing, in representing Belize at an international conference on development assistance; The office of the Prime Minister announced, four promotions and new posting in the senior ranks of the Public Service
February 1987 2 Editorial Comment On Matters of the Press
February 1987 3 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Punta Gorda
February 1987 4 Cover Story More Road Works Ahead more Infrastructural Development
February 1987 7 From the House Rebuking the Opposition, on the road to economic progress, the control of firearms, more protection for tourists, stiffer penalties for kidnappers
February 1987 8 Viewpoint The Crossroads of History; A vision of the Development of Education into the 21st Century
February 1987 9 Forging ahead with education
February 1987 11 Personality of the Month Raymond Barrow "Youths must examine all the facets if beautiful Belize
February 1987 12 Bring in the Vegetables BABCO trying to prove that vegetable are better than sugar
February 1987 14 Belize Defence Force Day '87
February 1987 14 Gearing Up for the drug summit
February 1987 15 Newsbeats Belize to beef up Caricom; Belize establishes diplomatic links with china maintains commercial links with Taiwan; On the drug trail
February 1987 16 People in the News Minister of Health Mr. Israel Alpuche this month opened the first ever evaluation seminar of the professional staff of the Ministry at the Belmopan Convention Hotel; Mrs. Lydia Rowland has been appointed to the newly created post of Director of Immigration and Nationality in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development; Returning to Belize at the end of a three week tour was the Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Charles Wagner, Principal Lands Officer and Ag. National Project Director of Petroleum Resources Development Project Mr. Clinton Gardiner, and Geologist and Chief Technical Advisor Dr. Prasada Rao; The Deputy Secretary of the Overseas Development Administration, Mr. Robert Ainscow and Mr. Brian Peskett of the British Development Division in the Caribbean based in Barbados visited Belize this Month; This Month a high level delegation from the Mexico-United States Commission for the Eradication of Screw-worm made a working visit to Belize; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced the appointment of Mr. Theodore Gonzales as Honorary Counsul of Belize in the State of Florida
March 1987 1 From the New Belize to Belize Today
March 1987 0 Cover Story $226.4 Million for more Development
March 1987 4 Key Economic Indicators
March 1987 7 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Placencia
March 1987 8 Photo Essay A day at the Belmopan Market
March 1987 10 Personality of the Month Karl Menzies "Learn by doing. Earn while you learn"
March 1987 11 Open Forum Integrating Women in Development- A must
March 1987 12 From the Ministries
March 1987 14 Around Belize Shooting Match hits target for Orphans; The National Development Foundation of Belize (NDFB) makes offers of its services; And the time is …; Choral Society holds Arts festival; Mayoral Elections held in four towns; Running with Technical; Park Foundation now functions; Twin-Town Town board plans for 1987
March 1987 16 New Anti-Crime Legislations More teeth into laws against un-Belizean behaviour
April 1987 1 About Things Belizean
April 1987 2 Cover Story Belize's Anti-Drug Initiative
April 1987 5 Open Forum Battling the Social Odds
April 1987 6 Talking to Mr. Thompson
April 1987 8 Photo Essay Major Churches of Belize City
April 1987 10 Personality of the Month Phillip Goldson Faced with difficulties which would have daunted persons of inferior grift, he steadily pressed on…
April 1987 11 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Belmopan
April 1987 12 Why, it's WARD! Dark Horse Shatters record in 59th classic as tragedy strikes
April 1987 14 Around Belize Merry Christmas - with Local Ham; Rockview's New Facilities; Men, Women and Development; Medical Field Day in Mango Creek;
April 1987 15 From the Ministries
May 1987 1 The red-catching Red
May 1987 2 Cover Story Our Youth Instilling in them the disciplines of self-reliance
May 1987 4 Belize Export and Investment Promotion Unit (BEIPU) highlights Belizean Products
May 1987 5 Personality of the Month Jean Shaw Meet an interesting person!
May 1987 6 Countering the Medfly Menace Killing two flies with one spray
May 1987 8 Photo Essay Visiting the Maya Ruins
May 1987 10 Prime Minister Esquivel Heads Delegation on tour of China, South Korea A historic and successful goodwill visit that will produce extensive and fruitful cooperation and cement our relations
May 1987 11 Deputy Prime Minister praises police performance, points to the need for more improvement
May 1987 12 The Belizean Tourister The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
May 1987 13 Open Forum Open the threshold of change
May 1987 14 Around Belize Silence in the Court; The Hol Chan Marine Reserve; Singspiration a success; more sounds of music
May 1987 15 From the Ministries
May 1987 16 Pictorial National Agriculture and Trade Show '87
June 1987 1 Analysing recent amendments
June 1987 2 Commentary Amending the Lotteries, Immigration and Firearms Laws
June 1987 4 Cover Story The resurging forestry industry
June 1987 6 John Clifford Paulino Sr. An Exemplary Educator "No wait till the man dead, fu tell im e good"; Belizean singer Lucio and his New Generation Combo
June 1987 7 Personality of the Month Wilbert Peters "if we lose our culture, we lose our unique identity
June 1987 7 Photo Essay A visit to Government House
June 1987 10 Archaeology Sarteneja, Where the past is present
June 1987 12 Open Forum Looting- its wider implications
June 1987 13 Coping with the Africanized Bee
June 1987 14 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Ladyville
June 1987 15 Around Belize Operation Mercy in Jalacte, Queen Elizabeth II honours 4; Flagging it on stamps; Stann Creek Medfly free
June 1987 16 From The Ministries
July 1987 1 An Agenda for Action
July 1987 2 Cover Story The Immigration Issue
July 1987 5 Open Forum All their trials, Lord soon be over?
July 1987 6 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; San Pedro
July 1987 7 In Search of Sanity Deputy Prime Minister Thompson reiterates Belize's commitment to the international fight against illegal drugs
July 1987 8 Photo Essay The National Meteorological Service in Action
July 1987 10 Airport Update Prime Minister predicts a blossoming of development activities at the end of the year
July 1987 11 Personality of the Month The Police Force, Individually, each does his duty, so that collectively they can all hope for the best
July 1987 12 Around Belize Belize observes the day of the five billion; Andy Palacio doing pretty fine; Up by thirty; Orange Walk's old folks home; Belize/Chetumal City Councils Pow-wow
July 1987 14 From the Ministries
July 1987 15 From the Ministries
July 1987 16 Nazarene High's fleding mechanics
August 1987 1 The blood of a true Belizean
August 1987 2 Cover Story Adjusting Salaries
August 1987 4 Personality of the Month Osmond Martin "Our poverty can be enriching"
August 1987 5 Open Forum Where do we go from here? Roman Catholic Bishop of Belize presents his vision of the Church's future
August 1987 6 A Financial Secretary Finale Sir Edney departs for London posting
August 1987 7 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Bermudian Landing
August 1987 8 Photo Essay Miss Belmopan Pageant Our ladies of the Capital; Miss world Belize
August 1987 10 Addressing our post-independence responsibilities the SIS speaks for itself
August 1987 12 This Land is my Land
August 1987 13 Around Belize Coke wins Soccer Crown; Say no to Rambowine; One girl of a hurricane; Simulation Exercise Successful
August 1987 14 Growing Rice in Mafredi Rice project in Toledo achieves spectacular results
August 1987 16 From the Ministries
October 1987 1 Editorial Comment On Observing the Law
October 1987 2 Open Forum Tourism and Cultural Development
October 1987 3 Cover Story Foreign Affairs: Exercising our right to speak out
October 1987 5 This Year's Address before the United Nations General Assembly
October 1987 6 Personality of the Month Mrs. Deanna Nisbet "Our Youths are our best resources and we adults should show good examples"
October 1987 7 22 New Coaches for BNFA
October 1987 8 Photo Essay Prime Minister Esquivel Tours Toledo West
October 1987 10 Around Belize New Executive For Belize Export and Investment Promotion Unit (BEIPU); Combining profits and service
October 1987 11 The New Financial Secretary shares his views
October 1987 13 Pictorial Queen of the Bay 1987-88
October 1987 15 From the Ministries
October 1987 16 From the Ministries
October 1987 0 Hurricane Preparedness supplement 1987
November/December 1987 1 Editorial Comment The Amara Avenue Incident
November/December 1987 2 Cover Story The BTL Story -- From covering the nation yesterday to spanning the world today and tomorrow
November/December 1987 4 Prime Minister Esquivel's Christmas Message Deputy Prime Minister New year's message
November/December 1987 5 Personality of the Month Mrs. Beatrice Kingston-Smith "If we want the best for our people, then we must be prepared to make sacrifices in order to do something about it"
November/December 1987 6 "Kris-mus brring e oown mon-ney
November/December 1987 7 Prime Minister continues tour in the South
November/December 1987 8 1987-- The year of Belizeans, building and proud The year in review
November/December 1987 10 New Investment in Belize
November/December 1987 11 Musical Masters of Dangriga
November/December 1987 12 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; The Belize Zoo
November/December 1987 13 Around Belize Fairy Godmother Canada
November/December 1987 14 Around Belize Belizeans Sweetness and spices in los Angeles
November/December 1987 15 From the Ministries
November/December 1987 16 From the Ministries
January 1988 1 Editorial Comment Moving in the right direction
January 1988 2 Commentary Diplomacy-Dollars and sense
January 1988 3 Cover Story Belize- Three years after raise up moving in the right direction
January 1988 8 Photo Essay A visit to: St John's Cathedral
January 1988 11 Around Belize Three Belizeans received New Year's Honours from Queen Elizabeth II; New Garment factory for Belmopan
January 1988 12 Personality of the Month Mr. Raymond Edmundo Ramirez "Live for something. In life you become what you make of yourself"
January 1988 13 Around Belize The Ministry of Economic Development issues 8 concessions
January 1988 14 Creating the Best Police Force in the Region Update on Anti-Drug Campaign
January 1988 15 The Belize Defence Force now ten year old
January 1988 0 Hurricane Preparedness Supplement 1988
February 1988 1 Editorial Comment The Crucial role of the Ministry of Economic Development
February 1988 2 Cover Story The Ministry of Economic Development-- Playing a pivotal role in change and growth in Belize
February 1988 5 Personality of the Month Mr. Evan Godfrey "What ever one undertakes, one should give it his best effort"
February 1988 6 Photo Essay The Belize Vocational Training Centre- Turning Young School-Leavers into skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen
February 1988 8 Pictorial Airport gets new name; Ground Broken for new terminal building
February 1988 9 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; Sand Hill
February 1988 10 Around Belize H.R.H. Prince Philip visits Belize; National Assembly gets new Clerk
February 1988 11 From The Ministries
February 1988 12 From the Ministries
March 1988 1 Editorial Comment
March 1988 2 From the Ministries Focus on the Ministries of Agriculture
March 1988 3 Budget 1988-89 A Budget that is different
March 1988 4 Viewpoint Municipal Elections 1988--An Affirmation of the Democratic Process
March 1988 6 Personality of the Month Mrs. Sandra Bedran "One must have strong faith in God and self-respect"
March 1988 8 Photo Essay A look at the Belize Youth Development Centre
March 1988 12 The Prime Minister Meets the Local Press
March 1988 13 Belize Gains Popularity at Berlin Fair Baron Bliss Day
March 1988 14 Second Governor General Scholarship Awarded
March 1988 14 From the Ministries
March 1988 15 Open Forum
March 1988 16 From the Ministries
April/May 1988 2 Editorial Comment
April/May 1988 3 Open Forum Focus on the ministry of Agriculture
April/May 1988 4 Pictorial National Agriculture Show Highlights Farmers Work
April/May 1988 0 Cover Story Mexico's President de la Madrid makes Historic state visit ot Belize
April/May 1988 8 Personality of the Month Sister Marilyn Panton "This above all, to thine ownself be true, thou cans't not then be false to any man"
April/May 1988 10 Address made by his Excellency Lic. Miguel de la Madrid, President of the United Mexican States to Belize National Assembly
April/May 1988 12 Prime Minister of Belize Manuel Esquivel response to President de la Madrid's Address
April/May 1988 13 Commentary Nursing Training in Belize
April/May 1988 13 Photo Essay Belize School of Nursing
April/May 1988 16 Education Four receive UCB Bachelors Degree
April/May 1988 18 Belize--Guatemala joint Commission established Prime Minister's response
April/May 1988 20 Around Belize New Home for Belize Zoo; Welcome Aboard, Eastern and Continental; British Forces tidy Half Moon Caye; First release for Andy Palacio; Americans hold on to Cross-Country Championship;
April/May 1988 22 Around Belize Belizeans Prepare to Combat the drug problem in the society; Lucio continues make good music; Delegation goes to Guatemala City for IPU Conference; Social Security Board steps up training for its staff
April/May 1988 24 From the Ministries
April/May 1988 25 From the Ministries
April/May 1988 26 From the Ministries
April/May 1988 27 From the Ministries
June/July 1988 2 Editorial Comment Johnny be Good
June/July 1988 3 Cover Story Dealing with Deadlier Dope
June/July 1988 5 U.N./Belize Observe Day Against Drug Abuse Dangerous Drugs Update
June/July 1988 6 Personality of the Month Sir Clifford De Lisle Inniss, Belize's adopted son--establishing his prominence among the many who continue to do us proud.
June/July 1988 7 Pauline takes the crown New Miss World Belize'88
June/July 1988 8 The Belizean Tourister Guanacaste Park
June/July 1988 9 Airport Project gets Airborne
June/July 1988 10 Photo Essay Efficiency, Productivity and Expansion- The Belize Mills Limited
June/July 1988 12 The Voices of our Graduates
June/July 1988 14 Quick Facts about Immigration and Nationality
June/July 1988 15 Viewpoint Health in the Hinterlands, District health teams spearhead the provision of health care by the people, to the people and for the people:
June/July 1988 17 Around Belize Government officials attend regional meetings; Hurricane awareness week; Mexican leader de la Madrid says thanks; Familiarization visit of Guatemalan Congressional Delegation; Belize bids farewell to Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
June/July 1988 19 From the Ministries
June/July 1988 20 From the Ministries
August 1988 2 Editorial Comment Some reflections on the upcoming Celebrations
August 1988 3 Another kind of AIDS
August 1988 4 Cover Story The rise of the NGOs
August 1988 6 Feature Assuring Maximum value for $$$ Spent on community Development
August 1988 7 Personality of the Month Edison Coleman "Applause to an artist is like food to a hungry man"
August 1988 8 Photo Essay The Belize Timber Limited
August 1988 10 Belizeans imprisoned in Mexico prefer "Back-A-Baptist" Belize/Mexico Prison Exchange Accord
August 1988 11 From the House New bank rates, September mini-budget' $$ for teachers/Open vote workers
August 1988 12 Travelogue The Belizean Tourister; The Tiangus Tourism Fair
August 1988 13 Around Belize Caribbean Youth Exchange; American Society of Primatologists (ASP) awards Belizeans; More sugar to the states; Commemorating Emancipation; Pupa Curly in Belize; CONGRATULATIONS it's a girl!!
August 1988 15 From the Ministries Deputy Prime Minster and Minister of Home Affairs, Curl Thompson signed a contract with the Le Patriarch International Association, to establish a Rehabilitation Centre and an Urban Centre for drug addicts in Belize; Mexican ambassador Marco Antonio Alcazar and Costa Rican ambassador Maximiliano Oreamuno has presented their credentials to Governor General Dame Minita Gordon.
