Research Room

The Research Room, located on the first floor of the department, is often referred to as the gateway to the Department. Our small research area is equipped with three computers and multiple tables and chairs to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. All visitors interested in perusing our collection listings or accessing our records will do so in this area.  The cooler temperature of the Research Room is pertinent to ensure the stability of our records.


To ensure the preservation of our historical heritage for present and future generations, access to the records is controlled and systematic. Unlike a library, retrieval and provision of all materials is conducted by an Archives Officer. None of our archival and reference materials can be borrowed or taken outside of the Research Room. Researchers wishing to consult our records are required to read and adhere to the Research Room Regulations at all times. Any person or persons who refuses to follow the rules will be asked to leave.


Researchers will be given a brief introduction in consulting our listings and the proper handling of archival materials by one of our knowledgeable Archives Officers. Please note that while our officers are more than happy to point you in the right direction, they will not be conducting the research for you. All researchers are required to identify and provide the officers with references for the materials they would like to consult or have reproduced.


The records held by the BARS is of enduring historical value and are irreplaceable. If a listing states that a record in inaccessible this means that the record is either fragile or damaged and cannot be consulted until it has undergone conservation. Some records may be consulted but might not be suitable for reproduction, an officer will determine if and how reproduction can be done. Reproduction of records will be done in conformity with the copyright laws of Belize.