August 1988 16 From the Ministries A group of three British experts was in Belize conducting a feasibility study for constructing a museum in Belmopan; The Caribbean Community, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization has undertaken a project to mobilize non-governmental organizations engage in health to assist in the delivery of health services in the region; The Office of the Prime Minister has announce changes of permanent secretaries within government ministries
September 1988 1 Pictorial The Day After Gilbert
September 1988 2 Editorial Comment Introducing the right mini, Giving back to the people what belongs to the people
September 1988 3 Personality of the Month Elijio Panti "for every sickness there is a herbal cure and for every suffering there is a healing balm"
September 1988 4 Road Works Ahead Major road and bridge building programme to be implemented; Sprucing up CA Blvd, City to Haulover Bridge and Benque Road and beyond
September 1988 6 Cover Story Celebrations Many reasons to be joyful
September 1988 7 Cover Story The Mid-year budget with a difference
September 1988 11 Around Belize Libertad takes on new look; After Gilbert Struck..; Excels at UWI; 34th Commonwealth Conference
September 1988 12 Gayla GAYLA!! New Queen of the Bay 1988/89 Pictorial and Interview
September 1988 13 Queen of the Bay wins third in Garvey Competition
September 1988 14 Helping youngsters help themselves The new Apprenticeship System; Deputy Prime Minister speaks on Apprenticeship
September 1988 16 From the Ministries Area representative and Deputy Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Henry Young declared the Port Loyola Health Post officially opened; Arrangements have been finalized for a Dutch voluntary Organization Medicos Sin Franteras, MSF Holland, to provide support to primary health care services in the Cayo District; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcome two ambassadors , Jean Claude Fortuit from France and Jose de la Cruz Paradez from Panama; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Pat Bernard has signed a memorandum of understanding to provide training for Belizeans vocational teachers.
October 1988 1 Editorial Comment
October 1988 2 Cover Story Power Project 1 Keeping the bright lights burning
October 1988 6 Viewpoint Aspects of Popular culture in Belize
October 1988 8 Photo Essay The Princess Royal Youth Hostel---Not just a place for Bad Boys
October 1988 10 Belize articulates her foreign policy at the UN Excerpts from Address to 43rd General Assembly
October 1988 12 Personality of the Month Zebedee Pitterson "Everything I have is from the blessing of God not by my doing"
October 1988 13 Prime Minister Esquivel on Education
October 1988 14 Around Belize Who's Who?? Governor General is!!; New books/new degree at University College of Belize; The case of the inverted stamps; Permanent Secretary Hall/Sr. Panton attended regional women's conference; Anti-drug organisation plants roots in Belize; The Prime Minister and the Press; Police Officers on Training Courses
October 1988 15 From the Ministries Prime Minister, Manuel Esquivel left Belize on a two week working tour which took him to Dominica, West Germany, England and the United States; Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Edwardo Juan accepted a cheque for $15,000 as a contribution towards the construction of a primary school building in Esperanza village; the 7th Annual Belize Medical and Dental Congress was opened on October 4th at Belize City Fort George Hotel; A six day work shop was held at the National 4-H Training Centre in Belmopan; World Food Day was observed on October 16th.
November/December 1988 1 Editorial Comment
November/December 1988 2 Prime Minister Christmas Message
November/December 1988 3 Cover Story Focus on the once forgotten south, major development projects come on stream in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts
November/December 1988 4 Christmas Greetings from Deputy Prime Minister Curl Thompson
November/December 1988 6 From Soybean seed to Livestock Feed
November/December 1988 6 Drug sniffing dogs for police
November/December 1988 7 Personality of the Month Philip Lewis "My trade is to capture images on paper"
November/December 1988 8 Minister Wagner talks of development in the south
November/December 1988 10 The year 1988 in review Together we move forward
November/December 1988 12 Photo Essay Amigo Mexico's Favorite Son and president-Elect Salinas de Gortari Visits
November/December 1988 14 Refined Laws for Mines and Minerals
November/December 1988 15 Commentary Economic Planning for Development
November/December 1988 16 New Link for North-side/South-side Belize City
November/December 1988 18 The Belize Airport Authority Approaches Take-off
November/December 1988 20 Around Belize Family Violence Conference; Temporary Increase in Sugar quota for Belize; $300,000 gifts from South Korea; Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Fact-finding mission in Belize; New Health Centre for Libertad; Belizean gain first class honours
November/December 1988 22 Around Belize Prime Minister sends congratulatory message; International Journalists visit; Japanese Investment mission in Belize
November/December 1988 23 From the Ministries Two veneer plants are currently being constructed, one in the Cayo District and the other in the Toledo District; The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Margaret Sanger Centre of New York has completed a two week Trainer of Trainers' course in parent education; Belize has received a wide range of hospital equipment and supplies valued at some $400,000; A fiscal Management for Economic Stability Seminar was held at the Belmopan Convention Hotel; Fourteen newly trained mechanics received certificates at the closing ceremonies for a ten week mechanic course;
January 1989 1 Editorial Comment The Tourism Trap
January 1989 2 Commentary The Belize Constitution Fine-tuned
January 1989 3 The Benefits of the Belize Social Security System
January 1989 4 Cover Story Blueprint for greater women's participation
January 1989 6 Blueprint for greater women's participation Interview with Minister of Labour and Social Services, Phillip Goldson
January 1989 7 Winter Vegetables: Alternative cash crops for Belizean Farmers
January 1989 8 Pictorial Belize Defence Force, 11 years and a 'force to be reckoned with'
January 1989 11 Disability Services Division in Action
January 1989 13 Personality of the Month Mr. Oswald Sutherland "our youths should learn to love their country …instead of running away from it"
January 1989 14 Around Belize Skating rink for fort George; Police Department acquires three motor cycles; Belmopan Beauty enchanced; Her majesty honours three Belizeans; British Secretary of Defence visits
January 1989 16 From the Ministries
February/March 1989 1 Editorial Comment
February/March 1989 2 Cover Story Budget 1989-90--A budget of caring and sharing
February/March 1989 4 Positive Economic Trends Hallmark 1988's performance
February/March 1989 6 Cover Story Road Works in all directions
February/March 1989 8 Minister of Works and Housing Hon. Hubert Elrington discusses the new approach to housing taken by his ministry
February/March 1989 10 Ordination, Consecration and Enthronement of the Belizean Anglican Bishop at St. John's Cathedral
February/March 1989 12 $2.5 Million for better streets in the old, beloved city
February/March 1989 13 Personality of the Month Santiago 'Santino' Castillo, Successful Businessman, popular musician and Sports enthusiast
February/March 1989 14 The Benefits of the Belize Social Security System
February/March 1989 15 Airport Project creates many jobs Drug abuse prevention workshop for NDAAC Members; "Ocean Spirit" visits---Job Possibilities
February/March 1989 16 Vector Control Program gear up Countrywide
February/March 1989 17 Around Belize University College of Belize (UCB) moves into its $1.6 million building; 11 police promotions include Belize's first woman Assistant Inspector of Police; Two honourary consuls for Belize; Prime Minister and Foreign Minister attend inauguration of new Venezuelan President; Belize participates in ACP-EEC Conference; UNHCR Representatives visit for talks with government officials
February/March 1989 19 From the Ministries A Belize Delegation participated in an international conference on Refugees in Central America which was held in Antigua, Guatemala; Sixteen public officers received certificates on successful completion of a seminar on sharpening business writing skills; Police Commissioner, Bernard Bevans returned home after attending a conference for Caribbean Commissioners of Police in Barbados; the Police Force recruited some 39 trainee police officers to their number
February/March 1989 20 From the Ministries The Minister of Health is conducting a first National Nutrition Survey; Prime Minister, Manuel Esquivel recently broke ground for the new Crooked Tree Health Centre; Belize Defence Force took in recruit intake #24; Minister Phillip Goldson opened a national workshop entitle Management for Development-Effecting Change.
April 1989 1 Editorial Comment
April 1989 2 Cover Story Education: Key to Fulfilling the development needs of Belize
April 1989 5 Minister Aragon Speaks on Education "…teaching is the best profession to enter.. There are good incentives
April 1989 7 Personality of the Month Bishop Desmond Milton Smith, SSF.
April 1989 8 UCB on the Move
April 1989 9 Prime Minister Esquivel makes 6-day U.S. Tour
April 1989 10 Belize Telecommunications Limited Spanning the Nation and the World
April 1989 12 National Drug Awareness Week II
April 1989 13 Around Belize Belize Represented at 12th Annual PRIDE Conference
April 1989 14 From the Ministries Her Excellency the Governor General officially opened a new hanger for the Air Wing of the Belize Defence Force at the Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport
April 1989 15 Around Belize Lions Opens specialized clinic in Belize City; Belize Advisory Council gets second Chairman; Audit Department sets up base in Belmopan
April 1989 16 Around Belize Prime Minister tours Toledo East and West; NDACC's Representatives on international visitor's programme in U.S.
April 1989 17 Libertad reopens to produce Ethanol
April 1989 17 National Youth Commission Swing into Action
April 1989 18 The Benefits of the Belize Social Security System
April 1989 18 Belizean Delegates review International Drug Convention
April 1989 19 From the Ministries Minister of Natural Resources, Charles Wagner has prospects of finding oil in Belize in commercial quantity; Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Hon. Eduardo Juan has officially inaugurated a rudimentary water system in the village of Georgeville; The Ministry of Agriculture is presently spearheading a Medfy Eradication Programme; Commissioner of Police, Bernard Bevans, has stated that there will be increase patrols of the highway by the Police; A contract was signed for the rehabilitation of the section of the Northern Highway from Bella Vista to the Haulover Bridge; Lemonal in the Belize District now boasts a new bridge spanning Spanish Creek at the entrance of the community; The training Unit of the Establishment Department in conjunction with the Belize Medical and Dental Association hosted a seminar on the ill effects of smoking to observe World Health Day; The Prime Minister, Manuel Esquivel and United States Ambassador Robert G. Rich sign three projects grant agreement amendments increasing funding for three USAID-assisted projects in Belize
May/June 1989 1 Editorial Comment Education for Development
May/June 1989 2 Belize Family Court-A dream come true
May/June 1989 3 Cover Story Skills training through apprenticeship
May/June 1989 4 Apprentices at Work
May/June 1989 5 Minister Goldson on Apprenticeship
May/June 1989 7 "We are just as good" Says Belize Exports and Investment Promotion (BEIPU)
May/June 1989 8 The Benefits of the Belize Social Security System
May/June 1989 9 From the Ministries Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Dean Barrow has participated in the 15th Meeting of the Standing Committee of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of CARICOM States hosted in St. Lucia; The third non-resident Ambassador of Israel to Belize, Mr. Baruch Gilead has presented his credential to the Governor General of Belize; Sir Edney Cain has presented letters accrediting him as Ambassador of Belize to the President of France, Monsieur Francois Mitterand; Spain first Ambassador to Belize, Mr. Alberto Aza Arias presented his credentials to the Governor General; Belize hosted for the first time, a Sub-Regional Course for Maintenance of Clinical Laboratory Equipment for Health Institutions; A team of officials headed by Ministry of Commerce Permanent Secretary, Crescencio Sosa left Belize for Grenada to the 34th Meeting of the Common Market Council; In Observance of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking a panel discussion was aired on television
May/June 1989 11 Around Belize Chicago Picks Miss Teen Belize/USA; Belmopan Development plans until year 2000; Belize YMCA to get assistance from North Carolina; Mexico hands over seven Belizean Prisoners;
May/June 1989 12 AIDS Hotline for Belize
July/August 1989 1 Editorial Comment Elections Issue
July/August 1989 2 Cover Story A chronicle of the first five, 1989 minus 1984 is equal to more than five
July/August 1989 11 New Society to Heighten Belize's History and Identity
July/August 1989 11 Belize/Mexico: Three cheers for a happy friendship
July/August 1989 12 Go Deh B.C.A.-- The road to Accreditation
July/August 1989 12 Belmopan 19 and growing
July/August 1989 13 Belizean Athletes in France
July/August 1989 13 On Economic Citizenship
July/August 1989 14 Urban Development Corporation Planning for development in the city
July/August 1989 15 Sharing $ 10.4 Million with all
July/August 1989 15 Belize at Regional Drug Seminar
July/August 1989 16 Understand the Quarantine
September/October 1989 1 Editorial Comment A welcomed change
September/October 1989 2 Cover Story Belizeans first peaceful change by Democratic choice
September/October 1989 6 New Administration places Belizeans people at centre stage
September/October 1989 7 Belize poised to join Inter-American Family
September/October 1989 8 Happy eighth birthday, Belize
September/October 1989 10 The National Assembly of Belize 1989-1994 The House of Representatives and the Senate
September/October 1989 12 The Big Losers
September/October 1989 14 Bramming Belizean Style
September/October 1989 16 Carnival Fever
September/October 1989 17 The Benefits of the Belize Social Security System
September/October 1989 18 Foreign Leaders Applaud New Government
September/October 1989 19 New Thrust Against Illegal Drugs
September/October 1989 20 Unusual Mayan Burial Site Uncovered
November/December 1989 1 Editorial Comment More Change
November/December 1989 3 Speaking with Said
November/December 1989 7 Nortenos Celebrate Pan American Day
November/December 1989 8 Tourism now going La Ruta Maya
November/December 1989 9 Forestry shows the way with Kiln-Dried Lumber
November/December 1989 10 Personality of the Month Sylvia Flores, J.P. "I enjoy working with and for people
November/December 1989 11 Third bridge for Belize City
November/December 1989 12 Punta Rock The Sound of Belize Part1 by Andy Palacio
November/December 1989 13 A hectic Legislative Agenda
November/December 1989 14 Belizeans Benefit from reduce land prices House lots now 50% off
November/December 1989 15 Garinagu celebrate 166 anniversary of their arrival in Belize
November/December 1989 16 Bringing Legal Training Home
November/December 1989 17 Belize at the Miami Caribbean Carnival
November/December 1989 18 From the Ministries Carl Lindberg Rogers is Belize's new Permanent Representative to the United Nations; The republic of China (Taiwan) and Belize established diplomatic relations; The first non-resident ambassador of Turkey to Belize , Tanju Ulgen has been accredited; Command of the Belize Defence Force will be assumed by a Belizean officer; New Board of Directors have been appointed for the Belize Port Authority, the Belize Electricity Board and the Licencing and Transport Board; First Belizean Scout Handbook has been published; New members have been appointed to the National Sports Council and the National Arts Council through a Statutory Instrument; The Reconstruction and Development Corporation (RECONDEV) now has a new board of directors; The 1989 Annual Travelling Exhibition mounted by the Archaeology and Archives Department had as its theme, "Aspects of Ancient Mayan Religion" and "Development of Transportation in Belize"; A new Pick-up was presented to the Minister of Health and Urban Development, Theodore Aranda for use in his Ministry's Primary Health Services; The Rockview Psychiatric Hospital is holding a three month training course for its attendants
January 1990 0 Editorial Comment Challenges of the 1990's
January 1990 2 Cover Story P.U.P. Landslide to renew Belize City
January 1990 4 Mayor Latchman Discusses Plan to Renew Belize City
January 1990 7 Belize at 13th Annual Miami Conference
January 1990 8 Preparing for the 1991 Census
January 1990 9 "Health is much more than the mere presence of absence of disease"
January 1990 13 Personality of the Month Elias Ajib Awe "Nothing pleases me more than to achieve something for the community"
January 1990 14 Social Security Board to build new multimillion headquarters
January 1990 15 Around Belize Restructuring takes effect; CSO head gets Master's; New Government briefed; Belize updates maritime Law; Queen honours five Belizeans; Warfare doomed the Mayas; UWI professor will review laws; Belize attends its first Cha Marketplace
January 1990 17 From the Ministries The government of Belize, through its Ministry of Works, is constructing a double lane bridge over the Sibun River near la Democracia Village; Special adviser to the Belize Police Force, Graham Goulding has left Belize after a two year tour of duty; The deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Natural Resources met with Mexican and United States officials during a visit to those countries; The inaugural meeting of the Citrus Control Board was declared open on December 31st by the Deputy Prime Minster and Minister of Industry and Natural Resources, Florencio Marin; A five day Health Pre-testing Workshop was held at the Belmopan Convention Hotel; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Rodney Neal has held discussion with personnel of the Japanese Embassy in Mexico on the technical cooperation between Belize and Japan in the field of Agriculture and Fisheries; Belize and the United States of America have signed two agreement for U.S assistance to Belize; A new ambassador has been appointed to Central America. He is Ismael Garcia; Recent retirements have allowed for promotions in the executive ranks of the Pubic Service
January 1990 20 Belize's Production and Exports doing well
February 1990 1 Editorial Comment
February 1990 2 Cover Story Citrus Industry in an Upswing
February 1990 4 Diaz Expresses Citrus Growers Association (CGA) views
February 1990 6 Modern Sewing Factory for Ladyville
February 1990 7 Personality of the Month Phyllis Cayetano "If I retire it will be from the classroom not from education"
February 1990 9 "Tourism development should involve Belizeans at every level"
February 1990 12 Belize's first Dollar coin
February 1990 14 Our Economy Production and Exports Update
February 1990 15 Face-lift for Justice
February 1990 16 Belize experiences a Cultural Renaissance
February 1990 17 To make Belize Clean and Green
February 1990 18 NGO's and Government join forces
February 1990 19 Green Light for Belize's National Museum
March 1990 1 Editorial Comment
March 1990 2 Budget 1990-91 "Working the creative partnership between the public and private sectors"
March 1990 5 Cover Story Public and Private sectors - A concerted Effort to provide Housing
March 1990 8 Housing and Cooperative Ministers Speaks
March 1990 11 Our Economy Production and Exports Update
March 1990 12 Revival of Mayan Culture in the West
March 1990 13 Personality of the Month Ismael Garcia "I see myself as an educator and servant of the people"
March 1990 14 Development Boom on Ambergris Caye
March 1990 16 United Nations vows to fight drug monster
March 1990 18 Belize prepares for beef demand
March 1990 19 New Development at Curriculum Development Unit (CDU)
April 1990 1 Editorial Comment
April 1990 2 Cover Story Government committed to Agriculture Prosperity
April 1990 6 "High value over high volume for Agricultural Diversification" Interview: Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr. Michael Espat
April 1990 9 Our Economy Production and Exports Update
April 1990 10 Personality of the Month Olga Marin, J.P. "What you can do today, don't leave for tomorrow, for it might be too late"
April 1990 12 Easter Traditions in Belize
April 1990 13 Digging and Drilling like never before
April 1990 14 Focus on Don Elfego Panti Sr. Caretaker/Guide at Xunantunich Archaeological Site
April 1990 15 A haven to people fleeing persecution and war
April 1990 18 In Belize this Month Belize Participates in trade talks; Anti-Drug abuse4 day on June 26; Las Flores and Salvapan to get Water; Belize second envoy to Nicaragua; Second Korean ambassador to Belize; Belize Observes Earth Day; Development plan for Belize; 27 Police Officers pass-out
April 1990 20 From the House on Independence Hill
April 1990 21 Belizean Chronicles The Destruction of San Jose
May 1990 1 Editorial Comment
May 1990 2 Cover Story Developing Belize's Greatest Resource - Its People
May 1990 4 Public Service Union (PSU) calls for excellence
May 1990 6 Minister of Labour, Public Service and Local Government Speaks Interview with Minister Samuel Waight to discuss plans for his portfolio
May 1990 8 Focus on Don Eligio Panti Bush Medicine Guru
May 1990 9 Gold in the Mountains
May 1990 10 One Man's Hunt for gold
May 1990 11 Personality of the Month Gilbert Daniel Tablada "When you do something do it right"
May 1990 12 Belize/Mexico relations reach a higher level
May 1990 14 Cooperatives on the move
May 1990 16 National Agriculture and Trade Show 1990
May 1990 18 In Belize this Month New trade directory features Belize; Prime Minister Price observes Dominican Elections; Caribbean's Rice, Corn and Beans Bowl; New Justice of Appeal sworn in; Germany's third ambassador; Oil Drilling resumes
May 1990 19 Central Statistical Office (CSO) Gauge changes in consumer prices
May 1990 20 Protecting Belize from pesticide contamination
May 1990 21 Belizean Chronicles Hurricane Janet by H. Escalante
June/July 1990 1 Editorial Comment
June/July 1990 2 Cover Story Managing Belize's Industry and Natural Resources
June/July 1990 6 Minister of Industry and Natural Resources Speaks Interview with Minister Florencio Marin to discuss plans for his portfolio
June/July 1990 9 Belizeans take command
June/July 1990 12 It all Happens in ECHO Company
June/July 1990 13 Parliamentarians to meet in Belize
June/July 1990 14 Government Printery - Printing into the 21st Century
June/July 1990 16 Personality of the Month Peter G. Craig "Always strive to be the very best you can be"
June/July 1990 17 Focus on Gilbert Usher Master boat builder
June/July 1990 18 Exploring New Energy Sources
June/July 1990 20 Lily Soap: A first for Belize
June/July 1990 21 Economic Growth, New Investment and more Jobs Through Export Processing Zone (EPZ)
June/July 1990 23 In Belize This Month Belize Addresses O.A.S; Diplomatic Service grows; New Belgian Ambassador; Getting ready for 1991 census; $10 million for low-income housing; New department formed
June/July 1990 25 Belizean Chronicles Bush Master, by B. Reneau
August 1990 1 Editorial Comment
August 1990 2 Commentary Freeing the Media
August 1990 3 Cover Story Ministry of Works' program moves ahead
August 1990 6 Major Projects in the Works
August 1990 8 Report from the House
August 1990 11 The Legend of the Marimba
August 1990 12 The Big one can strike this year… or next Stages in the development of a hurricane
August 1990 15 A Hurricane in 1991?
August 1990 16 Personality of the Month Marie Sharp "Following my father's footsteps
August 1990 17 Focus on Mr. Wordsworth Arnold "The last of the Tinsmiths"
August 1990 18 In Belize This Month New agreements pave the way for EL Mundo Maya; Belize and U.S. Governments sign agreement; New manager for Belize Social Security Board; Caribbean Police officers receive training; Making progress in Belize/Guatemala border problem; 42 new nurses; Belize College of Agriculture graduates; Brazil's third ambassador accredited; Hyde now leads Belize's U.S. mission; Ministers attend Caricom meetings.
August 1990 21 Belizean Chronicles The Life and times of my Grandmother, by A. Romera
September 1990 1 Editorial Comment How prepared are we?
September 1990 2 Cover Story Improving Belize's Communication Network
September 1990 6 "The objective is to secure a source of reliable power at a cheap price" Interview: Minister of Energy and Communications, Carlos Diaz
September 1990 8 Toledo: The Not-so-forgotten District
September 1990 13 "Toledo: The Not-so-forgotten District"
September 1990 14 Health Sector gets high priority
September 1990 17 Personality of the Month Marie Henry Anderson "I never say 'I cannot do it.'"
September 1990 18 September Celebrations evoke Nationalistic Spirit in Belizeans
September 1990 20 Focus on Rita Flowers "Children's Librarian, Band Owner, Drama Buff"
September 1990 21 Belizean Chronicles Ody's Triumph by G. Baltazar
October 1990 1 Editorial Comment Failure Past, Present Growth and Future Greatness
October 1990 2 "My Job… To give Taxpayers Efficiency at Economic Cost." Interview: Minister of Social Services, Community Development and Youth, Remijio Montejo
October 1990 6 Cover Stories Helping Belizeans help themselves, Minister Montejo addresses the most recent graduating class of the National 4-H Centre
October 1990 7 The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
October 1990 9 Focus on Zacarias Gumercindo Cano "Reaching Back to his Ancestors"
October 1990 10 On-the-Scene Report: Corozal Bounces Back!
October 1990 11 Ready for the Tourism Boom in Corozal
October 1990 16 Commentary A new Initiative to protect our Natural Resources
October 1990 17 Personality of the Month Carmita Contreras "Education is man's greatest asses."
October 1990 19 Independence Fest 1990
October 1990 20 Independence day in Belmopan
October 1990 21 Belizean Chronicles Moonman by N. Rancharan
October 1990 0 Hurricane Preparedness Supplement 1990 The Life History of a Tropical Cyclone; Hurricane Safety rules, Storm Surge (Tide); Evacuation Tips; After the Hurricane
November/December 1990 2 Editorial Comment
November/December 1990 3 "We Have a surplus after operations up to the end of August." Interview: Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Home Affairs and Defence and Trade and Commerce, Ralph Fonseca
November/December 1990 8 Cover Stories Finance Ministry Plays a key role in Belize's Drive for Economic Independence
November/December 1990 11 Focus on Miguel O. Alamilla San Pedrano Boat-Builder
November/December 1990 12 Spotlight on the New Cayo
November/December 1990 16 The Old Axe in the River
November/December 1990 17 Report from the House
November/December 1990 18 Personality of the Month Mr. Angel Liborio Ayuso "I'm always interested in Youths."
November/December 1990 20 Pan American Day 1990
November/December 1990 21 The National Development Foundation of Belize (NDF/B) Way: A help-out, not a hand-out
November/December 1990 23 Belizean Chronicles A Conscience for Christmas By Evan X. Hyde
January 1991 1 Editorial Comment O.A.S Will Benefit Belize
January 1991 2 Cover Story/Portada Education in Crisis - What is to be done?/La Educacion en crisis - Que se debe hacer?
January 1991 12 New formula to renew Belize City Proving Effective
January 1991 13 Focus on Lindsay Garbutt
January 1991 16 Personality of the Month Alfred Garbutt "the best way to do things is honestly and diligently.."
January 1991 17 Tiling away for roofs
January 1991 18 Gangs in Belize City need more than legal action
January 1991 20 Cockscomb Basin
January 1991 21 Belizean Chronicles Miss Ionie and her boy by Jacqueline Gill
February/March 1991 1 Editorial Comment
February/March 1991 2 Cover Story/Portada Construction of Hydro-Electric Project for Belize to Start soon/Pronto comenzara la construccion de un proyecto Hidro-Electrico para Belice
February/March 1991 9 Touristic Development for Cahal Pech
February/March 1991 11 Making use of Nature in Hopkins Village
February/March 1991 12 Agriculture officials tackle viral disease
February/March 1991 14 Two Presidential visits to Belize show sign of Solidarity
February/March 1991 16 National Council improves sports in Belize
February/March 1991 17 Focus on Mr. Augustine Chavarria "Only ladies' shoes"
February/March 1991 18 In Belize this Month Mexican Director presents plans for Belizean Museum; Belizean Novelist writes new book; Harres receives 1991 women's award; Ambassadors present credentials; Prime Minister attends heads of Government meeting; Belize and Costa Rica sign Tourism Agreement; Belize Appoints new Honorary Consul to Florida; Park Wardens sworn in as constables; United Nations Representatives and United Kingdom Task Force assist NDACC;
February/March 1991 20 Personality of the Month Mrs. Beulah Sheran "Every child, a sacred trust"
February/March 1991 21 Discover Five Blues Lake and Indian Creek Caves
February/March 1991 22 New Correctional Facility takes shape
February/March 1991 23 The history and present reality of Belize City's Prison Life in Prison …just another day!
February/March 1991 25 Belizean Chronicles Chencho's Jinx by Javier Moreno
April 1991 1 Editorial Comment In search of Five Blues
April 1991 2 New Dump Site for Belize City
April 1991 3 Cover Story/Portada Budget '91/Presupuesto '91
April 1991 6 Our Economy in 1990/Nuestra economia en 1990
April 1991 11 Rural Electrification Unit is established
April 1991 12 Medical Officials take no chance with Cholera
April 1991 13 Focus on Mrs. Basillia Chacon
April 1991 14 Municipal Election Results
April 1991 16 Hummingbird Hershey looks ahead for better days
April 1991 18 Personality of the Month Albert Sebastian Hoy "If you want to win, practice and discipline are necessary."
April 1991 19 Belmopan Youths participate in Cultural Lock-In
April 1991 20 Report from the House
April 1991 21 Belizean Chronicles Nine Night by Myrna Manzanares
May 1991 1 Editorial Comment
May 1991 2 Open Letter from the Minister of Education and Culture, Hon. Said Musa/Carta Abierta del Ministro de Educacion y Cultura
May 1991 3 Cover Story A Museum in the Making/Se levanta un Museo
May 1991 5 National Museums Committee leads the way/El Comite National de Museos guia el camino
May 1991 8 Revitalizing our border towns
May 1991 11 Nature Walk Chiquibul Caves
May 1991 12 Mixing Archaeology and Touristic Development at Caracol
May 1991 14 Personality of the Month Mr. Urban Anthony Reyes, "Use what you have to get what you want"
May 1991 15 Planning and Developing the Capital
May 1991 17 In Belize this Month Health Minister Aranda Speaks with European Donor Agencies; Government acquires land for Corozal Expansion; Belize to get Hotels and Tourism Centre; Ramada Royal Reef Holds "Soft Opening"; Prime Minister receives Album of new currency notes; Belize receives $21 million from the EEC; 4-H's first Graduation for 1991; Coordinators of the West Indian Commission visits Belize; Mundo Maya Headquarters in Belize
May 1991 19 Basketball takes "U" Turn
May 1991 20 Belizean Chronicles Ole Heg by Myrna Manzanares
June 1991 1 Editorial Comment A clean air condition
June 1991 2 Organization of American State (OAS) Members express commitment to Democracy
June 1991 3 Economic Gurus Examine National Development Plan/Especialistas en Economia examinan el plan nacional de desarrollo
June 1991 6 Polack on an Industrial Perspective/Polack habla desde una perpective Industrial
June 1991 9 Not doing our Homework?/Hemos fracasado en nuestros deberes?
June 1991 13 Changing the face of Belize City
June 1991 15 Personality of the Month Santos Mahung, Ph. D. "My work is my life"
June 1991 17 Commentary Needed: Sex Education in Belize's Primary Schools
June 1991 18 In Belize This Month Graduation season is on; British Officials visits Belize; Belize Protects children; Promise for banana industry, REPAC Belize Launced; Maya ceramic workshop in San Ignacio; Smoking prohibited in Health facilities; Mayors association is formed; Belize-Mexico Commission Formed
June 1991 20 Belizean Chronicles Frank Wallen by Myrna Manzanares
June 1991 0 Hurricane Preparedness Supplement 1991
July 1991 1 Editorial Comment On The Free Trade Wagon
July 1991 2 Stann Creek in Renascence/Stann Creek en renacimiento
July 1991 6 Belize Gold Mangoes/Mangos de Oro Belicenos
July 1991 9 Hopkins-by-the-sea
July 1991 13 Focus on David Magana "Keeping a tradition alive"
July 1991 14 Personality of the Month Audrey Courtenay "Give your best always!"
July 1991 15 Government boots up housing program
July 1991 17 Report from the House
July 1991 18 Prime Minister Price reports to the Nation
July 1991 20 Belizean Chronicles Nacoon January by Myrna Manzanares
August 1991 1 Editorial Comment August, 1991
August 1991 2 Belize ten years after Independence/Belice diez anos despues de su Independencia
August 1991 8 Antonio Soberanis - The man who started the cry for Independece/Antonio Soberanis - El hombre que inicio el grito por la independencia
August 1991 16 Looking at the past decade/Un vistazo a la decada pasada
August 1991 21 Belize Maintains a strong economy
August 1991 22 Personality of the Month Frank Flowers "Born with a promise for a good life"
August 1991 23 Happy Birthday Belmopan!
August 1991 24 A Belizean Perspective on the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative
August 1991 25 Enterprise for the Americas and the Common External Tariff
August 1991 26 Zee Edgell's New Novel set for double launching
August 1991 27 Belize Defence Force prepares to fight Narco-guerillas
September/October 1991 1 Editorial Comment September/October 1991
September/October 1991 2 Belize/Guatemala Breakthrough Two nations moving towards full reconciliation
September/October 1991 4 Joint Communique of the Governments of Belize and Guatemala
September/October 1991 5 Focus on Althea Sealy
September/October 1991 6 Belize Celebrates X Birthday/Belice Celebra X Cumpleanos
September/October 1991 16 Belize, Mexico reaffirm their friendship/Belice y Mexico reafirman su amistad
September/October 1991 24 Personality of the Month Jorge Espat
September/October 1991 26 Belize District gets more AIDS Cases
September/October 1991 27 National Committee Monitors Cholera What is Cholera?
September/October 1991 29 Belize Women Against Violence
September/October 1991 31 Nature Walk Placencia Peninsula and Lagoon Complex
September/October 1991 32 The Ungrateful Son by Dalila Tzib
November/December 1991 1 Editorial
November/December 1991 2 Belize-A Natural Paradise/Belice - Un paraiso natural
November/December 1991 4 Monkey River: New Approach to Conservation/Monkey River-Nuevo metodo de conservacion
November/December 1991 8 Wildlife and Technology/La Technologia y la vida silvestre
November/December 1991 12 Belizean Butterflies in Europe/Mariposas Belicenas en Europa
November/December 1991 20 National Development Foundation "A wise investment for Belize"
November/December 1991 22 Personality of the month Lynda Carmita Moguel
November/December 1991 23 A cut in the sugar quota a need to diversify
November/December 1991 26 New Discoveries Enhance Belize's Archaeology
November/December 1991 28 Women Gain Recognition
November/December 1991 30 Sarteneja, A Belizean Secret
November/December 1991 32 Farewell on Christmas by Roberto Gabriel
January 1992 1 Editorial Comment
January 1992 2 Cover Story Flower Trade Blooms/EL Comercio De Flores Florece
January 1992 10 Internal Air Travel-Flying High
January 1992 13 Personality of the Month Oswald Young
January 1992 14 Focus on Orlando Nah
January 1992 15 How the mail gets Through
January 1992 17 The Revival of Marimba Music
January 1992 19 Belize is the Link
January 1992 20 Belizean Chronicle Karo's Primary by Pamela Neal
February/March 1992 1 Editorial Comment
February/March 1992 1 News briefs Agriculture the key; Know your insect enemy; wanted-more training for women
February/March 1992 2 Cover Story Small Enterprises - Big Business, Collectively, small enterprises make a major contribution to the Belizean economy every year and employ thousands of Belizeans.
February/March 1992 6 Drug dogs score points
February/March 1992 7 Belize keeps pace with telecommunication technology Telecommunication in Belize has been keeping its appointments with the needs of the changing times
February/March 1992 9 Education Project - Blueprint for the Future Four phase programme promotes upgrading of training facilities, Curricula and assessment
February/March 1992 11 Portada Pequenas Empresas-Grande Negocio
February/March 1992 15 Personality of the Month Sir George Noel Brown Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Belize
February/March 1992 17 Belize and the Budget with the government gearing up for its annual budget presentation an increasingly favourite topic of every day discussion has shifted to the financial health of the national economy
February/March 1992 19 Crimes Commission - The Search for cause and solution
February/March 1992 21 Rural Water Supplies Upgraded
February/March 1992 22 Health Care Initiative Belizean women have created a self help initiative programme which will provide health education and primary health care to rural women in Belize
February/March 1992 23 Production Shortfall Prompts Pig Programme
April/May 1992 1 Editorial Comment
April/May 1992 1 Belize Condemns Peru's Martial Law
April/May 1992 2 Small Enterprises - Big Business In the second part of our story on small enterprises, we look at the rural industry and fallow the path of agricultural products from the farm to the freezer
April/May 1992 7 Training our Government Workers
April/May 1992 9 Cycling into history
April/May 1992 11 Pequena Empresa - Grandes Negocios
April/May 1992 15 Literacy in Belize Interview with Diane Haylock of S.P.E.A.R
April/May 1992 17 Belize gets Braille Embosser
April/May 1992 20 Las Flores : An integral part of Belizean Society
April/May 1992 22 Personality of the Month Dorothy Bradley
April/May 1992 24 The forgotten ones
April/May 1992 27 Plan tackles city problems
April/May 1992 29 Report predicts epidemic of tobacco related disease in Caribbean
April/May 1992 31 Caracol a giant city of the Maya world
April/May 1992 33 Newsbriefs U.S. schools push violence prevention; thinning ozone layer could affect food chain; strong outlook for Latin America; LATAM says 'no' to toxic waste; Bolivian antidrug operation to last six months; P.J. Patterson Jamaica's sixth Prime Minister; Third world crops victims of global warming; U.S. Cuban embargo bill criticised; Aids epidemic out of control claims expert
April/May 1992 37 The Sugar Industry in 1992
April/May 1992 37 For your Information The Ministry of Education
April/May 1992 38 Beating Bureaucracy
June 1992 1 Editorial Comment
June 1992 2 Newsbriefs Book urges restraint, or else…; Cuba in the Limelight; End nearer for ozone eaters; Audubon tackles global water problems; Scientists revise theory of creation; Solar energy gets grant boost; Economic reform key to attracting capital; Extinction now an everyday event; Big win fro a bad river; Sugar deal could help ease Cuban debt crisis; Economic reform needs experts; Colombia added to tuna embargo, others removed; Honduras says 'no' to U.S. paper project
June 1992 8 Cover Story The Banana Industry Bounces Back
June 1992 11 Portada Industrial Bananera se reactiva
June 1992 14 Trade moves open markets in the Americas
June 1992 17 Good Medicine, Bitter Pill
June 1992 19 Groups tackle drugs-together
June 1992 22 Personality of the Month Bertha Lisbey, living example of small business person
June 1992 23 For your Information The Ministry of Finance
June 1992 24 Burrell Boom Uncovers links to the past
June 1992 26 Mangroves- Vital resource of wasteland?
June 1992 28 Belize ratifies statement on women
June 1992 33 The new media policy in Belize More than just freedom of speech
June 1992 35 Costa Rica Hosts second round of ecology and tourism talks
June 1992 37 Inter-American Foundation (IAF) at work in Belize
June 1992 38 Crooked tree- An ecotourism model
June 1992 39 Belize forms advisory commission
July 1992 1 Editorial Comment
July 1992 2 Newsbriefs Bogus Belize stamps bring crooks unstuck; Bottle cap fish scaler; Belize to get upgraded air craft services; OAS praised for money laundering regulation; Map focuses on Central American people and environment; Plundered Maya artifacts recovered
July 1992 4 Rio Earth Summit Our Survival Under Scrutiny
July 1992 10 R.E.A.P helps developing relationship between man and land
July 1992 12 Crimes commission submits two-phase plan to combat violence
July 1992 14 Government to provide technical training for skilled workers
July 1992 16 Is TV to blame for children's ills TV erodes children's innocence, sense of security
July 1992 18 Concerned Association for Golden Age Citizens (CAGAC) helping those who can't help themselves
July 1992 20 Concesiones de desarrollo impulsan empresas Belicenas
July 1992 23 Information for Caribbean Development
July 1992 25 For your Information
July 1992 26 Development Concessions boost Belize business
July 1992 29 Toledo Students seek history and Heritage
July 1992 30 Regional Trade and Security under Caricom spotlight
July 1992 31 B.E.S.T looks after small time enterpreneurs
July 1992 33 Operation clean sweep
July 1992 35 Archaeology in Belize - A window to the past
August 1992 1 Editorial Comment
August 1992 2 Newsbriefs Plea for help from Antigua and Barbuda; Indigenous people have their say; Toxic chemicals a deadly necessity?; Churches hit by gangs in Guatemala; Caricom courts Cuban collaboration; Cuba appoints new foreign Minister; Caricom announces service awards; Environment scholarships offered; Move to curb dolphin deaths; Advertising tactics blamed for spread of smoking; Buy-Caribbean Campaign; OAS considers expulsion option; Africa faces Aids crisis; Intra regional travel discussions
August 1992 7 Caribbean Common Market
August 1992 10 Refugees or Economic Migrants?
August 1992 14 Christopher Columbus Hero or Villain?
August 1992 16 Defenders of the Reef
August 1992 17 Belize Project wins environment award
August 1992 19 Refugiandos o imigrantes economicos
August 1992 23 New Cayo Airstrip
August 1992 25 The Francis Ford Coppola Interview
August 1992 30 Cocaine Stash goes up in smoke
August 1992 32 Belize Nature Reserves
August 1992 34 Personality of the Month Sergeant Major Edgar Wayne Joseph
August 1992 35 Good News for 'Vaqueros'
August 1992 37 Marine Areas protection plan
August 1992 38 For your Information Ministry of Natural Resources
August 1992 39 Historic Archaeology in Belize Indian Church Sugar Mill; Serpon Sugar Mill
August 1992 43 An exhibition at the bliss
September 1992 1 Editorial Comment
September 1992 2 Newsbriefs Memorandum of Understanding signed; Central Bank Issues first ever Belizean bonds; Sun dried fruits for sweets; Environmental concerns prompt new technology, 21 million beetles; new stamps for Belize; NAFTA agreement ratified
September 1992 5 Development board to boost handicraft industry
September 1992 7 The Museum of Belize
September 1992 10 AIDS Is knocking on your door
September 1992 11 AIDS: A killer running loose
September 1992 16 Lamanai- Mute testament to Maya spirit
September 1992 19 El Sida: Asesino sin control
September 1992 23 The U.S., Latin America and the New World Order Decision making in United States Foreign Policy
September 1992 26 Education: a new approach
September 1992 28 Extending eye care in Belize
September 1992 30 Another coke stash trashed
September 1992 32 Belizean Children need foster homes
September 1992 34 Keeping litter in its place
September 1992 35 Trade route to riches Exporting to the USA from the Caribbean Basin
September 1992 39 Latam/Caribbean economy growing says U.N. survey
September 1992 40 Youth Camp '92
September 1992 41 For your Information Ministry of Social Development
September 1992 42 Streamlining the Public Service - productivity the key
September 1992 43 Historical Feature Quinine- Forest cure for Malaria fever
October 1992 1 Editorial Comment
October 1992 2 Toxic waste trade
October 1992 5 The expanded programme for immunization: A Ministry of Health success story
October 1992 7 Replanting programme to save Belizean Forest
October 1992 10 Belize explores new energy sources
October 1992 15 Sun-dried fruits- A healthy substitute
October 1992 17 Fewer deaths mean fewer births
October 1992 19 Nuevas fuentes de energia en Belice
October 1992 23 Youth credit programme to boost business plans
October 1992 25 Trouble in Paradise
October 1992 27 For your Information Ministry of Health
October 1992 28 BEL
October 1992 30 The AIDS file: Ignorance the enemy
October 1992 31 World wildlife fund wants to boost environment at World Bank
October 1992 32 Fatigue: fact or fancy
October 1992 34 Belize Institute of Management
October 1992 37 Dedicated to helping our elderly
October 1992 40 Hospital improvements benefit patients and staff
October 1992 42 Caribbean Youth Festival pushes integration
October 1992 44 Women in the workforce
October 1992 47 The road to understanding
October 1992 49 El Pilar: Rediscovering an ancient Maya Centre
November 1992 1 Editorial Comment The Social Fracture
November 1992 2 Newsbriefs Hot chickens need cool water; cheap termite control, insecticides can increase pest damage; Mexico says 'yes' to chemical convention; Russian brigade to leave Cuba; India proposes seawater irrigation; Argentina gives unleaded option; Haiti reels from contaminated gasoline; Baseball pitches to the world; textbooks still a sensitive subject; piracy makes a comeback; citrus forecast down; long life mango; Caricom promoting development of pharmaceutical Industry
November 1992 8 Latin America needs - and wants - Family planning
November 1992 10 Dolomite mining industry takes off
November 1992 13 Caribbean Trade Information System
November 1992 14 Better Information strategies for Caribbean Scientists
November 1992 15 Tracking Rural Poverty
November 1992 17 The Belize Zoo A decade down the track
November 1992 19 Inicia Industria Minera en Belice
November 1992 22 Ayuda a prevenir el cholera
November 1992 24 Educated girls are the best investment
November 1992 25 land
November 1992 27 The role of the British forces in Belize
November 1992 29 Put on a Healthy Face
November 1992 32 Fisheries unit protects Belize's Marine Resources
November 1992 33 National Arts Council
November 1992 35 The Belize dance Company
November 1992 37 Belize speaks to the World
November 1992 40 For your Information Ministry of Works
November 1992 41 Panama Canal Traffic to Double? Contingency plans considered
November 1992 42 ILO promotes equality in work force
November 1992 43 Help Prevent Cholera
November 1992 45 Ecology and Health
December 1992 1 Editorial Comment
December 1992 2 News briefs Bahamas strapped for cash; Carioca/Cuba controversy; Jamaica moves to halt crime wave; Caribbean Sugar to earn less; World Bank promotes energy efficiency in third world; Palm storm barrier for Bangladesh; Venezuela tastes grassroots democracy; Oh beautiful oh poisoned skies; Caricom Market Briefs; Latam heroin trade explodes; Wood waste for drying timber; Guatemalan wins Nobel peace prize; World Bank promotes energy efficiency; Women guerrillas; European Community contributes; Opposition to banana expansion in Costa Rica; Honduras/Guyana sign agreement; Cuba and Venezuela sign co-operation accords; Bush out; Clinton in- Now what?; A Viateca flies to Belize; Plutonium Shipment headed this way?
December 1992 10 Providing Health Services remains a task
December 1992 13 Inland port boosts Belize Trade
December 1992 15 Belize Declares war on waste
December 1992 18 Ecology and Health
December 1992 21 Human Resources Management - An Overview
December 1992 23 Cops are back in school - to teach
December 1992 24 The Renaissance of horse racing in El Cayo
December 1992 26 Small scale crop processing: Opportunities and Benefits
December 1992 29 Belize Livestock Central Market
December 1992 31 Mundo Maya's success depends on public and private sectors
December 1992 34
December 1992 0 A time for the turtle
December 1992 36 Nuts: Multi-purpose and profitable
December 1992 38 Agricultural Diversity- Belize key to the future?
December 1992 45 Americas conference highlights dialogue key to the 1990's
December 1992 46 Guatemala Crossroads
December 1992 47 For your Information Application for Citizenship/Residency
December 1992 48 Belize a priority for CARICAD
December 1992 0 Hurricane Preparedness Supplement 1992
January 1993 1 Editorial Comment
January 1993 2 Newsbriefs Hubble telescope provides view of universe formation; Animal Production in warm climates; Disease free plantains; Holidays for 1993; Latin America, Pacific attract investors; Menchu pleads for peace; Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) to raise funds from lotteries; Worm-free sheep; Cassava yields set to Double?
January 1993 6 Dairy Development can boost Caribbean Farms
January 1993 7 Breaking the cycle of child abuse
January 1993 10 Private sector energy a sound option for developing countries
January 1993 12 Belizean Students at EARTH
January 1993 14 Drug threat changes face
January 1993 16 Better benefits for Open Vote Workers
January 1993 18 Soft Ball resurges in Belize
January 1993 20 Estudiantes de Belice en earth
January 1993 22 Preserving mankind's heritage
January 1993 26 Chance discovery may boost sugar industry
January 1993 29 World struggles with economic slump
January 1993 31 Papaya - A flourishing industry in Northern Belize
January 1993 33 Plans to improve childhood education
January 1993 34 Free Market will spur Cuban Economic Growth
January 1993 35 How others see us Belize, Promoting its beauty, fears trampling by tourists
January 1993 37 Summary Health in Belize
January 1993 42 The fight for mothers' milk in developing countries
January 1993 44 The Zoo Letter Zoo celebrates double anniversary
January 1993 46 From Sugar Cane to charcoal
January 1993 47 Looking back at 1992 Caracol - a giant city of the maya world; Cayo's new airstrip; Crimes Commission - the search for a solution; The Belize Advisory Commission; Rio Earth - Our survival under scrutiny; Dolomite Mining Industry takes off; Serious Crime squad in action; Mundo Maya Project pushes integration
February 1993 1 Editorial Comment
February 1993 2 Newsbriefs New head for B.I.S; Bicycles take the lead; U.S. Population growth; Free baby food banned; Jamaica, Cuba strengthen ties; Havana moves on debt crisis; Guatemalan refugees head for home; Clinton, Salinas pledge co-operation; Ozone hole gets bigger; US nervous on Panama Canal; Guyana drops visas; contests promote children's day
February 1993 6 Fisheries programme links Caricom Countries
February 1993 8 Royal tombs rewrite Maya History
February 1993 12 Belize promotes basic technology for small farmers
February 1993 14 Cuba and Caricom Prospects and Risks
February 1993 21 Striking a balance between people and environment
February 1993 22 Rules to be observed within the National Parks systems
February 1993 24 Waste ban plea for developing countries
February 1993 26 Breeding goats for intensive management
February 1993 28 The Belize Fishing Industry
February 1993 30 Villagers and Government fight infertile soils
February 1993 33 Conservation the keynote to Belize meetings
February 1993 35 Boy meets girl - Belize Zoo style
February 1993 37 The Belize Archives preserving our past
February 1993 38 The Belize Archives Act, 1984
February 1993 40 Teenage births - A rising problem in Caribbean/Latam
February 1993 44 Youth Development targeted/for improvements
February 1993 46 El creciente problema de partos por jovenes en el caribe y America Latina
March/April 1993 1 Editorial Comment
March/April 1993 2 Newsbriefs Belize leads the region with new directory; Brits eye Cuba for opportunities; U.S gives business tips; Protection of Natural Resources; Shrub and tree seeds available; US/MEXICO on border issues; Caribbean agriculture - Problem ahead?; Tougher turtle protection; Honduras fights aids epidemic; Changes to USAID predicted; U.S cigarette tax to fund health plan?; Changes suggested for Latam legal system; Drug prevention is everyone's fight; Biotechnology to improve cassava; El Salvador media pushes for freedom; Hi-tech space gear looks at ancient history
March/April 1993 9 Co-operation the key to drugs control
March/April 1993 10 Clinton endorses Belize drug summit
March/April 1993 11 Drug Abuse - everybody's problem
March/April 1993 13 Three phase rehab for drug addicts
March/April 1993 15 Passive Smoking kills
March/April 1993 17 Meeting charts anti-drug tactics
March/April 1993 18 producing for market needs
March/April 1993 24 The Belize City infrastructural projects
March/April 1993 26 Colombia River Forest Reserve
March/April 1993 28 Tourism and Agriculture - Harmony not conflict
March/April 1993 31 El Tourismo y la Agricultura - Harmonia no conflicto
March/April 1993 34 Dangriga Museum Links to past and future
March/April 1993 36 For your Information Stop illegal fires
March/April 1993 37 Prospecting for green gold
March/April 1993 40 Earthworms big business
March/April 1993 43 Policing the past
March/April 1993 44 Coastal Zone Management - a plan for survival
March/April 1993 48 A new television programme
May 1993 1 Editorial Comment
May 1993 2 Newsbriefs Hemisphere seeks firearms control; Spanish T.V. news gets Latam boost; Costa Rica to get artifacts back; Conservation campaign targets Latam/Pacific; Marigolds help in fight against Malaria; Salvador to sack human rights abusers; Mexico fights corruption with rewards to Police; Investment in Cuba set for a boom; 1993 children's festival of arts; North America history gets a shake-up; Nicaragua seeks help from O.A.S; Skin cancer warning; more funds sought for marine sanctuaries; sky high diamonds; South America rethinks domestic violence; Honduras moves on child selling claims; Venezuela safe Haven for dirty money; Commission investigates Honduras corruption; Transmission line construction begins
May 1993 9 Freedom, Justice and Dignity
May 1993 10 Britain's Defence Cooperation with Belize. Text of British Government's parliamentary Statement
May 1993 11 British High Commissioner's Statement on Britain Defence Cooperation
May 1993 12 Satellites Help save rain forests
May 1993 14 Child Survival - the role of family planning
May 1993 16 Family planning and the control of STD's
May 1993 17 Radio Station Benefits from government new media policy
May 1993 18 The Lome Convention
May 1993 21 First Central American Conference for experts on drug issues calls for increased community participation
May 1993 24 The Belize Government's position on the evolution of the British Forces role in Belize
May 1993 25 Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister
May 1993 26 Tropical Diseases on the rise
May 1993 27 Primera conferencia centro Americana para exertos sobre asuntos de drogas pide aumentada participacion comunitaria
May 1993 30 Museums need support to survive
May 1993 31 Youth the Target for Y.W.C.A Programmes
May 1993 31 Biofuels - the neglected option
May 1993 37 Industry sector strategy - Belize Ministry of Economic Development
May 1993 41 Caribbean Development Bank
May 1993 44 Slavery - the reality of forced labour today
May 1993 46 Pirates, Baymen or Slaves
June/July 1993 1 Editorial Comment
June/July 1993 2 Newsbriefs Panama centre to research rain; Male contraceptive from papaya seed; Forest loss tied to population increase; Jamaica eyes European Market; Caribbean Paradise or save haven for crimes?; Machismo helps breed aids; U.S agrees to sign Rio Earth Summit Treaty; Menchu calls for end to Guatemala war; C.A Presidents agree on toxic waste ban; Nicaragua, Colombia dispute island territories; Cuba battles eye disease with world help; World environment day looks at effect of poverty; Caribbean Tourists targeted by satellite; Latam artifacts ban extended; Rotary International Lobbies for stronger U.N.; Opium curse spreads through the Americas; Maya tombs found at Caracol, Copan; U.S to reduce Sugar quota level; Families essential to society says UN Chief; Che Guevara honoured by Paraguay; U.N. to monitor Salvadoran election
June/July 1993 10 Belize Games - celebrating excellence
June/July 1993 35 Colombian Drug lords are now money experts
June/July 1993 36 Belize's National Culture Policy
June/July 1993 16 Belize Auto Industry Gives local and export benefits
June/July 1993 18 International year of indigenous people
June/July 1993 20 Free Media - Life blood of democracy
June/July 1993 21 Media and Reform
June/July 1993 23 New Government for Belize
June/July 1993 27 Acceptance the key to overcoming disabilities
June/July 1993 30 Tourism Investment getting value for our dollar
June/July 1993 32
June/July 1993 32 Belize - U.S. Tax agreement
June/July 1993 14 Pragmatic Diplomacy
June/July 1993 38 The Art of Dance: The Belize Dance Company
June/July 1993 41 Portfolio - Mina Barcenas Jimenez
June/July 1993 44 Mundo Maya
June/July 1993 46 Tombs and Texts: New Discoveries at Caracol
August/September 1993 1 Editorial Comment
August/September 1993 2 Newsbriefs CBI States claim NAFTA favours Mexico; Latam Court reforms key to Democracy; Honduras targeted for trashed tyres; Beating cashew mildew; Software piracy costing Billions; Toucan Match Revival; Better U.S/Cuba phone links ahead; Don't forget sweet potatoes
August/September 1993 6 Free Education Policy
August/September 1993 8 Flood, Tempest and Drought
August/September 1993 12 The Climate System
August/September 1993 16 Euromarket controls upset Banana Imports
August/September 1993 21 Ecopaper a by-product which may help save the environment
August/September 1993 23 Understanding Organic Farming
August/September 1993 26 Energy Solutions is solar the way to go?
August/September 1993 28 Anaemia - the neglected killer
August/September 1993 29 Development: Realizing our rights
August/September 1993 31 Women in Belize: The feminisation of Poverty
August/September 1993 36 The Female Migrant low-paid, low-status and largely invisible
August/September 1993 38 Integration Update Colombia/Venezuela move closer
August/September 1993 40 A Legacy - Columbia River Forest Reserve
August/September 1993 42 Belizean Wildlife
August/September 1993 45 Xunantunich: Archaeology and Tourism
October 1993 0 The Belize Defence Force to Assume full responsibility of defence on 1 January 1994
October 1993 1 Editorial Comment
October 1993 2 Newsbriefs Latam tax systems more efficient; Gene Therapy to replace drug treatment; Latam Nations try to save environment; Medicos Endorse call for smoking ban; Belize on Royal tour list; Guatemala targets corrupt congress; Colombia rated unsafe destination; Is Cuba on the edge?; Jamaica Tourism Boom; Team effort the key to archaeological success; Panama Canal Panel; U.S demand reduction key to LATAM drugs control;
October 1993 6 Nuclear waste in the Caribbean
October 1993 7 Buy Caribbean- the campaign continues
October 1993 9 Tourism - towards 2000
October 1993 12 Coconuts a gift from the tree of life
October 1993 19 Coconut History
October 1993 20 Coconut Facts
October 1993 21 Rockview Hospital in dire straits
October 1993 24 The National Assembly of Belize 1993-1998
October 1993 26 Urban Housing - a clear priority
October 1993 28 Habitat Protection - reef and birdlife to benefit
October 1993 30 Grand Corruption
October 1993 35 Stress - The twentieth century disease
October 1993 37 Human Rights in the Caribbean
October 1993 39 Maya Ceramics - rebirth of a cottage industry
October 1993 41 Belizean Wildlife
October 1993 44 Old Pottery, New Ideas: Pre-Columbian Maya polychrome ceramics
November/December 1993 0 Editorial Comment
November/December 1993 2 Newsbriefs Belize swears in new Governor General; Jamaica to get Ethanol Factory; Menchu clashes with Guatemalan Government; Warmer Earth boom or bust?; Drug traffickers going underwater; U.S Pesticide export ban proposed; Cuban shortages force changes; Biology beats chemistry in developing countries; IDB boosts support for Brazil projects; Record el nino begins to fade; regional ports need modernization; Media's role in Health discussed in Panama; Refugee women to benefit from U.N agency move;
November/December 1993 8 Literacy in Belize
November/December 1993 10 AIDS War - the battle continues
November/December 1993 13 Saving the forest
November/December 1993 18 Belize Address to the U.N.
November/December 1993 23 Belize Youth Conservation Corps (B.Y.C.C.) promotes life skills
November/December 1993 26 Water - means life and health
November/December 1993 30 Immunization
November/December 1993 32 The Business plan - a guide for success
November/December 1993 36 Profile: Edison "Sepherino" Coleman "there is nothing like hearing the applause of a good audience
November/December 1993 38 Maya Mountains Expedition
November/December 1993 39 Belizean Wildlife
November/December 1993 42 Objects of Desire - protecting cultural heritage
November/December 1993 47 International Children's day of Broadcasting
November/December 1993 48 Belizean Honoured U.N. appointment for Cynthia Henry
January/February 1994 0 Editorial Comment Belize begins 1994 with a boom!
January/February 1994 2 Newsbriefs Clinton praises Belize; Belize Defence Force Promotions; Undergrad Scholarships; Garifuna for beginners; guns for cash; IDB sponsors study of southern highway; Governor General named scout patron; Commission of inquiry meets with senior public officers; Minister of Immigration view law on citizenship and nationality; Oil spill report triggers quick response from the department of Environment and fisheries; Second Bi-Lateral meeting between Belize and Guatemala; Hospital Technicians get new centre
January/February 1994 8 Royal Visit
January/February 1994 10 Queen Elizabeth II and the Commonwealth
January/February 1994 12 Economic Management protection and development
January/February 1994 14 Changing of the Guard
January/February 1994 18 Belize Sugar Industry
January/February 1994 21 Minister of Education Announces new examinations
January/February 1994 22 The Belize Family Life Association
January/February 1994 25 New direction of integration in Central America
January/February 1994 30 TACA: Central America's Multinational Pioneer
January/February 1994 34 Ministry of Agriculture Works on plan to increase production
January/February 1994 36 Profile: Brigadier-General Alan Usher
January/February 1994 38 The Untold Story
January/February 1994 41 Belize Produces- Child rights for children
January/February 1994 42 Youth Development
January/February 1994 43 "Hilltop" - a case history
January/February 1994 44 Belizean Wildlife The Spider Monkey of Belize
January/February 1994 46 24 Hour Push Brits finish Rockview work
January/February 1994 48 Banana Growers Accused of Negligence
January/February 1994 49 San Pedro gets First School
March/April 1994 0 Editorial Comment Government and Private sector join hands
March/April 1994 2 Newsbriefs Belize/Guatemala meeting on forestry underscores co-operation; Teach disabled youths a skill; New Canadian High Commissioner for Belize; Belize becomes a signatory to international sugar agreement; Cabinet approves $30 million water project for San Pedro; Ministry of Tourism takes tough action against crime in isla bonita; Mexico ranks 4th in world population; A new name but few new powers; Belize City Hospital Auxiliary donates equipment; Aids Hotline; Kuwaiti government to provide US $ 10.5 million for Southern Highway
March/April 1994 5 Belize's Democracy, youth but robust Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II
March/April 1994 8 Neatf Hammers out concrete development proposals
March/April 1994 13 Toledo Cocoa Growers Association (TCGA) makes first cocoa shipment
March/April 1994 16 Government uproots corruption
March/April 1994 18 First Joint Royal Visit to Belize
March/April 1994 20 Profile Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
March/April 1994 23 Safe water: lesson from the barrio
March/April 1994 24 Income Tax: A source of Revenue
March/April 1994 26 For your Information Income Tax Department
March/April 1994 27 Reviving an ancient trade
March/April 1994 30 Here comes the sun
March/April 1994 32 Belizean Owls
March/April 1994 33 Belizean Chronicles Drunken Jake by Myrna Manzanares
March/April 1994 37 Belize gets new Anglican Bishop
March/April 1994 0 Decision 1994 U.D.P wins Municipal Elections
May 1994 0 Editorial Comment Belize to ride through a rocky financial road
May 1994 2 Newsbriefs Deputy British Foreign Minister visits Belize; Bowand offers training for women; Task force on accountability to hold public hearing; Belize to open tourism office in Italy; forest department personnel improve fire-fighting skills; St. Margaret's bed and breakfast committee receive UNDP grant; BDF/BFB joint exercise; Caricom reaffirms approach on NAFTA; Travel Advisory; Government launches family services division; U.S. calls for new approach to fighting poverty; Malaria vaccine could by developed soon;
May 1994 6 "No compromise on Belize's Sanctity and territorial integrity" - Dean Barrow, Minister of Foreign Affairs
May 1994 8 1994/95 Fiscal year Budget
May 1994 14 Community-Based Tourism Initiatives in Belize
May 1994 17 Profile Rev. Sylvestre Donato Romero Palma
May 1994 18 Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends note of protest to European Union
May 1994 19 Women should choose their own path without prejudice says Minister Faith Babb
May 1994 21 Women on the move
May 1994 22 Lauren Da Mawnin
May 1994 24 Jason Expedition V
May 1994 27 Chocolate bar from Belizean Cocoa sold in the U.K.
May 1994 29 Belizean Chronicles Pix Mi Noh Pix Mi
May 1994 33 Ministry of Housing introduces mobile home
June 1994 0 Editorial Comment Citrus Industry Prepares for an invasion
June 1994 2 Newsbriefs PM, US Ambassador dedicate youth hostel; Governor General holds audience with her majesty; British consultants give NADCC a good report card; Belize and Arab rep. of Egypt establish Diplomatic relations; Colombian President elected as OAS SEC. GEN.; IDB grants $2.5 million for aids education programmes; World's poor have gained in 20 years, but unevenly
June 1994 4 New Petrographic analysis on jade head
June 1994 5 Top Belize officials participate in summit of the Americas Discussions
June 1994 6 New pests threaten Belize Citrus Industry
June 1994 10 Spotlight on the Ministry of Health and Sports
June 1994 14 Belize at an Economic Crossroad
June 1994 17 Belizean's Exodus to the U.S creates feeble family structure
June 1994 20 Profile The Belizean Advisor
June 1994 22 The Caribbean Development Bank - An Instrument of Integration
June 1994 24 Caricom Foreign Ministers Chart Course for the Future
June 1994 26 BRC contributing to Education
June 1994 29 Belizean Chronicles The Embarrassed Bakerman
June 1994 33 Belizean Youths acquire new skills
July 1994 0 Editorial Comment B.I.S taps on first Online Service
July 1994 0 Newsbriefs NAM Foreign Ministers urge Belize and Guatemala to negotiate; child Maintenance allowance increase; Three offences and you are locked for life; Italian Ambassador presents credentials; Belize competes for Association of Caribbean States headquarters; Good news for Belizean Cane Farmer!; Female Supervisor for printing Department; Belize to improve Marine Management; First Junior Achievement test;
July 1994 6 Britain Underscores commitment for Belize's Security
July 1994 9 Belize Online
July 1994 12 Computers in Education
July 1994 15 So, who will take care of the Refugees?
July 1994 18 Profile: Amelia Reid - "Tamales Lady"
July 1994 20 Farming Corner Farming practices that help soil fertility and water management
July 1994 21 Striking a balance between development and the environment
July 1994 23 Small Islands action plan
July 1994 27 The Man who saved El Salvador
July 1994 29 Belizean Chronicles The Mysterious Ruin by Maria Chable
July 1994 33 Fighting Stress
August 1994 0 Editorial Comment A face-lift for the old capital
August 1994 0 Newsbriefs IDB approves $ 1.3 million to help small business in Belize; PAHO gives $114,000 to ministry of health; Department of Women Affairs to increase awareness of Sexual Harassment; Fighting Malaria in Cayo; Belizeans now have a right to access Official information; Belize to be the Centre of Scientific studies; Government allocates $ 9.9 million to purchase equipment for new hospital; Hot - 2000 Youth skills camp; OAS approves US $50,000 for Belize Youth Fund; Oral Vaccines against canine rabies; Breaking the sugar production record; BYDC Graduates 25; First Day Care Centre for Mesopotamia
August 1994 7 Ministry of Home Affairs Launches "Crime Fight Foundation"
August 1994 8 Operation TAG so far successful… In the reduction of Gang Violence
August 1994 10 Belize gets 1993 Economic Report Card
August 1994 13 Modernizing the Old Capital
August 1994 19 Profile Elda Gutierrez - "An outstanding teacher"
August 1994 21 Gift for Belize from British Forces
August 1994 22 Kings Children Home
August 1994 24 Farming Corner Vesicular Stomatitis What is it?
August 1994 25 New Defence Bonds to fund BDF Expansion
August 1994 26 Dietary and Exercise relationships
August 1994 29 Belizean Chronicles An encounter with Tata Duende
August 1994 33 Our birds of Prey
September/October 1994 0 Editorial Comment
September/October 1994 2 Newsbriefs Prime Minister Esquivel expresses sorrow at the lost of life in St Lucia; Colonel Arthurs moves to the helm of the B.D.F; First Belizean Internet; New US Ambassador hails Belize as a multiparty democracy; Belize participates in Japan/Caricom Meeting; UCB and working partners sign agreement; Belize makes mark at population conference; Promoting the Stan Creek District; ILO Senior Specialists visit Belize; Ambassador Martinez presents credentials to Venezuelan President; New discoveries on Semi-conductors could revolutionize computer industry;
September/October 1994 7 Caricom Education Ministers Examine the Region's Education Programmes
September/October 1994 10 Social Security Poised for the Future
September/October 1994 15 "Social Security Board to improve the quality of service.."
September/October 1994 18 September Celebrations Pictorial
September/October 1994 20 Profile Sharon Dominguez - Queen of the Bay
September/October 1994 22 Meeting the needs of Sarteneja
September/October 1994 25 Belize School Canteen Association
September/October 1994 27 "Tourism…You make it happened"
September/October 1994 30 Farming Corner Pesticide Poisoning - signs and symptoms
September/October 1994 31 Latin America: Women Food Producers Contributions underestimated and under-recorded
September/October 1994 33 Belizean Chronicles Miss Jane's Firewood
September/October 1994 37 Integracion by Julio Alvarado
November/December 1994 0 Editorial Comment Belizean Women claiming their place in society
November/December 1994 2 Governor General Christmas Message
November/December 1994 3 Prime Minister's Christmas message
November/December 1994 4 Newsbriefs Youth start plan; P.M tour to Europe; IMF Team report; Belize signs San Jose Declaration; Upgrading the Southern Highway; Twenty residents of Benque become home owners; New measures to deal with tourist offenders; Nationwide survey to assess extent of iodine deficiencies; Minister of lands issues lots in Caye Caulker; New Ambassador to Belize; Lynam College Opens;
November/December 1994 9 Mexican President-Elect praises high level of dialogue between Belize and Mexico
November/December 1994 11 The Social Integration of Women in Belize
November/December 1994 12 Women at work
November/December 1994 17 Profile Miss Belize - Debbie Wade
November/December 1994 18 Prime Minister visits troops in Haiti
November/December 1994 20 Xmas traditions in Belize
November/December 1994 22 Belmopan High School Producing Responsible Leaders
November/December 1994 24 Peace and Development for Central America
November/December 1994 27 A Hero's Welcome
November/December 1994 29 Farming Corner: Do you know when your cow is in heat?
November/December 1994 30 Government Programmes and Projects Alleviate Poverty
November/December 1994 33 Belizean Chronicles Baby-Lady in the Pine Ridge by Myrna Manzanares
November/December 1994 37 Fact Sheet: Caribbean Community
January 1995 0 Editorial Comment Survival of the fittest
January 1995 0 Newsbriefs Belizeans to pay less Income Tax ; Ministry of Education to with draw daily management of schools; U.N approves proposal of work closer with Caricom; Belize and Vietnam to work closer; Belize ranks on the top list of free nations; Judiciary concerned about high crime in Belize; Library dedicated to Leo Bradley; Politicians to make financial declaration; Strong crime bill for Belize; WASA inaugurates new office complex; Committee on Offshore Service appointed; BDF change of command
January 1995 6 B.D.F. In the News
January 1995 7 Belize adjusts policies to survive new global trade
January 1995 12 AIDS: A killer in Belize
January 1995 17 The Cabinet and Ministers of State
January 1995 18 CARICOM to capitalize on Prime Minister Esquivel's Leadership
January 1995 21 Food of the Gods
January 1995 23 D.F.C Contributing to the Belizean Economy
January 1995 25 The Caribbean Single Market and Economy Exploding the Barriers
January 1995 29 Belizean Chronicles The Passing of the Way
January 1995 33 Belize hosts U.S Team of Black Scuba Divers
February/March 1995 0 Editorial Comment
February/March 1995 2 Newsbriefs No Antagonistic feelings for Public Officers; Health Posts for remote villages in Toledo; Minister of National Security Appoints Steering Committee; Costa Rica wants to strengthen relations with Belize; Belize gets full honours at EC Conference in Panama; New Photo-polymer System for Government Printing Department; Support Group Launched; Belize Youth Start Plan is a Model for the region; Belmopan Basketball and Tennis court to be upgraded; Doe to Monitor littering of Highways ; Travel Advisory
February/March 1995 6 Chocolate from local cocoa gets award
February/March 1995 7 First OAS meeting in Belize
February/March 1995 9 Caricom - Leaders seek common approach to respond to free trade challenges
February/March 1995 14 Government to introduce Belizeans Land Entitlement
February/March 1995 16 Orange Walk resident gives his heart to youths
February/March 1995 21 Breast Cancer in Belize
February/March 1995 24 Belizean Institutions gear up for NAFTA
February/March 1995 27 Dragons in control of Belize City
February/March 1995 30 The Caricom Single Market (part 2)
February/March 1995 34 Students Column The return of the Legends by Melissa Castillo
February/March 1995 37 Edison "Seferino" Coleman
April/May 1995 0 Editorial Comment Belize: the axle for Caribbean and Central American Co-operation
April/May 1995 2 Newsbriefs Med fly under control; No privatization of Printing Department says P.S. Tillett, Ministry of Housing helps the poor; New Dental Clinic for Mesopotamia; Double Head Cabbage dedicates school; Nurses complete training in critical care; More Police Officers for Belize; 600 Belizeans in Corozal receive house lots; Special status for exports companies; Austria sends envoy to Belize; Government gives boost to youth start plan; Mr. Gordon Baker is Britain's new High Commissioner to Belize
April/May 1995 6 Belizean Trade Delegation makes successful trip to the U.S.
April/May 1995 8 The Belize Indigenous Training Institute - A step Towards Integration
April/May 1995 13 New Land Ownership Programme focuses on Belizeans
April/May 1995 15 "Devaluation is an illogical step to the solution of our problem" Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel
April/May 1995 17 Prime Minister Esquivel's Mission
April/May 1995 18 Holy Week Celebrations in Benque Viejo Del Carmen
April/May 1995 20 Profile: Mr. Morris Flowers "…Keeping our highways neat and trimmed"
April/May 1995 21 Ministries Round-up
April/May 1995 27 Corozalenos reach back to their Ancestors
April/May 1995 32 Government to implement increment freeze for Public Officers
April/May 1995 34 Students' Column
April/May 1995 35 Healthy teeth for Belize
April/May 1995 37 Camel Trophy Mundo Maya 95
June/July 1995 0 Editorial Comment Suriname, new member of Caricom
June/July 1995 2 Newsbriefs Government to build 300 homes in Belize City; Belize's U.S Sugar quota is increased; National Health Plan for Belize; 1st Int'l Symposium of Maya Archaeology; Immigration portfolio goes to Ministry of Foreign Affairs; New Dredge for Belize City; New Health Posts; Contacts for Belizeans Handicraft; CDB Meeting; Mundo Maya Meeting; Standing Committee Meeting; Belize on U.N Committee; Minister of Trade to Cuba; Stann Creek Road extension grant; U.S.A Belize Meeting; Credentials Presented; Youth Ministers' Meeting
June/July 1995 6 Southern Highway Project
June/July 1995 7 Belize Export Processing Zone Development
June/July 1995 8 The Role of the Central Emergency Organization
June/July 1995 10 Met- The Hurricane Trackers
June/July 1995 12 Memories of Hattie
June/July 1995 14 Belize Taps Niche Market Abroad
June/July 1995 16 Mundo Maya Camel Trophy
June/July 1995 18 Profile Mrs. Carda Sabal
June/July 1995 20 Agriculture Officials Launch Medfly Eradication Programme
June/July 1995 21 People and the Medfly
June/July 1995 24 The Right to a Future A situation analysis of children in Belize
June/July 1995 26 The University College of Belize: Bringing together archaeology and education
June/July 1995 28 Belizean Chronicles Tek Mi No Tek Mi by Myrna Manzanares
August 1995 0 Editorial Comment
August 1995 2 Newbriefs DPM in Virginia; U.S Major General visit; Mexico Donates Police Patrol Cars; IICA's Regional Centre; Social Investment Fund; Credentials Presented; Summer Programmes; Central Statistical Office Release; Labour Meeting; Governor General Booklet; Students participate in Self-Aid Programme; Belize-Cuba; Police Workshop; IDB Mission in Belize
August 1995 5 Belize Sugar Industry Limited - Moving Forward
August 1995 7 Belize Sugar Industry- The Transfer of majority ownership;
August 1995 8 Prime Minister Address Honorable Manuel Esquivel Handing over ceremony -B.S.I. - Tower Hill
August 1995 10 Belize and Mexico Sign Agreement
August 1995 13 Belize and Mexico Consolidate Bi-Lateral Relations
August 1995 14 Belmopan - 25 years Later
August 1995 15 Personality of the Month Edward A. Panting
August 1995 17 Adoption - An Eye Opener
August 1995 19 The European Union in Belize
August 1995 21 Belize Heads off to Beijing
August 1995 22 Belizean Chronicles Justice for all
September/October 1995 0 Editorial Comment
September/October 1995 2 September Greetings from the Prime Minister
September/October 1995 3 Newsbriefs 24 hour purified water supply for Bullet Tree Falls; New Ambassador Accredited; Belize plays active role in OAS; Government abolish appeals to Privy Council; Singapore Police visit Belize; U.S Army commander calls on Prime Minister; Minister Babb addresses Beijing Conference; Exodus in Belize; Cuban Agriculture Officials visits Belize; Belize Promoted in Latin American Fiesta ; Citrus Production record broken; CYDC Steering Committee appointed; Bradley's Launches Pelican 35; Talks on Belize/Guatemala in Caye Caulker
September/October 1995 7 Deputy Prime Minister Barrow calls on OAS to help small economies
September/October 1995 9 The O.A.S
September/October 1995 10 Historical Opening of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital
September/October 1995 15 D.O.E holds second symposium on the Environment
September/October 1995 16 Government to implement VAT
September/October 1995 17 New Benefits for Belizeans Workers
September/October 1995 18 September Celebration Pictorial
September/October 1995 20 Government keeps promise to ex-gang members
September/October 1995 23 Placing youths at the centre of development
September/October 1995 27 University for Peace to Train Cadre of Belizean Professionals
September/October 1995 29 Foreign Minister Barrow delivers statement to the U.N
September/October 1995 32 The Wildlife Protection Act
September/October 1995 33 A Basket of Surprises by Beverly Sylvester
September/October 1995 37 Ill-used and abused by Ed. A. Panting
November/December 1995 0 Editorial Comment GOB…new Traffic Management Plan
November/December 1995 2 Governor General's Christmas Message
November/December 1995 3 Prime Minister Christmas Message
November/December 1995 4 Newsbriefs Belize City Port to undergo expansion; Deputy Prime Minister attends ACS meeting in Guatemala; Belize College of Agriculture students briefed on Development; Salvadoran Delegation observes Belize's human rights; CARICOM Doctors to work with Belizean counterparts; Police Mobility increased, New Water System for Sittee River; Local Health System for Benque Viejo; William Quan and Company donates fishing gear to CYDP; Programmes between Belize and Mexico reviewed; Ministry of Agriculture promotes contract farming; Douglas Flood victims return home; Pilot projects to test viability of YSP; Korea's Ambassador presents credentials; New National Stadium is Inaugurated;
November/December 1995 8 Agriculture Officials brace the country against Avian Influenza
November/December 1995 12 Stop Measles Campaign
November/December 1995 15 Cover Story Seat belt to become mandatory for drivers and passengers
November/December 1995 20 National Youth Policy Government recognizes youths' role in developing Belize
November/December 1995 23 New Land Information Centre to facilitate Land Distribution and Development
November/December 1995 25 Mining in Belize
November/December 1995 27 British Aid in Belize
November/December 1995 28 Music Industry The Magnificent Trio
November/December 1995 29 Government Anti-crime programme successful major crimes decline by 31%
November/December 1995 30 The Forest Planning and Management Project (FPMP)
November/December 1995 33 Picture in the News
November/December 1995 0 Hurricane Preparedness supplement 1995
January/February 1996 0 Editorial Comment The cry for reform
January/February 1996 2 Newsbriefs Kudos for the security forces; Minister of Energy approves Offshore Agreement; Dangriga Production Oasis is launched; New Bank Act becomes effective on New Year's Day; U.S supports Belize's anti-drug efforts; 4-H holds graduation; CARICOM chief of staff meet in Belize; Prime Minister Esquivel participates in Central American Summit; Operation Unidas successful; Taiwanese High Ranking Officials visit Belize; Requiem Mass for former Venezuelan Foreign Minister; National Agriculture and Trade Show 1996; Symposium on the livestock industry
January/February 1996 6 Government approves revised policy for Permanent Residency
January/February 1996 7 Belizean Handicrafts gain access to U.S Market
January/February 1996 11 Police Launch New Internal Division
January/February 1996 13 Prime Minister New Year's Message
January/February 1996 15 The Social Investment Fund A government strategy to reduce poverty
January/February 1996 17 Profile: Donato Reyes
January/February 1996 19 The Central Bank of Belize
January/February 1996 21 Give a child a family!
January/February 1996 24 An overview of the livestock industry
January/February 1996 25 IICA inaugurates office in Belize
January/February 1996 27 Belizean Chronicles Arbol de Lagrimas by T. Reneau
January/February 1996 29 Pictures in the news
March/April 1996 0 Editorial Comment
March/April 1996 2 Newsbrief CARICOM rejects Helm-Burton Bill; New Water System for Placencia and Seine Bight; Belize to get Labour Information system; Baron Bliss relative visits Belize; Deputy Prime Minister inaugurates Belize's Consulate in the Dominican Republic; CATIE Specialist visits Belize; Belmopan Family receives new home; Forest Department host Scientific Workshop; Fourth training programme for youths; First Height Census a Success; B.D.F Helps Police Youth Corps; U.S Company to purchase Belizean Products; OIRSA Officials visit Belize; National Team reviews Poverty Report; The Queen Honors seven Belizeans; OAS Official conducts fact-finding mission in Belize
March/April 1996 6 Belize goes offshore banking
March/April 1996 8 Tough Anti-Money laundering law for Belize
March/April 1996 11 Decline of the economy arrested Belize now on its way to recovery
March/April 1996 17 Major Poultry Producers chisel out plan to fight deadly chicken diseases
March/April 1996 19 Useful Figures
March/April 1996 20 Give your heart to a child
March/April 1996 21 First Tourism Summit to be held in Belize
March/April 1996 22 Unregistered persons who collect VAT are subject to a $10,000 fine
March/April 1996 23 B.C.A Produces Biogas from Human Waste
March/April 1996 24 Increasing Public Awareness on child Abuse Prevention
March/April 1996 26 National Plant Service Brought up to Mark
March/April 1996 28 The Gang Truce One year after
March/April 1996 31 The Causeways of Caracol
March/April 1996 33 Printing Department celebrates 125 th Birthday
May/June 1996 0 Editorial Comment The WTO: A watchdog for international trade
May/June 1996 2 Newsbrief Prime Minister Esquivel attends inauguration of new Taiwanese President; Prime Minister Esquivel appoints task force for the Dept. of Correction; Minister of Economic Development discusses Belize's development constraints; Belize accredits first Ambassador to Jamaica; Belize improves agriculture strategy; Tourists to pay Conservation fee; O.A.S donates computers to Sacred Heart College; The Coastal Zone Management Project is reviewed; FAO provides grant for plant certification programme; Belize represented at the 49 World Health Assembly in Geneva; Technical Committee on Land Planning is appointed; First tourism summit for Belize; Human Rights Commission to hold series of workshops; Disabilities Week observed; Deputy Prime Minister leads delegation to Caricom Foreign Ministers meeting; U.S Embassy presents computers to DPP; CTU helps members to meet challenges of new technology; Social Investment Board of Governors hold firs meeting; U.S businesses interested in Belizean wooden furniture
May/June 1996 7 Central American leaders acknowledge advance of Peace and Democracy in the region
May/June 1996 9 Preparing Belize Against Hurricanes
May/June 1996 10 National Agriculture and Trade Show '96
May/June 1996 11 Ministry of Works creating our transportation network
May/June 1996 12 Unprecedented Management Plan for Columbia and Maya Mountain Reserves
May/June 1996 18 National Health Plan for Belize
May/June 1996 20 Belize Learns The Art Of International Trade
May/June 1996 23 Independence Village gets new Police Barracks
May/June 1996 24 Belize Enforces PACT for the Environment
May/June 1996 26 Developing a Competitive Edge - A look to the future
May/June 1996 28 Protect your Children Against Chickenpox
May/June 1996 29 Picture in the News
July/August 1996 0 Editorial Comment Free Trade… No turning back… Brighter opportunities for Belize
July/August 1996 2 Newsbriefs Prime Minister delegation to Encuentro 96; EU approves $265,000 for new design of Hummingbird Highway; National Assembly on six-week recess; Belize active in women development discussion; Unusual artifact of Maya God found in Orange Walk District; Belize and Cuba sign agreement to fight drug trafficking; Police week observed; Belizean Ambassador tops poll as judge for U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea; Belize and Solvak Republic establish diplomatic relations; Phase 1 of the Stann Creek Oasis Programme is completed; Joint Belize-Mexico Malaria Programme is launched; Ministry of Agriculture issues notice on the importation of animals; Workshop on the conservation of the region's biodiversity held in Belmopan; Mesoamerican Biological Corridors Project; Used tyres and clothing not allowed in transit through Mexico
July/August 1996 6 Belizeans to benefit from $5.0 million Electrification Programme
July/August 1996 7 Belize Kuwait cement relations with $10 million loan for airport expansion
July/August 1996 8 The Belizean economy on solid ground New Government Projects to be launched
July/August 1996 12 Greater Opportunities for Disable Children
July/August 1996 15 The History of CARICOM
July/August 1996 17 Caricom Single Market and Economy An enlarge market … of 7 million people a combined GDP of US $13 billion dollars
July/August 1996 18 Celebrating 30 years of Pageantry in Belize
July/August 1996 21 Profile: Ms. Juliet Vera, a "Belizean Dynamo
July/August 1996 23 CAIM ready to invest over US$26 Million in Central America
July/August 1996 24 The Impact of Climate change for Belize
July/August 1996 28 Oirsa: Facilitating the region's Agricultural Development
July/August 1996 30 Prime School Curriculum under review by Education Ministry
July/August 1996 33 Dangriga Bustling with activity
July/August 1996 35 The Banana Industry in Belize buy Belizean Products .. Buy Belizean
July/August 1996 37 Prime Minister Visit to Bacalar; Mexico (pictorial)
September-November 1996 0 Government's First Official Web Site
September-November 1996 2 San Pedro's New Water System Inaugurated
September-November 1996 5 Police Welcomes New Commissioner
September-November 1996 7 A bridge to the Caribbean Interview with Prime Minister Esquivel
September-November 1996 9 GOB protects Belizean Interest…Buying a vehicle in U.S.
September-November 1996 12 Government launches TIPS to upgrade Belize's Trading capacity and competitiveness
September-November 1996 15 Belize and Mexico promote "Health without Borders"
September-November 1996 17 Developing a Population Policy in Belize
September-November 1996 19 September Celebrations in Belize City
September-November 1996 20 Government and Unions agree to Salary and Compensation Package
September-November 1996 22 The summit of Nations - An effort to eradicate hunger in the world
September-November 1996 25 15 years caring of the eye of Belize
September-November 1996 27 September Celebration in San Pedro
September-November 1996 28 September Celebration in Punta Gorda
September-November 1996 29 Belize Bureau of Standards
September-November 1996 31 September Celebrations in Benque Viejo
September-November 1996 32 CARDI's role in Belize's Agricultural Development
September-November 1996 34 September Celebrations in Corozal
September-November 1996 35 September Celebrations in Dangriga
September-November 1996 36 September Celebrations in Orange Walk
September-November 1996 37 UNICEF working for the Development of Belizean Children
September-November 1996 39 The Inexperienced Hunter by Ernesto Cal
September-November 1996 0 Hurricane Preparedness supplement 1996
January 2005 1 Editorial A Positive View
January 2005 3 Women Shaping Belize's Future Michelle Arana, Carla Barnett, Karen Bevans, Beidget Garbutt Cullerton, Florence Dillett, Hon. Sylvia Flores, Senator Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Nurse Margaret Juan, Maureen Leslie, Lois Young
January 2005 7 Energy
January 2005 9 Onion local onions substitute for imports
January 2005 10 Regional Brief
January 2005 12 Cross Country Classics
January 2005 15 The Environment
January 2005 16 AIDS A killer in our midst!
January 2005 18 What do you want for your child?
January 2005 20 Lat a Pickchaz from a small country
January 2005 22 Tourism, Belize's Economic Juggernaut
February 2005 1 Editorial The Issues
February 2005 3 The Economy: Robust or Bust?
February 2005 5 The Environment Forest fires ravage nature reserve
February 2005 6 An Investment with Ganas High Tech Shrimp Farming
February 2005 9 Education is no one man show
February 2005 10 The Chicken or the Egg?
February 2005 12 Standards in the media
February 2005 14 Do our children have any rights? Yes? No?
February 2005 15 The Environment Drought: the worst in many years
February 2005 16 Ageing with grace and security
February 2005 17 Spell Troglodyte
February 2005 18 The Toucan Trail, linking small hotels with the world
February 2005 20 Regional Brief
February 2005 22 Creative Belize
June/July 2005 1 Editorial The Fell Good Catch Phrase "Poverty Alleviation"
June/July 2005 3 Breaking the cycle of Poverty - Or is it?
June/July 2005 5 Belize and Mexico Goodwill Belize and Mexico strengthen brotherly bond
June/July 2005 9 Health Polyclinics
June/July 2005 11 Development in Belize - Challenges and Critical Thoughts
June/July 2005 12 Dedication to rescue a one man's National Treasure
June/July 2005 14 Crooked Tree - a wildlife sanctuary
June/July 2005 16 Belize Tourism Board Cooking and Brewing-up a storm!
June/July 2005 18 Land Cumbersome lands department tries for image lift
June/July 2005 20 Belize's next generation of Poets
June/July 2005 23 Belize's finalist receives certificate form Conde Nast Janine Usher essay contest winner
June/July 2005 24 High Drama Suspense with… Tales of the fox and the crow; The Missing Cheese; The Singing Bird; The fox's Cheese
June/July 2005 26 The Miracle of Sight
June/July 2005 29 Regional Brief Belize Prime Minister heads delegation to Brazil
June/July 2005 31 Softly, softly, national committee continues fight to protect children
August 2005 1 Editorial Tightening-up!
August 2005 3 Sun Energy sparks rural Community
August 2005 5 Vital Statistics Unveiling the numbers
August 2005 9 Forestry and the new Furniture Industry
August 2005 12 Rice Formula Taiwanese researchers help to boost production
August 2005 14 The story of Sarteneja From 'Tzaten-a-ha' to Sarteneja
August 2005 16 Oil Maybe
August 2005 18 The European Union's Betrayal Government backs Millers and Farmers in their resolve to sustain the sugar industry despite
August 2005 20 Sugar's Flipside Belize sugar Industry managing director upbeat
August 2005 21 Aids Drugs for Free Int's Drug Co. adds ammo' to aids war
August 2005 22 'Fishy' Business in Belize's waters
August 2005 24 Archaeology The Ancient Maya Sweatbath at Pook's Hill
August 2005 0 Belize Tourism BTIA and BTB improving small business competitiveness in the Tourism Industry
August 2005 28 The voices of our Children An overview of children and adolescent participation
August 2005 30 Regional Brief Regional Climate Change Centre opens in Belize; Caribbean Court of Justice to hear first case; Belizeans get help with needless blindness; Prosser and ICC astounded by Miami Judge ruling
September 2005 1 Editorial Unwept, Unhonour'd and Unsung
September 2005 3 The State of the Nations Enduring the Acid Test
September 2005 8 The Nation's Capital Belmopan A Garden City Hacked out of the Jungle
September 2005 12 Miracles in our backyard
September 2005 15 Being fat is in!!!
September 2005 16 More Power to Belizean Women Recalling the past, looking to the future
September 2005 18 A Hands-on Forest Deal
September 2005 20 National Postal Service to receive international award from UPU
September 2005 22 Pledge National Pledge Launched to instil pride
September 2005 23 A Universal Proclamation of Children who want Peace
September 2005 24 Regional Brief Belize Nationals Days Celebration draws thousands; Police make record drug bust in Belize; Prime Minister attends SICA Summit; BTL union leaders talk big then whimper; Significant movement to end Belize/Guatemala Border row
September 2005 28 We Erred Corrections to our story on Forestry and Furniture in our August Edition of Belize Today.Org
September 2005 29 The People of Belize Dan Man; Leela Vernon; Princess Shirley
October 2005 1 Editorial Privatization and the Re-nationalization of a utility company
October 2005 3 Surviving Domestic Violence
October 2005 4 Support groups for women
October 2005 5 Belize Tourism Placencia
October 2005 7 Births Deaths on the rise
October 2005 8 The Millennium Development Goals and National Development
October 2005 10 What's on your menu? Tutti Fruiti?
October 2005 13 The People of Belize David Crawford
October 2005 16 Dam ready and rolling
October 2005 21 The people of Belize Yolanda Montejo
October 2005 22 Water and Development Waste not! Want not!
October 2005 26 Regional Brief Chalillo Dam to be Commission in Mid-November; Belmopan cooperates with Washington on WMDs; Taiwan gives again! This time assistance in information technology, Artist dies in L.A; A monument to Hattie unveiled
October 2005 27 People of Belize Bernard Richards
November/December 2005 1 Editorial An Information Vacuum
November/December 2005 3 Festivals of Belize
November/December 2005 4 Dances of the Maya
November/December 2005 5 Hogshead Dance
November/December 2005 6 Pulsating African Drums and Rhythm
November/December 2005 7 Far East Dancers and Culture
November/December 2005 7 Boom and Chime Bruck am down
November/December 2005 8 Obscurity or Performance on demand?
November/December 2005 10 Growing Mushrooms
November/December 2005 12 Papaya The Fruit of Choice
November/December 2005 14 The Target Poverty: A top agenda item
November/December 2005 16 Half-Moon Caye Lighthouse Reef A World Heritage Site
November/December 2005 18 Spotlight Violence against women
November/December 2005 20 The Trade Gap
November/December 2005 22 Regional Brief Small plane crashes in Mountain Region of Belize- Three dead; Belize/Bahrain establish diplomatic ties; Chalillo Dam Officially Commissioned but with request for tariff hike; Anglicans get new bishop
November/December 2005 25 Statement issued by the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community on the European Union Sugar and Banana Regimes at the conclusion of the Conference, Sherbourne Centre, Barbados
November/December 2005 26 Self Discipline or bust
November/December 2005 27 Stop The Drowning! Look Upstream!
November/December 2005 28 The People of Belize Angelina Cal; Turbia Bolon; Natasha Young; Frankie Reneau; Michael Gordon
January/February 2006 1 Editorial Education and Communication
January/February 2006 3 Cotton in Demand Belize sells to Japan
January/February 2006 5 Benque Viejo Del Carmen A Frontier Town
January/February 2006 8 Tumulk'in Where Education takes on a new meaning
January/February 2006 12 Tubal Vocational School Reaching down
January/February 2006 14 Errata Festivals of Belize the Mexican/European Fusion
January/February 2006 15 The General Sales Tax - What's the fuss?
January/February 2006 16 Cradleville The role of the child in the formation of the man
January/February 2006 18 The Changing Forces in Education TVET A nation demands new skills
January/February 2006 21 Education in Belize - The Need for Tertiary Reform
January/February 2006 22 In Praise of Women Belize Woman elevated to high court while elsewhere women are ruling the roost
January/February 2006 26 Regional Brief Days of rain cause flood in Belize; Municipal elections in Belize in March; Election results;
January/February 2006 29 The Big Safety Net The Concept of National Health Insurance is to pay for the delivery of Primary Health care especially to the needy.
January/February 2006 31 Corozal Free Zone aka Employment Zone
January/February 2006 32 Belize's Guatemalan Albatross Settlement at the International Court of Justice?
January/February 2006 33 Children's Photo - Graphy
March/April 2006 1 Editorial 'Guana Rain, The Senate Hearing and the DFC Investigation
March/April 2006 3 The Chiquibul under threat
March/April 2006 8 Behind the River Challenge
March/April 2006 11 A Blast from the Past Homeboy wins
March/April 2006 12 The Buzz of Women - Leadership with vision
March/April 2006 14 Once upon a time: Storytelling and Early Childhood Development
March/April 2006 16 Reshape Business Codes says power lobby
March/April 2006 18 The National Budget - The poor man's Budget No thunder and lightening but radical changes
March/April 2006 21 Illegal Cargo A carrot and stick offer to declare
March/April 2006 23 Wanted Nurses
March/April 2006 25 The People of Belize Carmelita Bol
March/April 2006 28 Regional Brief Hold down water rates Government tells water Company; Oil Jackpot
May/June 2006 26 Editorial Circumstances Oil, PSE Results, The Public Service and National Agriculture and Trade Show
May/June 2006 3 The South Explodes
May/June 2006 8 Oil A force for change in Belize
May/June 2006 12 The Fight over VoIP
May/June 2006 13 Blue Creek A farming community that can make a significant impact on the national economy with market potential and tax reform
May/June 2006 18 A tale of Big Fish A story about the Tilapia and the Businessman
May/June 2006 20 Logging
May/June 2006 23 State owned oil company signs joint venture deal to increase energy security
May/June 2006 24 The Satim Controversy
May/June 2006 25 A Goose pimple performance - Award winning actress shakes Belize audience (Makeda Solomon)
May/June 2006 26 Revolution in Action
May/June 2006 28 4-H grows new crop
May/June 2006 29 Missing or Lost? Hope for the sounds of their cries
May/June 2006 30 Regional Brief Former labour Minister of Belize dies; UWI Vice Chancellor heads high level visit to Belize; Belize Government gets stringless loan from Venezuela; Venezuelan Company in joint venture to build oil storage facilities in Big Creek; Prime Minister calls for debate over Capital Punishment, two Belizeans get UWI Awards
May/June 2006 34 The People of Belize Rodeo Cowboy, National Agriculture and Trade Show; Mr. Friesen; Ed Dyke and son
July/August 2006 1 Editorial Freedom at Midnight
July/August 2006 3 Belize at 25
July/August 2006 5 Belize and the world The Tempo of Change
July/August 2006 10 What will become of our Traditional Apparels?
July/August 2006 13 The Local Media through a looking glass
July/August 2006 16 Flashback 1981
July/August 2006 17 Landingstres Contemporary Art form Belize and the region
July/August 2006 20 Karaoke Culture
July/August 2006 22 Photo essay
July/August 2006 23 Identity
July/August 2006 24 Flashback 1981
July/August 2006 25 Two Jewel of the South Toledo's Uxbenka and Santa Cruz Village
July/August 2006 28 Photo vision
July/August 2006 29 Evolution of Pageantry in Belize: Beauty, Brains and Politics
July/August 2006 31 Photo vision
July/August 2006 32 Ten Questions for George Price
July/August 2006 34 The Maya Forest Garden and El Pilar
July/August 2006 36 Asking Assad
September/October 2006 1 Editorial In the Geography of Nowhere
September/October 2006 3 The State of the nation: Back to Basics A chalice of opportunity not a cup of despair
September/October 2006 5 Farming's Shifting Sands
September/October 2006 8 Places in Belize Central Farm - The source of Belize's Bread Basket
September/October 2006 9 A Nation Alive A Photo Essay
September/October 2006 10 Carnival Belize City 2006
September/October 2006 11 Jades of Belize and K'otox'ha (Ottoxha) Dance Group
September/October 2006 12 A nation alive Photo essay
September/October 2006 13 Tribute to Belizean Patriots
September/October 2006 14 Independence Day 2006
September/October 2006 15 We are Belize - the music
September/October 2006 17 Taiwan Delivers
September/October 2006 18 The Significance of Independence to a small State in the Caribbean
September/October 2006 20 The Crystal ball for Children: What's their future?
September/October 2006 22 Coming of Age: Reflecting on the past 25 years at Archaeology
September/October 2006 26 A Perspective on National Debt Watchout for the Banana Skin
September/October 2006 28 Oil Taxes The more we are "Togeda
September/October 2006 30 The IMF report on Belize Highlights Setting the stage for durable recovery of growth and employment
September/October 2006 31 The People of Belize Dreads; Alex
September/October 2006 33 Regional Brief Belize defects from Caribbean position on whaling-takes a principle stance; Belize joins Central American Bank; Chinese will aggressively search for oil under Belize's seabed; Pyrrhic victory for Satimm-big win for Attorneys Squared; Musa: "There is an unprecedented degree of National Unity." Barrow: "A harmony-in-Dissonance"; Torrijos cracked Latin bloc-gets Posthumous National Award; Belize Foreign Minister raps WTO
November/December 2006 1 Editorial Matters of Concern
November/December 2006 3 the Periscope Lobster Catch maxs out; AIDS: "A decrease in the increase; Belize in U.S crosshairs for trafficking GAO says policy is discriminatory; Belize - Regional Banana Producers want change in EU Banana deal;
November/December 2006 5 Contraband Business in Mexican Goods is worth $ Millions
November/December 2006 5 The Region Worlds oldest man dies in Cuba; ILO reports reveals rampant sexual exploitation; Belize National Coast Guard has big mandate
November/December 2006 6 Smart Fishing to save the catch
November/December 2006 11 Belize National Coast Guard Small with a big net
November/December 2006 14 Operations anti contraband Smugglers Square Mexican goods are hot!
November/December 2006 18 Hunting Caye Not for exclusive use and enjoyment
November/December 2006 20 Expose on sexual exploitation of children in Belize
November/December 2006 23 Medical and Health Services - Changing Demands Heart and other chronic diseases still the main killers
November/December 2006 26 Essay Your Health is your responsibility
November/December 2006 28 Human Trafficking Walking a thread - Thin line
November/December 2006 32 Regional Brief Belize's Prime Minister Addresses Lords
November/December 2006 33 Re-enactment in Hopkins
November/December 2006 35 The People of Belize Garifuna Drummer
November/December 2006 36 Banana Shake
November/December 2006 39 Crown Jewel Bankrolled
January/February 2007 1 Editorial Poverty and Ethics
January/February 2007 3 The Periscope Citrus Deal closes after major row but rebels fight on
January/February 2007 6 Interview The Prime Minister Speaks
January/February 2007 13 Watina - set for worldwide take-off
January/February 2007 14 Belize's Barrier Reef A world heritage site under pressure
January/February 2007 20 The Forest as a Garden
January/February 2007 22 Regional Brief Technology at the speed of thought Belize's Prime Minister addresses regional telecom pow-wow; Belize/Cuba work on Health Issues; Deputy Minister Suspended
January/February 2007 25 The Changing Language of Development- Now Biosafety
January/February 2007 26 People of Belize Father and Child
January/February 2007 27 Telecommunication Everybody's talking
January/February 2007 31 Citrus The Tribal Rumble as citrus production tumble
January/February 2007 36 Tribal Warfare escalates in Pomona Valley
January/February 2007 38 A perspective from 2004 Citrus and the rebound
January/February 2007 39 Essay Seeds of Discord - Fruits of Controversy
January/February 2007 42 The Legislature Somersaults over Government Softening of the External Debt
January/February 2007 44 Bear Stearns Lauds Belize's Bond Exchange Success
March/April 2007 0 Editorial The Maya Homeland issue the PET' Fund and Universal
March/April 2007 3 The Periscope The National Budget Tops $700 million
March/April 2007 7 It's hard to be good without looking bad
March/April 2007 11 Mama Mia! It's hot Mama's
March/April 2007 14 The National Budget: A Proposal and a Spit-fire non-rebuttal
March/April 2007 17 Essay: The Maya Homeland Issue is it legit!
March/April 2007 21 Local Team wins cross-country
March/April 2007 22 Math Wizards clinch victory in first Olympiad
March/April 2007 24 Of Burnt Churches and a buried Sugar Mill The Lamanai Historic Monuments Conservation Project
March/April 2007 29 A Tribute to George Gabb 1928-2007
March/April 2007 31 Book Review Zee leaves another heirloom
March/April 2007 32 A little European Massage
March/April 2007 34 Local Investors want to cash-in on Soya Beans
March/April 2007 35 Libertad Mill Sold
March/April 2007 36 Women Achieving Gender Equality: the role of men
March/April 2007 38 GOB/UNICEF Programmes for Children
March/April 2007 40 Regional Brief Belize becomes ultimate food lover's destination; Belize's Prime Minister meets with Central American Counterparts;
March/April 2007 44 The People of Belize Maya girl
May/June 2007 0 Editorial Without Prejudice
May/June 2007 3 The Mace
May/June 2007 4 The Periscope
May/June 2007 8 Medical and Health Care Like Castor Oil and Brown Sugar
May/June 2007 12 Food In Celebration of the Devil's Fruit
May/June 2007 15 Farmers of the year The Salt of the Belizean Earth
May/June 2007 16 Women Farmer of the Year Ms. Elnelda Scott from the village of Bomba
May/June 2007 19 Junior Farmer of the Year Ms. Araceli Awaya from the village of Chunox
May/June 2007 22 Senior Farmer of the Year Mr. Wilbert Ramclam of Red Bank Village
May/June 2007 26 Places in Belize Chunox
May/June 2007 28 Women in Science Compre' Gal Turns Scientist
May/June 2007 29 Andy Palacio Watina #1 on World Music Charts
May/June 2007 32 Living on the Borderline
May/June 2007 34 Energy More Juice
May/June 2007 37 Oil Money goes to special Fund
May/June 2007 38 Light bills going down
May/June 2007 39 Belize's Prime Minister calls on U.S for fair Trade and for the "Reinvigoration" of relations with the Caribbean
May/June 2007 41 A bridge not too far
May/June 2007 43 Education re-programmed Regional Educators plug alarming increase in drop-outs
May/June 2007 45 As we go to Press: Mexico's President arrives on state visit
May/June 2007 46 Regional Brief Shake-up in Belize Cabinet
July/August 2007 1 BNTU looks at a gift horse and open their mouths
July/August 2007 4 The Periscope
July/August 2007 9 Defence Diplomacy- The First rule of Conflict
July/August 2007 16 Places (that should not be) in Belize Santa Rosa
July/August 2007 19 Belize Archives and Record Service Preserving our Heritage
July/August 2007 22 Women in Science Gisco Abadi of Belmopan works on cure for Alzheimers
July/August 2007 23 The People of Belize
July/August 2007 24 "Dean" slams Belize
July/August 2007 30 Dean Wreaks over $100 million to the economy and people of Belize
July/August 2007 33 Prime Minister Musa tours
July/August 2007 36 A senator's Babble over the DFC
July/August 2007 37 Where are we with HIV/AIDS
July/August 2007 39 A showdown with Poverty
July/August 2007 44 Call for Proposals BRDP Grabt funds to promote Economic Growth and rural Enterprise Development in Belize
July/August 2007 45 Regional Brief Belize Government ups push for betterment for women; Belize Government will build more than 140 miles of rural roads; House will consider Streamling Social Security; Belize Prime Minister in Dominican Republic for talks
September/October 2007 1 Editorial Corruption and Preventing it
September/October 2007 4 The Periscope
September/October 2007 8 The new sea gold
September/October 2007 13 The fare of Flying
September/October 2007 19 Places in Belize Punta Gorda
September/October 2007 26 Carnival 2007
September/October 2007 28 The State of the Nation Looking Back: "it is not all hunky dory
September/October 2007 32 But no kissing only sulking for some
September/October 2007 35 Three Kings Inspire
September/October 2007 36 Prime Minister Musa tours
September/October 2007 39 Prime Minister Hails Court Ruling for Maya as "Landmark"
September/October 2007 40 Regional Brief National Election! Get set!; Government will not dis' Marion; Belize's Government will Give More Help to Elderly
September/October 2007 44 The People of Belize Fisherman
November/December 2007 1 Editorial Oil and Politics
November/December 2007 4 The Periscope
November/December 2007 8 Get a Life A bold and innovative anti-crime initiative
November/December 2007 11 Bacalar Chico - The National Park
November/December 2007 14 Bacalar Chico The Politics Sharks or Dolphins?
November/December 2007 16 Places in Belize Caye Caulker
November/December 2007 21 Being well connected
November/December 2007 23 Hot Mama's Foods Lands top International Food Award
November/December 2007 24 The Nanny's Purse Government and Unicef renew strong partnership
November/December 2007 27 The Seventh Constitutional Amendment Changing the wigs
November/December 2007 29 Banking and Finance: Follow the money
November/December 2007 32 Prime Minister Musa tours
November/December 2007 35 The People of Belize Barranco
November/December 2007 36 Regional Brief Public and Bank Holidays '08 declared; Cuba Winning Friends through medical diplomacy; Smooth driving on Belize's Southern Highway; Belize Government signs agreement for more communication jobs; New Personalities in Belize's news; Environment/Energy Minister of Belize Stresses urgency for energy sufficiency